The Game Without A Move


The playing field was leveled, but we got a round.

Initially, the game that wasn’t was meant to be fair.

We ended up with fairs,

where all the games are rigged.

The darts are dull, and the balloons are made of steel.

And yet, we like to believe we are pretty sharp.


Risks were born to be assessed.

Stubborn asses, aren’t we?

Gambling away with one goal in mind.

We will not give up our position.


Born to lose are we who see

life as a game full of chances.

We only get one chance,

one soap bubble.


Don’t blow it!



29 thoughts on “The Game Without A Move

  1. Well, Bonnie, I’ll be damned. Good to see ya!
    I sure hope everything is cool with you and yours nowadays.

    Yes, I still blow bubbles, but I’ve foregone the soap.
    It makes what bark I have left go dry before it decides to flake off.

    Take care now, girl! And thanks for the Monday surprise.

  2. Nice words uncle, nice poetry. Of course those things are made to make us feel good about us, to feel we are a big shot, just for hitting a with a stick a small ball.
    Which solution do we have one? Oh, yes, we think we know it all.
    Nice advice to end with. I like it, and I think we will be wise enough to know when we need to act cause that chance has arrived. Do not worry we ll know when it comes.

    Love and hugs uncle T
    (Hope I did not missunderstood many things, please let me know if I did)

  3. Thank you, Mariana!
    I wood say, you understood correctly.
    Sometimes we act from what we call our
    well-established principals, even if it is not to
    our own personal advantage. One Chance, with
    a capital ‘C’, is no to be confused with those other
    things we so rightly call timely opportunities. Knock, knock.

    I hope I am wise enough to know that nothing I believe is for sure.
    So what will it be next time around, marbles or Chinese checkers?

    Luvz & hugz to you too, sweet niece!

  4. Yes, Lillith, I do understand the importance
    of the clearing of one’s throat. Uh-hmmm!
    Is that where your prince, the frog, comes in?

    And, btw, I want you to know…you’ve inspired me to
    make my first attempt at a piece that will be to your liking.
    I will be posting it tonight, and I’d love to hear your
    thoughts on the matter, if you wood be so kind.

    Thank you, and have a good day!

  5. Thank you, Cindy!
    Please stay tuned, although I might pre-warn you.
    Beware, your finer sensibilities might be offended
    with my next post, but I sure hope knot. It’s really
    just about having a little fun with s-e-x-y words. O.K.?

  6. I don’t aim to blow it.

    Haven’t seen you in months,
    but I’m glad you are still in the world with me.


    And thank you for a great poem.

  7. Hooray! You’ve sent me aloft, Maj One.
    I really have missed you don’tcha know?
    I’m so glad you’ve come back.
    You know what they say about that?
    Thanks for circling back around!

    You have a lot of catching up to do.
    Take your time, Sher, and let me know
    what you think, what you like, and what…

    I’ll always stick up for you. Luvz and hugz!

  8. Is that a question, funny girl?
    Bubbles are most fragile,
    and will pop at the drop of a pen.

    If I ever reach your falls,
    I may learn how to ‘get a grip’,
    but for now I’ll hold on loosely,
    instead of letting myself go.

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