From Dictation To Climax



The scene was set, the curtains closed,

the action – long and drawn out.

Midnight was approaching, and my joy lay open and empty,

right in front of my anticipatory face.

With slow hand, I lightly pinched the pen

between two warm fingers and one clumsy thumb.

Mindlessly, I felt my way around the wet ink’s slippery slopes,

making sexy doodles with the target close at hand.

Whispering sweet nothings into the fold between the lines,

I cautiously bit the end of the pen,

and waited for the word…any word at all.

Eventually, after what seemed to be

an excruciatingly lengthyΒ period,

I got the word, and carefully did I jot it down.

Then oh, so smoothly, I brought the topic up

again…and again…and again.

Something told me not to stop,

not to move from that very spot.

I obediently listened to that voice from up above,

as it got louder with each and every stroke I made amply enough.

After a few easy to come by words,

more and more came as if in haste.

The scribbling picked up its pace,

as did the breathing, which was only natural.

True, my handwriting got a little messy,

but I did manage to get most of it down,

word after feverish word.

It does so happen sometimes –

situations can and do get turned around for the better.

Well, the climax to the story finally nailed me,

and the only thing left to do was to polish it up a bit.

Shortly thereafter,

having spent every last drop of my reserved psychic energy,

I hit the hay, and into the dreams of Slumberland I fell,

resting my case.



Uncle-tree-_colour_flat-TEXT_sml (1)


61 thoughts on “From Dictation To Climax

  1. Did it work? Did it work? Oh, Eva,
    you know how I like to play around.
    I’m glad you understood me. I had my doubts.
    I didn’t know if I could pull this one off or knot.

    Thanks for letting on about your…your…yes, thanks!

  2. Ha Ha, Colleen! Surely, you exaggerate.
    You say you never? Never ever? Ah, come on now.

    “Surprise!” is exactly what I had in mind.
    Thank you for saying just…just as much as that!

  3. Lovely poem about a writer’s love for writing poetry
    (did I manage to make a sentence messy enough).
    The voice from above dictates, but at it s own will,
    so eventually we have to repeat what we want to it,
    eventually it happens what happen to you,
    that it took a long long time for a word to arrive,
    that you have to repeat the topic to it.
    I do not think we can train that voice,
    but there are other poetry writing related stuff we can improve.
    Nevertheless the voice will always participate in our writings
    and we will never be able to move it towards the exact place
    we will want it to be.

    Love uncle!

  4. Hello, Mariana! πŸ™‚
    Things are not always what they appear to be on the surface.
    Perhaps you didn’t see the tags I used that might have clued you in.

    allude: to convey an idea indirectly; to make a casual reference
    Taken from the Latin word alludere: to play with (sexual metaphors)

    I have no wish to embarrass anyone, but you did make me smile.
    Your innocence is showing. That’s a very cute virtue. Care to try again?

  5. It is as good enough substitute for flesh and blood. I would give up the pen for the night when the opportunity for the other inks itself upon my mind.

  6. Just in case, Mark. I don’t know your case.
    I’ve heard say that Masters of the Far East
    do not believe it possible for a man from the
    West to learn how to raise the Kundalini.

    So what? They’ve never raised a Hemingway.

  7. say my words…. UT. my “sensitivities”… a beautiful word indicating receptivness to my environment ;)…. perhaps you were alluding to the word tendencies. I assure you dear friend, both writing and sex are climatic for me as well… well, maybe not as much for me as for you, by the sounds of it! πŸ™‚ But this IS an excellent play on words. simply sensual!

  8. Ha, ha, Uncleave, now everything you write will be used in heavy dance against yew.

    ‘rest my case’ indeed!

