Born To Fry

Uncle Tree's catfish

It reached 99° here yesterday!

Boats close call

By one degree, we beat the record high set in 1912.

Blue Heron at Branched Oak Lake

For comparison’s sake, last year the high was 76°.

Branched Oak Lake family

On or off the water, everyone was hot to trot.

Seagulls and sailboats

Seagulls seem to celebrate the heated debate.

Sunset on Branched Oak Lake

Still, at the end of the day, there’s no better place to be.

Uncle Tree

Photographs by Uncle Tree

Branched Oak Lake

Lincoln, Ne.


Uncle Tree’s Fowl Play

Baby Geese at Oak Lake

Uncle Tree made a play to get close, but he didn’t pass Mum’s security check.

Cute babies

The babes hesitated and peeked, but followed Mum thereafter.

Uncle Tree's fowl play

Ganders gallantly stood their ground for grazing hungry goslings.

Geese learning to stay in line

In the meanwhile, Mum taught impromptu getaway maneuvers.

Blue Heron ready to fly

From heron out, I declare — birds must stand still when posing!

Branched Oak Lake, Lincoln, Ne

Okay, besides this guy, who’s got the gull to oppose me?

Who's got the gull?

That’s what I thought, good gully.

Uncle Tree