Our Father’s Intelligent Design: Creation “LIVE”


Creation begets human consciousness daily.

Consciousness gives birth to Desire endlessly.

Desire transcends illusion momentarily.

Routine practices its performance consistently.

Habit magistrates a majestic performance.

Ignorance ordains the boring dullness!

Laziness condemns the facilitating guilt.

Anxiety inevitably germinates illness.

Death releases incomprehensible Timelessness

Space matters faithfully alter infinity!

( Containment entombs the united singularity )

Light speeds away forming spectral curiosities.

Intelligence wings constellations of pluralities.

Compassion breathes – exhaling Creativity.

= Order rhythmically distributes Equality =

Relativity affects the terrific stabilizer!

Drama evolves the essential formalities.

Mercy justifies our primary abilities.

~ Grace fulfills our desires completely ~


Love sustains our Father’s Creation for good!



25 thoughts on “Our Father’s Intelligent Design: Creation “LIVE”

  1. 🙂 Hello, Victoria!

    I am so glad to hear you enjoyed my spin,
    or rather, my mysterious verbal equation –
    almost guaranteed to blow your mind.

    Thank you much! 🙂

  2. My faith is very personal, and it is based more
    on my experiences than on the scripture.
    That’s why I myself write as I do. Besides,
    I want my children and grandchildren to know
    what their dear old man thought about in his spare time.

  3. Thanks for liking my post and introducing me to your wonderful blog! This is a stunning page, quite simply: i’m impressed. Keep up the good work and continue to spread the word and love of God, our Creator. I’m with you!! –Sarah

  4. Thought for the day:

    Only sinners can be saved. We cannot liberate ourselves from
    something we don’t have. Christ died on the cross for the wood!
    For all that is earthly and natural; for all His mother stood for;
    for all who partake in the pleasures of the flesh, as these God-given
    senses of ours were made to receive all the earth’s blessings.

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