22 thoughts on “A View From Sunset Avenue

  1. thanks UT,but our week is going to be poor for weather.Poor weather means poor light & poor light means poor photography.So basically I won’t be taking any shots soon. I stay in doors & groom previous shoots.

  2. What a beautiful blaze in those photos! Plus, I so love the illustrations of the tree and woodland animals. Where did that come from?

  3. I just checked out his website. Wonderful work! I thought perhaps the picture of the tree was done by a Victorian illustrator. As for Uncle Tree, great name!

  4. Glad you like Uncle Tree, too. Thank you, Laurie! 🙂
    I wonder, sometimes, if I’ll ever outgrow the fun-ness of sorta playing a tree.
    It’s so hard to get noticed on the big-wide web. I thought something quirky might be of help. Then, I luckily stumbled onto Aaron’s site, and made friends with him. He let me borrow a few of his works for my site after I wrote little poems for them. He’s very generous. Eventually, I asked him if he’d do a caricature of me as a tree with a house in me, and how much he’d charge. He said he wood, and asked for a pic or two of my face. The next day, he had it drawn. Two days later, he had the colored version. No charge! I agreed to let him use my caricature in a book he was intending to make. That’s all he asked of me. Quite the story, eh?
    We’ve stayed friends on Facebook, too, so I see his work every day.

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