Reflections On The Wishing Well


You, lovely pool, be my last and only friend.

Thou dost be still this cool spring morn’.

Thy clear waters truly reflect

the woods; my life; topsy-turvy!

Accept my wishes today, O’ Well!

Take and purify these thoughts.

The call to action I have heard.

Ancestors await my return to duty.

Though I be called a leprechaun,

my human heart doth harbor weaknesses.

Though my name be Rainbow Eyes,

tears pour forth all of their own accord.


May they fill you to the brim, O’ Well!

May your answers flow out to inform my feet

that they may know which way to turn,

the days of decision being short in number.


Uncle-tree-_colour_flat-TEXT_sml (1)

“A Leprechaun’s Gaze”

The Return Of Rainbow Eyes



19 thoughts on “Reflections On The Wishing Well

  1. “Ancestors await my return to duty.”

    I pick out that line as my encapsulation, Uncle. Deep well 🙂

  2. Days of decision may be short, yet while they last, decisive lives can still be lived. The leprechaun’s weakenesses are all too human, and perhaps he is all the more empathic towards others and himself for that. That has to be a good thing.

  3. “Only Time will tell,” they say. True that,
    for only Time can tell a story backwards.

    I’m hoping so. Yes, Matt.
    Thank you! 🙂 Uncle Tree
    (I liked the painting 2)

  4. Oh, my heart felt for the little leprechaun. This was beautifully written once again!!! I Just Love it..I keep finding golden nuggets on your blog!! 🙂

  5. I surely appreciate how hard you work to find something you haven’t Like’d yet, Alisha. Ol’ Rainbow Eyes thanks you from the bottom of his heart. 🙂 Me, too.

  6. No, I do knot. I’ve learned a bit more about blog etiquette in the last couple years. I now give credit where it’s due, and I print nothing out. I have nothing for sale. Uncle Tree is free, which is knot to say “cheap”. 😉

  7. Leprechaun oh Leprechaun. it true that you once did not know the way? I find it so hard to believe. I wont! I think ol’ Rainbow Eyes was only temporarily blinded by his own reflection!! 🙂 ❤

  8. Hi there, Lorrie! 🙂 Rainbow Eyes was a character I created
    in my epic poem, “A Leprechaun’s Gaze”. (link at bottom)

    Like Joseph, I, too, have a son that came not from my loins.
    He is still with me, tho. My alter-ego may have run like R.E.
    Really, this was just another trail I did not pursue, writing-wise.

    Have a good night, my friend! What isn’t temporary? 😉 ❤ 's

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