    Amazing how One comes to you πŸ™‚



  9. Thank you so much for reassuring me, Cindy.
    I appreciate your vote of confidence. It’s very helpful.

    I might have been referring to your proclivities,
    even though I’ve never laid eyes on ’em.
    Still, they’re probably safe and sound.
    The reception is loud and clear. πŸ˜‰

  10. I have to say it was the ‘doodles’ that drew me in at first but it is your always satisfying playfullness that kept me engaged…….

    the prodigal seedling

  11. Good to see you, Derek!
    Thanks for stopping in and assuring me that you are alive and well.
    You’ve picked a helluva place to start with this oddball of mine.
    Glad to hear you felt yourself engaged in the project.

    Mr. Doodleman, what is that avatar of yours anyway?
    First thing I saw in it was a dung beetle. Or is that a seed?

    Anyway…I hope your growing spurts have been productive this year.
    It’s good to hear from you, and I continue to wish you all the best.
    Take care now, and have a mighty fine Monday! Uncle Stumper Stammer

  12. my avatar is a metal snowman, guaranteed not to melt. It’s a sculptor here in downtown Co. Springs. Oh and he’s liftin’ his head right off his body, with a smile.

  13. Ah, Sex as a metaphor for the act of creation with the muse. Lovely Treeman and the humour appearing here and there like little smiles on different lines is clever. πŸ™‚

  14. Whatever you say, Dhyan.
    I just hope your not having to use your government’s assistance
    to get by. I should have asked if you were eating well.

    Oh, why do I like to tease you? If I knew, I’d tell you. Really.

  15. Well, Derek, that is a funny sculpture even at that.
    Heavy metal does have a boiling point, as do all material things.

    I’ve yet to lose my head quite like that, but it has been chewed off,
    off and on throughout my career as a lazy lackey and a deaf husband.

  16. Dear Val, thank you for crossing the tan line.

    Sexual cleverness can only be carried along so far with pen and paper.
    I tried to fit it all in at once, ya know. I missed big time at first, and
    then that special muse gave me a hand so I could really get the party
    started. If I ever try Viagra, there might be a second poem yet to come.
    As of this pointy point in time, I need all that blood rushing to my brain…
    the main brain stem that is. I know what you’re thinking.

  17. you like to tease me, uncle, cause i am easy to fool and bewitched with clever english words.
    that and the fact i am too serious handling it all.

    great day uncle,
    do not worry (but do tell me when you found out) i enjoy being hustled be you, makes me feel important – ho how my ego love it…

  18. You’re not all serious business, Dhyan. I know better.
    Hustle and bustle in back roads bewitched. Trick or treat?

    As an Indian who lives in Germany and speaks Hebrew,
    you should feel important. I think that’s pretty special,
    although quite a strange combination. Maybe that’s why.

    I can handle it, don’t YOU worry. πŸ˜‰

  19. You certainly be the culprit, Fantasia Lillith.
    If it tickles you even more I’ll say,
    “You were my inspiration.”
    I know you wanted to hear that.

    I’m glad you thought this piece was sensual.
    I’ll leave the illustrations to you and your imaginations.
    Thanks! If I end up like I am, stiff as a board, it’ll be no wonder.

  20. Dear Derek Saxon-Sexy Doodleman,
    That sounds like something a married snowman would say.
    And being stuck could present quite a challenge on a regular basis.
    But I’ll admit it. Being a regular guy does have it’s benefits. That part I miss.

  21. So, there y’are, Uncle, I thought I’d said enough πŸ˜‰

    ‘Sin’ needs redefining…..payment in kind.


    I think you just redefined ‘bed’, Ed.

  22. Indian uncle?
    not so sure about that. though Mata Bharat stool my heart for ever something i will forever and beyond will hate and love her for.
    now about that seriousness, unfortunately i am, immersed in it too deeply. but what to do..

    I’ll take this treat if you do not mind πŸ˜‰

  23. Why in the world did I think that, Dhyan?
    The way you spell your name? Because of the way we talked
    about India, perhaps. You said you wanted to go back, so I
    thought you were born there. And you knew H. Hesse. I guess
    your little picture wasn’t enough to set me straight. Sorry for
    my incorrect assumption. I like to know all about my friends.
    If you don’t wish to speak about your family tree, that’s okay too.
    Thanks for letting me know the truth. Seriously, that helps a lot.

