Branched Oak



Captured in rapture

Far and in between each reach

One thought caught in mind



33 thoughts on “Branched Oak

  1. I feel like bouncing off the walls now, Colleen!
    Thank you so much for freely volunteering
    a wonderful contribution. Accepted in all humility, kind lady.
    You made my day, Sunshine Girl! Your smile is killer. 😉

  2. Thank you for dropping on by, Mark!

    Catch and release make for bigger, and thus better
    fishy thoughts that must needs be gutted after the facts.
    Digesting the truth makes everything look different in
    the end. Results are what we’re searching for after all.
    I have no trouble ridding myself of those, either.

    (Please flush before this is seen.)

  3. If you took that photo, it’s outstanding Treeman. The words are true art because they could apply to so many things and the reader can interpret away. Wonderful stuff! 🙂

  4. Thank you, Val!
    I took that photo with my phone, but hey. It works.
    It’s a picture of a man-made hole we call Branched Oak Lake.
    That’s where I go when I want to pretend I’m a fisherman.

    I’m glad you liked the little haiku, too.
    It is surprising that no one has asked me
    what that one thought was all about.

  5. Dearest Val,
    After what you said in your comment (#5),
    I’d hate to take away my reader’s rights of interpretation.

    I have good reason to envy those old sun worshipers of antiquity.
    Timely reliability manifested itself long before the concept of trust
    came to be what it is now — a highly unlikely emerging possibility.

  6. Universal loops
    Overlapping figure eights
    Colorfully numb

    Black and white rainbows
    Opposites attract attacks
    Obliterate zone


    Cosmic comic peace
    Ed together once for all
    Yolk the folk aum

  7. dear uncle tree,

    i would like to let you know
    that wether you like it or not
    i will add you on my blogroll
    for i am tired of flying
    in circles and parallel lines
    to find the perfect shade
    of your healthy leaves and strong branches
    sometimes it takes a while for me to find you

    Your words are too sweet
    Are there any ants up there?
    I would love to meet them

    – Asian Butterfly

  8. uncle – you are stunning.

    and thanks for the little dialog here with Val. nice thought. sun. set.rise.die.born.(not reborn, as if anything to do with the past – born – a new, ever fresh ever green). peacfulness is the true character of these blissful hours. walking up in the morning as a baby covered with uterus’s dew, going to sleep as and old man (woman) weary but content with the steps of his day. and no surprise it is that we have chosen, in the modern, west society, to name that time – tata tam tata tam! The “Rushhour”, buzzing along our streets on our way to worship. in glass and metal temples, if decorated solely for their own praise. no sun, nor netherworld god. the battle roll as if was over long ago, the real ChristianA. Emperor sitting on His Own Bill. upside world, dear Erich the Box man, and yet even more twisted, the poor worship the reach, as normally the reach come down (or climb very high) to worship among the poor – the same god. but in our Free World we are free to separate, kids from their mothers, truth and justice. and so we separate the way forthe worship with the road back, getting neat before hand, putting on our best cloth, the one we never where at home, and with this malaise you go to god? he can smell you with his stinky fungal little toe. Return, Return, and don’t look back lest you will run into a salt pillar. Return, Return into your self. this slave is gone, far beyond the reach of any whip. gone, dead. dead for the play of power and control, the power to control and the try – to control the power, cause he who turns can see the setting sun and the rising one, on the same horizon – his heart.


  9. Thank you, A. Butterfly!
    I see the blogrolls as a way to navigate, and that’s about all.
    Obviously, you can see I don’t have one. Well, I do, but it’s
    more like a guest list. Feel free to help yourself. Personally,
    I don’t want to pick and choose, and I certainly wouldn’t
    want to leave any one out. They are more like some kind
    of ‘honor roll’ in some peoples eyes, but after they have
    listed a hundred blogs…know what I mean? People come,
    start a blog, and sometimes disappear rather quickly. I talk
    to those who talk with me mostly. I used to get out a lot
    and read poems from the world at large, but now that I’ve
    met a few people, I’ve stopped doing that. My time is short.

    I’m glad you think my words are sweet, but I’ve no ants that
    I’m aware of. Doesn’t mean they’re not there somewhere
    in hiding. I have been a little itchy lately. If ever I do meet up
    with some bugs to your liking, I’ll be sure to introduce them
    to you. Okay? Don’t worry, I’ll be discrete about it.

    Gosh, I talk a lot. Enough for now, my new friend. Cheerzios!

  10. Delete my ass, UF-er! Too late now, young man.
    You had your chance. Don’t give me no ‘accident’ crap, either.

    I’m fairly sure I caught at least half of what you were trying to say.
    Especially, “…a baby covered with uterus’s dew”. OMG, D-UF!
    You gave me a visual I wasn’t ready for. Yuck! Someone’s moist.

