Union In Tragedy: 9/11


Here is a sight we seldom see:

union in tragedy.

Lights from the heart light up the dark,

showing the way to be.


Love is a force that opens eyes.

To those who’d blacken skies:

Feel from the heart before you start

to sever all the ties.


Remember, sisters and brothers,

hate and anger smothers.

Beneath the ruins of mankind

Love’s flame will lead the blind.


Uncle Tree



26 thoughts on “Union In Tragedy: 9/11

  1. That we are so hated and despised,
    was a realization that pained me to tears
    as I gazed at the truth right in front of me.


    It does often take a crisis to shake us back into reality.

    I received an omen on the night of August 11, 2001.
    I thought it was a good sign at that time, as I watched
    the annual Perseids alone, and witnessed a spectacular, once in
    a lifetime ‘happening’ that landed straight across the river from me.

    Spiritually, I was in a good place, so to speak, a month later.
    That unforgettable experience actually helped me get through this…
    more than one might imagine. I relive it every year.

  2. On this day of remembrance, let us also not forget the many gifts we have been given. The most precious gift being Life itself along with the ability to love.

    Peace to you Keith.


  3. It’s good to have friends, Bonnie.
    And, I thank you for all the love and support
    you’ve given me throughout these many months.

    It’s in times like these that I am tempted to count
    my many blessings – some come disguised as friends. 😉

    Peace & Luvz, UT

  4. Beautiful piece. We must always look closer to see the strength, hope and love in every dark situation.

  5. …and sometimes silver linings are hard to come by.

    Thank you, Sir Warrior! Wishing you strength, energy,
    and the complete and total healing process that is brought
    about by faith, hope and love. Peace to you, bro! UT

  6. I’m very sorry to hear that, good lady.
    Heroic siblings in my book. Hard to fathom,
    and even harder to experience, I’m sure.

    Easy to hate and very difficult to forgive, I imagine.
    God bless your giving family. I’m honored to have
    your comment here. Thank you for sharing with us.

  7. You may not know I mean that I am a paramedic and work in a fire dept…not actual brothers and sisters….we are all one family in the emergency field! 😦

  8. Beautiful post. I was feeling sad this morning and realized it was 9/11. The energy is always so heavy on this day. Sending you so much love!

  9. Thank you, Ajua! Maybe, if we keep absorbing the heavy energies,
    they’ll eventually lighten up. Then again, maybe knot. For me,
    I remember all too well — the jumpers — I had falling dreams as a kid,
    so I sorta feel a kinship with them. “Faith, don’t fail me now.”
    Prayers would have to be said very quickly. Then I’d fly.

    Take care, girl. Always good to see you here. Hugz, Keith

  10. Thank you, Amalia. I wrote this the day after the fact, and
    I just can’t bring myself to do another one. I’m such a sentimental tree.

    Always good to see you here wearing a helmet. 😉 Take care, Keith

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