A View From Sunset Avenue

Sunset Avenue

When oranges sing the blues on Sunset Avenue

Sunset geese

even the geese flock to listen up

orange orb

The orange orb of El Sol pauses soulfully 

sunset on the plains

Where everyone and their brother swings by

geese high

save the last dance and fly

geese line-up

to Sol and old UT


Orange-out, folks!

Uncle Tree



22 thoughts on “A View From Sunset Avenue

  1. thanks UT,but our week is going to be poor for weather.Poor weather means poor light & poor light means poor photography.So basically I won’t be taking any shots soon. I stay in doors & groom previous shoots.

  2. What a beautiful blaze in those photos! Plus, I so love the illustrations of the tree and woodland animals. Where did that come from?

  3. I just checked out his website. Wonderful work! I thought perhaps the picture of the tree was done by a Victorian illustrator. As for Uncle Tree, great name!

  4. Glad you like Uncle Tree, too. Thank you, Laurie! 🙂
    I wonder, sometimes, if I’ll ever outgrow the fun-ness of sorta playing a tree.
    It’s so hard to get noticed on the big-wide web. I thought something quirky might be of help. Then, I luckily stumbled onto Aaron’s site, and made friends with him. He let me borrow a few of his works for my site after I wrote little poems for them. He’s very generous. Eventually, I asked him if he’d do a caricature of me as a tree with a house in me, and how much he’d charge. He said he wood, and asked for a pic or two of my face. The next day, he had it drawn. Two days later, he had the colored version. No charge! I agreed to let him use my caricature in a book he was intending to make. That’s all he asked of me. Quite the story, eh?
    We’ve stayed friends on Facebook, too, so I see his work every day.

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