7 thoughts on “The Lost Trees Last Stand

  1. Thank you, Inese! 🙂 Yes, that particular headstone caught Uncle Tree’s eye. Go figure. 😉
    We had a cold night here for the kids, and to top it off, it was snowing a bit! The doorbell only rang three times. Want some candy? LoL! We have leftovers.

  2. Three times? Poor kids had to stay home and eat their own candy, I guess. We had a warm weather and a gorgeous sunset. I just kept shuttling to the storage room and back, topping up our cauldron 🙂

  3. https://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=13331691



    Opening the internet, George, this is what I found; a few links in the chain.
    It is my favorite park in Nebraska, as it reminds me of the Ozarks in Missouri — heavily wooded and very hilly. Some of my maternal ancestors lived in the area, and helped lay the track for the first cross-country railroad.
    As it is a ways away from Omaha and Lincoln, the park attracts fewer visitors, and one can really be alone, especially at night, to spend some time with the ghosts, the gods, and the stars, and most importantly, camp safely, as there literally are no dangerous predators in the area, like lions or tigers or bears. The deer and wild turkeys seem to know they are safe there, too, for they live there in abundance. and they are not overly skittish.
    Although, this may be more than you care to know, I write this in appreciation for the few super-cool moments of spiritual exultation I have been fortunate to experience.

    Peace to you, my friend. Take care, be good, and stay cool! Keith

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