Falling For A Harrier

Northern Harrier

This owl-faced hawk is hardly ever seen during the day.

Northern Harrier hunting

Rarely seen in Nebraska, its golden-brown belly gives it away.

Harrier landing

Flying low and solo, no gopher has a chance, and no golfer is endangered.

Harrier silhouette

Harrier camouflage

bye-bye birdie

Bye-bye birdie!

Falling on



4 thoughts on “Falling For A Harrier

  1. Thank you very much! 🙂 So glad you like my captions underneath my very amateurish photographs. Awhile back, I decided to stop “borrowing” pictures, and quit writing sermons, Folks attention span and time limits…well, you know.
    Nice to meet you! Thanks again for swinging by and leaving Uncle Tree
    a quite fine compliment! Cheerz! Keith

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