Wherewithal Withdrawals


Slip, slip, slipping away.

Drip, dry, draining my pay.

Tax, tax! Taking the max.

Kerplunck! Kerplunck! They sunk my junk.


Chill! Chill!  Chomping the pill.

Chop, chop! Chump will you stop?

“Now, now. Knowing…and how!”

No, no, knowing how low.


Free! Free! Fret for a  fee.

Loan…loan…lend me a bone.

“Sure, sure, incoming cure!”

Naught, naught, that’s all I got.



14 thoughts on “Wherewithal Withdrawals

  1. Soon they (all the they’s they is) will just take the entire savings account because you are one of us and not a “them.” Your money is theirs by right so adapt.

  2. Hello, Miss Demure!

    A paycheck can only be right,
    if it has my name written all over it.

    Enough already with the serious demeanor, and all.
    I’m sure you can smile. Do you have another pic lying around?

    Oh, do as you please, and do please have a cheerful weekend! Okay?

  3. who is ‘them’? and why are they taking your money? you must make a lot!
    😉 … and how do I get on the list of taking a part of someone else’s paycheck??

    Ha glad to stop in again…. always enjoy your posts Uncle Tree!

  4. I liked this poem uncle, it has a great rythm, the rythm of your words, I like how you play with them, it feels fun to do that.

    And my favourite line is:
    Loan…loan…lend me a bone (I guess if a dog could speak that would be one of the first thing he would say)

    Hugs uncle, and keep the play!

  5. Who be them there above, Cindy?

    Them be:
    folks without insurance
    folks on Medicare or Medicaid
    folks in the armed services
    folks working for the government
    folks in any public-funded schools
    etc., etc., etc.,…
    I know you already know.

    I’m glad your glad again.
    Thanks for stopping in.

  6. Just some Friday fun, Mariana.
    I can’t be non-stop serious, now, can I?

    Playing with pronunciation means:
    it’s meant to be said out loud.
    Whatever is fun for the tongue, so to speak.

    Thanks for following along!
    Luvz and hugz for you, too.

  7. … and thank you!! So many stop in and so few comment – thank you for having a voice! Hope you will drop in from time to time and share your impression … or even just say hello! I know I will!

  8. If I had to guess, Val,
    I’d bet your the kind of gal who bursts into song
    in the most unlikely of places, giving not a hoot
    whether it’s potentially proper or downright inappropriate.

    You’ve answered ‘the woman question’ by being
    the canary that got out of the cage
    before the judgment could be rendered.

    Do, re, mi, too. What a gas!

  9. If you will, I will, Fantasia.

    “So many stop in and so few comment –”
    That’s just sad, and I don’t understand it, either.
    It’s like sitting beside a busy highway, watching the traffic
    speed on past, and then every once in awhile
    someone will ‘honk!” just for the hell of it. Glad you did.

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