When The Dice Roll Themselves


Quantum Lucidity 
The way I see reality,
undermined by bigotry.
Where overwhelmed fluidity
 ↔ proceeds universally ↔
Look! All around you, here we have
a perpetual-motion machined Universe.
Infinity turning itself inside-out and outside in,
from the micro to the macro comes the macaroni grill! Ah!
But Soul remains a mystery, lest she be the Muse I have in mind:
where angels belong, where spirits reside, where the dead go,
where aliens ride, where I Am deadcenter, but still alive!
Or are we simply living the lives of The Immortals?
Where we’re all gods, who don’t want to play God,
and the dice roll themselves.
“Now, that’s what I call – the fairy tale role of the dice.”
Uncle Tree

38 thoughts on “When The Dice Roll Themselves

  1. Brilliant, Uncle Tree! …i’ll take The Great ‘I AM’ at the center Who makes all things tarnished glitter with Precious Gold of the Heavenly Realm – His Love for us sinners. ‘Tis no roll of dice, that! Pure fact of faith. …grace, peace & Epiphany Wisdom – Virginia : )

  2. When it comes to the dice, I am rapt in synchronicity, and I have to say, on occasion, so were the dice. It was never when I sought for my own end…….ha, there’s a clue 😉

  3. I’m so glad you agree, Virginia. Thank you! 🙂
    The Intelligent Design of the die is self-evident.
    One has to roll with the changes brought on
    by every epiphany – whether graceful, peaceful,
    or otherwise (like the kind that rock your socks off).

  4. Didn’t Einstein call it ‘spooky action at a distance?’ We really don’t know what he saw as he passed. Jesus was on the spot spot on and yet still a little spooky, even to friends. Something has got to give.

  5. I’m afraid it’s always been that way, Noelle. Strength, or might,
    doesn’t mean right, it just helps one get their way.
    Jesus was the exception in that regard, and yet, He
    is The Way to innocence, acceptance, and love. Peace, UT

  6. To God be the Glory! Eh, Ed? I like your idea of a ‘partner’
    (Soul?) on The Other Side, who can, with the right intent
    from our side, make an unselfish move in synch with us that
    puts things ‘aright’ in the eyes of those we serve.

    Might that be the clue of which ye speak?
    I always appreciate your input, my friend.
    Thank you once again! Peace, UT 🙂

  7. You are the master of transcription, Uncle Tree 🙂

    There was also another kind of inverted ‘clue’ that popped into my view, wherein my separative self-seeking seems inextricably linked to the ingloriousness of my ‘end.’ (the ‘end’ nde being the word in play) 😉 Yet Glory is ever available, if I dare?

    Your blog makes all things possible 😉

  8. Ha, was busy with my own comment so missed your follow on.. Can I count your questions of fear as a sync to my ‘if I dare?’

  9. ‘Overwhelmed fluidity’ may well be the source of our fears? Are we stuck here with our Life blood and too much the matter? We are told ‘Fear not that which could destroy the body, but fear that state of mind which taken over with you could destroy your soul.’ Well, not quite told because I have made my adjustments 😉

  10. I’m thinking Dostoevsky here, as he relates to Brand’s fear
    of death in The Way Of Wyrd. I’ve never been that near,
    so I’ll just have to imagine, which is way-way safer than going
    outside and racing trains across the tracks on foot. Yes?

    Glory be ecstatic ecstasy, I feel, which is hard on a soft body,
    and therefore, we can only handle so much wattage at once.
    Burned-out is the perfect expression for too much sun chasing.
    “Chop wood, carry water”, perfect antidote for vanity. 😉

    Bhodi Tree VIII

  11. The Dali Lama and other Buddhist Monks contemplate death
    for a hour each day. The point being that only when the fear
    of death is transcended does one have true reverence for


  12. That’s it, Bonnie! 🙂 99% dead.
    Those readings did grow on me, I see.
    But, morbidity is a word. I’m surprised! LoL
    Poe knew the spirit of perverseness that resides
    in each and ev’ry person who knows they’re alive, and,
    well…that would be me, and ev’ery other reading my words.

    And since I am truly – only 1% alive, then to hell with my bark!
    As long as my bite is gnarly, and my sap keeps movin’, I’m good.

  13. Dark matter….there’s a ‘fair bit’ out there we’ve yet to bow our heads to. She offers ever more even if we are dying to get to it. Dark matter. Should I set myself a Light that She would set a match to?

  14. Well then, dear Keith
    there’s nothing left to do but

    hold hands
    bow our heads
    and give blessings to the original wild god.


  15. Well, Ed, as soon as you light that Light, you will rid
    yourself of Her, the colorless Mother.
    I dare knot call her Lady Soul, either. Not today, at least.

    BTW, if’n you had Her match,
    you wouldn’t have to strike it. Eh?
    Her combustionability is unmatched,
    forever and a day. Lordy be…UT

  16. Yes, well, Bonnie, the leftist have our rights in a jam!
    So, I will give thanks and blessings to that original one,
    as soon as He faithfully rises in the morning – like Alwayz.

    Born to be wild Û

  17. I’ve been thinking for a long time, Margaret. See what happens?
    I think my job is to make you think you’ve done yours. 😉 Or,
    I think I wanna make you think you’ve done your fair share
    of thinking over the same matters I think about all the time.

    The Life Of A Bard Who THINKS He Is A Tree: A Tall Order

  18. Thanks Uncle Tree, for busting up my Saturday morning easiness, was basically pondering what to have for lunch, then along you come tossin’ those dice.

  19. Thank you very much, my friend! 🙂 Keep on rollin’ till The End!
    The vibes, I feel. They make me ready to be a chatterbox.
    Have a great day! I’m working on our collaboration. Soon ready ~

  20. I find it amusing that this is the post I chose today… “I Am Dead Center” seems like a lot of “centering” going on between the two of us the past two days!!! I suppose Dead Center is not a bad place to be….considering I spent most of my life seeing things in black and white…I think the center is a shade of gray. Hope your day was brilliant Keith! ❤

  21. Top of the day, and a top-dead-center to you, Lorrie!

    The Middle Way is having its way with us. Feeling lucky? 😉
    Roll snake eyes a couple of times, and call me in the morning.

    Yes! Thank you, young lady! Have yourselves a great night! ❤

  22. That’s a helluva compliment to receive on a Monday, dear Caro.
    “Thank you! Thank you very much!” (a little Elvis in return) 🙂
    Art, tho? I was cleverly picking on and funning with the biggest
    questions known to mankind. Still, I’m so glad you think that way.

    Hugz! ❤ Willow

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