Born To Fry

Uncle Tree's catfish

It reached 99° here yesterday!

Boats close call

By one degree, we beat the record high set in 1912.

Blue Heron at Branched Oak Lake

For comparison’s sake, last year the high was 76°.

Branched Oak Lake family

On or off the water, everyone was hot to trot.

Seagulls and sailboats

Seagulls seem to celebrate the heated debate.

Sunset on Branched Oak Lake

Still, at the end of the day, there’s no better place to be.

Uncle Tree

Photographs by Uncle Tree

Branched Oak Lake

Lincoln, Ne.


38 thoughts on “Born To Fry

  1. Thank you kindly, Amy! 🙂 We’re looking at breaking
    another record today. In 1968, it reached 95°.
    We’re expecting to get to 99° this afternoon.

    Wheee-hot-doggies! Have a great weekend! Cheerz, UT

  2. What a wonderful way to spend the day! I recall a very few times I’ve gone fishing on the Sacramento River. The most I caught was the anchor line of the nearest boat, but I enjoyed the day anyway. But I’ll share my Summer poem with you, if you can bear yet another one.


    Barbara Grace Lake © 2002

    Molten, drenching, is the air
    I breathe and feel
    On waking in a morning
    Joyous to myself;
    Gone the worries blackening
    The night
    Their leaseholds lost as sunlight
    Washes clean the air,
    Reflecting only floating grains
    Of lint and dust–
    Sparkling threads upon a
    Buoyant tapestry,
    Enlivening dry musty
    Lavenders of age,
    Forgotten in a breath of
    Personal enchantment:
    On summer’s morn.

  3. Thank you for sharing, Barbara! 🙂 Reflectively easy to read and understand is your work.
    It will always be welcome here. Have a great weekend! Cheerz, UT

  4. Wow a fair comment on climate change – at least here in Cape Town we are having our first rains! But we still on 50litres of water each per day…

  5. Uncle Tree – these photos are great and sure capture your day. I didn’t realize you lived that close to water. I like seeing the Great Blue Heron with the boats in the background – it does not appear spooked in the least … this Great Blue Heron is more tolerant of noise and disruption than the one in the park where I walk. Those goslings are sweet as well. Well, everyone wanted hot weather after we collectively complained about the Winter, then the chilly Spring … a little moderation would have been nicer though. 🙂

  6. Glad you liked this, Janis. 🙂 Thank you very much!
    I’m not rooting for the next Ice Age,
    so I won’t overly complain about a bit of localized warming.

    I do pray you all get just the right amount of rain real soon.
    We could use some ourselves. Peace and luvz, UT

  7. Oh, I love the sound of 72, or thereabouts! 🙂
    Watching dragsters or dragonflies, you take some awesome pics,
    and I look forward to seeing what you saw yesterday. Cheerz, UT

  8. Thank you much, Linda! 🙂 Glad you enjoyed these shots.
    With 1800 acres of water, Branched Oak Lake is the largest man-made mud-hole in eastern Nebraska.

    We live on the westernmost side of town, and it’s only a 20-minute drive from here, which is really nice when it’s time to come home.

    The Heron didn’t seem to mind the boats and jet skis zooming by, but once I got within 30 to 40 yards of him, he’d fold up his neck and take off.

    We did set the record high again yesterday, but it only reached 97°. It’s 68° currently, which makes for a pleasant summer morning.

    The hottest week of the year usually falls around the 4th of July. Hard tellin’ what we’re in for now.

  9. That is a large man-made lake Uncle Tree! Glad it is close enough to get there without battling the traffic. Here, everyone goes to nearby lakes and a majority of people go to northern Michigan for cottages or camping. Then on long weekends, or Sunday afternoons/early evenings, it is bumper-to-bumper traffic coming back from up North. Cars overheat, backups occur due to construction, people get mad and always accidents as a result.

    I was surprised the heron didn’t bolt with the boats and jet skis – he is pretty tolerant of that noise and commotion but spooked by humans I guess.

    We did not meet or break the 95-degree record (it was only set in 2012) … we just got to 93 degrees and it has cooled to 90 degrees now.

    They have not given us any long-range predictions for the Summer weather which is unusual – makes you wonder if they know something they don’t want to share? The hurricane season has started a week early with the big tropical storm. As you say hard tellin’ what we’re in for now.

  10. We’re in for sad news, Linda. Just found out this morning — my only nephew died in a motorcycle accident. He hit a tree. 😦 Woe is me.

    He was only 23, and the only child of the brother I lost 6 years ago. He had just bought a Kawasaki Ninja. I told him on Facebook to be damn careful, cuz just hearing that worried me. Damn crotch rockets!

    Don’t mean to bring you down, but you’re a friend, and I need to gut this out. I may not be a man of the cloth, but I am a man of faith. Peace and luvz, Keith

  11. Oh no – I am so sorry to hear this news Uncle Tree. You’re right – the crotch rockets are not safe at all and someone lost their life at the end of my street about four years ago … riding a crotch rocket and sideswiped by a truck. There was a memorial for the longest time where he was killed. He was young as well.

    I’m guessing you are even more close to your nephew because you are like a father to him since your brother passed away.

    I feel badly for you and the rest of your family for this loss … this will be a difficult time for you. Did he live near you?

  12. He lived about 30 miles east of Kansas City. We last saw him and his longtime girlfriend right at a year ago, here in Lincoln, after my youngest brother’s wife died from heart failure.

    It’s been a tough decade, so far, and it’s far from over, I feel.

  13. Silly me, I also need to hug that tree, and tell him it wasn’t his fault! I will find it, and there will be flowers there, I guarantee you that.

  14. I see – it’s tough whether he was close by or far away. From what you’ve told me, it has been a tough decade … and then there’s your mom as well. I know what you can’t help thinking on this sad day in that regard.

  15. I’m sure there will be flowers or balloons or makeshift memorial already set up at that tree. Sadly, there are too many memorials from car and motorcycle accidents anymore, vigils being held, prayers being said. We just had a motorcyclist die overnight here.

  16. The sun does tend to get us, but nothing like sunlight to bring out the beauty of colours. Nice to go through the four seasons with your post. 😊. Helps us change our perspective and focus more on beauty than the discomfort. ☺

  17. Glad you like the way Uncle Tree runs things around here, dear angel.
    Your kind words are much appreciated at this time. 🙂 Thank you very much!

  18. Crazy beautiful day, UT…if not a little hot! Just topping 90 here today and we usually would have been dealing with this for a couple months already…but it’s one of only a few really hot days so far this year…strange weather!
    Love th pics…especially the one with the sailboat and the gulls! ( Not to exclude the pics of you!! That a beer in there?)😉
    Blessings for a super week!

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