    Sincerely, your friend and confidant, Uncle Nosy

  24. If you had told old Uncle Tree
    that you were born (and raised?) in Israel,
    I’d of remembered it, for sure. Now I know.
    Thanks! For some odd reason, I like biographical
    information. It’s help me sort things out, and stay
    mentally organized. I know what’s in store future-wise.

    Dhyan, you have a nose for more things than I can imagine.
    The ball of a nose that I have gets so red in the wintertime
    that the kids used to call me Rudolph. I could live with that, too.

  25. uncle, it is possible that i have told this to someone else, na ya, not so important, now you know (and raised – and actually, flying to, in few hours – some family, some sun, some break. change. i like it)
    (knowing when roots is important, isn’t it?)
    and after all you are a tree, no? if you cannot take the little youth, who can?, who should!?

  26. Thank you very much for that, Dhyan!
    That is my first comment ever from The Holy Land.
    And what a place for it to show up. Why…why…it’s…
    it’s…practically sacrilegious. Taboo, taboo, taboo! Shalom.
    Glad you handled your nice landing, little one. Have fun now!

  27. We singles should stick together, huh, Colleen?
    Your ‘pre-sleep enjoyment’ made me grin big-time. Thanks for that!

    Classics are one-of-a-kind, and yes, this may be one of those.
    Sleep well, pretty lady, sleep well. Shhh…sail’s away.

  28. And a good morning to you too, D!
    How hot is hot? Over 90 degrees?
    Stupid is a pretty harsh word.
    Have you been to a place
    that really feels holy?
    Indulge me, okay?
    Enjoy your stay.
    Anyway, bye!
    Bless you
    too, my

  29. but uncle. you are so creative..
    for your question? i do not know what mean 90, we count in Celsius, it is over 30, well enough for that time, and as i came from under 10 at nights, i feel burning.
    stupid / yes – try this 6 month hot hot hot burning life, ay yay.
    holy – been to few uncle. but i am not smart enough to believe it is the place (at list not only). some of them are so magical….
    i like you

  30. Magic shows? Snake charmers? Knife swallower’s too?
    Oh, I get it. I think we call that ambiance, or incensensuality.
    Atmospheric pressure so low that it lets one walk around
    a foot off the ground. But still one has to walk, dang it.

    Does you middle name star with an “M”, btw? πŸ˜‰ I like U, too. UT

  31. Don’t know if you will get this. My comment usually says A Majority of One. I deleted my blog. I realized my poetry was sort of a kiss and tell between me and The Big Guy in the Sky. Don’t like that. The site says I can create a new one tho. Maybe. It was nice to see my stuff in print.

    Want to say “case closed” at the end of your poem is wonderful. You seem to generally do that and its what brings the text right into the now and sums it up. This one in particular reminded me of the police agonizing over finding the culprit or spending months and not, case closed; like the agoiny of a writer to scrath the itch he can’t reach yet.

    yours, Sherlock

  32. Sorry to have kept you waiting, Sherry.
    I’ll be back to scratch myself this afternoon.
    Then I’ll let you know to what conclusion
    I’ve come. It is a reach, no doubt! UT

  33. With all that inspiration I’m surprised you don’t have a hole in your roof!
    I’d bet a nickel you looked up too! Have a good day UT!

  34. Oh, I see I need to fix the typesetting. Looks like I’m word dropping.
    (Changed themes awhile back, which narrowed my yard a little bit.)

    Thanks for getting me to look up, 2zp!
    And, hey! You found an old one. My almost naughty one. πŸ™‚

  35. He-he. Over the sexometer. Funny. πŸ™‚ You, Caro,
    are extraordinarily good at this game as well.
    I’m still undulating over the very long words
    that come through your lips and out your mouth.

    Hope you have a great weekend! ❀
    Thank you, my sweet pw darlin'! Luvz, K

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