    When you say reach, do you mean rich? Like bookoo bucks $$$ ?
    Your reach is longer than mine apparently. Actually, I was thinking
    of a song by the late Dan Fogelberg, a hero of mine. “The Reach”
    is what it is called, and it’s a lyrical piece about a living ocean.

    “Power and control” is a very well-worn contemporary theme that’s
    been around for ages and ages. I’m not going to ask you about
    your personal opinions concerning politics, and the Palestine situation.
    I’m sure I’ve never heard the truth about it, one way or the other.

    Churches are for socializing and showing off your Sunday best.
    I learned that when I was like seven years old. I hate suits and ties.
    Nowadays, you’ll only see me in church for weddings and funeral
    proceedings. Tithe 10% of my pay? You’ve got to be kidding!!!

    As for the rest, I guessed a lot. You got a little excited, yes? Good.
    Fungal toe, Dhyan? Boy, I’m glad my nose is still on my face.
    Grab a soapbox, and stick yourself on a corner somewhere and do
    your thing, Apostle. Do it loud. Attract a crowd. They will love you! 🙂

  11. Dear UT,

    Please come and see my very new wordpress site. Type in on the google window search thingie. I did on another computer, another IP address, and got it.

    One thought caught in mind, for you, my friend.


  12. Some blogs, I have to put on my thinking cap… like yours… you spurred a THOUSAND thoughts… not one… thanks… like I need more!

    and… what kind of camers phone takes that kind of pictures?

    and… yours is the only blog I have to have a thinking cap on for the relpies. Cripes! I go to work to think. Ha! I DO have fun here.

  13. Fourteen words spurred the lady on to a thousand thoughts.
    What? Oh. You read through all the comments, I see.
    Good for you! That’s usually where the fun begins.

    It’s a Sprint phone, Cindy, made by LG.

    I haven’t heard anyone say “thinking cap” since grade school.
    How are those supposed to work anyway? I see no wires.
    Your light blue one looks like it ought to keep your head warm, too.
    If they made one for me it would resemble a toupee.
    They could call it Smart Hair, and I’d be more intelligent,
    and look younger, all in one fell swoop. So, what ‘do would be best?
    Mop top, shaggy, or mullet? Did you say Astroturf? Yes, green please.

  14. heh! don’t sell the poem short! the thousand thoughts came before the comments!!! give credit where credit is due, to this lavishly wonderful, thoughtful Haiku….

    The comment are fun indeed.

    Thinking cap… hmm… you’d think I was older using that. LOL… You’re right. Let me try again. I battle to assimulate the context of your band, but I dig it, posts and comments, scream my attention in full detail.

    In my defense, my market is more for the masses. I try to keep what I write at an approachable level… In my line of work, if I start using too ‘big’ of words, I am told to talk ‘normal’.
    I need my blue cap… it gets cold here… I might need to break it out soon! who knows.. I might go purple this year, or green. I like green. seriously, though… I JUST LOVE YOUR POEM alright????

  15. It looks like you skipped a few grades overnight, Cindy.
    Wow! What a transformation. Only a grownup could say stuff
    with those types of words and mannerisms. I’m proud of you!

    You make me think that I should write more haiku’s in the future.
    They are much less time consuming, but one must be rather vague.
    Okay, okay, I understand your feelings about this one. That’s fabulous!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you very much! I do so appreciate the fact
    that you came back to set me straight. I was being narrow minded.
    But hey, that’s normal for me, so everyone should be used to it by now.

    It’s getting colder here also, and autumn’s come in like a blustering lion.
    My poor, poor leaves are getting blown away, even though they’ve yet
    to turn into all those beautiful colors we’re so used to seeing. Bummer!

    Purple wood look great on you. It’s my favorite royal color by far.
    Have a nice day, Cindy. I’m glad you’re not averse to talking to trees.
    The wonders never cease, but sometimes they’re invisible. Hugz, UT

  16. I love haiku, this one is really with something to think about! Thank you for your lovely comment at my blog!

    Thank you, Blaga! 🙂
    Haiku’s teach us how to keep
    it short, simple…aye, to the point.
    And, you’re welcome! Peace, Uncle Tree

  17. Did you know, Caro?
    When the fish are not biting
    Someone pulls my leg

    And I say, “Hello?”
    As the mermaid dives in deep
    Teasing with her tail

    Tickling my nose
    Reflexes reach out quickly
    Grab the slithery

    We go down as one
    Bubbles rise and multiply
    Fish keep our secret

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