When The Dice Roll Themselves


Quantum Lucidity 
The way I see reality,
undermined by bigotry.
Where overwhelmed fluidity
 ↔ proceeds universally ↔
Look! All around you, here we have
a perpetual-motion machined Universe.
Infinity turning itself inside-out and outside in,
from the micro to the macro comes the macaroni grill! Ah!
But Soul remains a mystery, lest she be the Muse I have in mind:
where angels belong, where spirits reside, where the dead go,
where aliens ride, where I Am deadcenter, but still alive!
Or are we simply living the lives of The Immortals?
Where we’re all gods, who don’t want to play God,
and the dice roll themselves.
“Now, that’s what I call – the fairy tale role of the dice.”
Uncle Tree