Kiss Me For Today


When I hold you next to me,
the world just falls away…
Hold me ’till the morrow comes,
but kiss me for today.

As the future holds the answers,
I fold my hands to pray
that God provides the means for us
to live and love and play.

Together, we can change the world!
As one, we’ll change our minds.
For when we gather in His name,
we weave and cross the lines.

 The greatest gift He holds in store  
pure love ↔ the tie that binds.
“Lord, grace us with a love
that will outlast the end of times!”

Uncle Tree



43 thoughts on “Kiss Me For Today

  1. Uncle Tree, I have never quite worked out exactly what your religious/ spiritual beliefs are. On the surface I would guess we are quite different but deeper down who knows? Anyway, I like your soul and your use of words. Very nice poem!

  2. God is love.
    Jesus is present.
    The Holy Spirit loves us.
    Mother/Nature/Mary/Sophia/Eve ~
    No one is born a sinner.
    Heaven’s all around.

    Who knows?
    I love learning and,
    I’m nowhere near the finish line.
    So glad you liked this Cassie. Thank you! 🙂

  3. Okay, you are not in to Latin derivations but bird seers come to mind 😉 (Chamber’s Dickiebirdionary) Websters are ducks 😉

  4. Uncle Tree – egads this one is mushy, but so very beautiful! Blessings to you & your beloved – may the ‘ties that bind’ (the spiritual kind) keep you until the end of time!

    grace, peace & Everlasting Love – Virginia : )

  5. This reminds me of an intimate setting, surreal, as if a memory from a time gone by. The words that even I might have said to a woman a long time ago. Back when we led our lives together with great conviction toward the love we shared.
    I guess you could say these words remind me of a woman Keith … The good times.
    Peace be with you Bro.

  6. Thank you, Stuart! 🙂 I wrote this during “good times”.
    Generally speaking, I was looking to write something
    that might fit in a Hallmark card. I wish I worked for them. LoL
    Isn’t it funny how convict and conviction seem to belong together?
    Romantic Love makes us prisoners – locked in – that’s why some men
    can only take so much. Then again, maybe it’s just me and my lust
    for freedom, football, friends, fun, and “Let the games begin!”

    Kiss me for today for I’m outta here tomorrow! 😉

    The good times ain’t over for you, bro.
    Best of luck finding that charmingly happy medium!

  7. Oh wow-wow-wow! Betty urged me to visit your blog, and I’m so grateful. Happy Valentine’s Day, and God bless you abundantly.

  8. AMAZING!! I love the rhymes and the words that you’ve chosen. They’re so beautiful, compassionate and heart-opening. Thank you for capturing my attention by liking my posts! You’re a true inspiration to everyone. Keep writing, and sharing the love. Will be keeping tabs on your wondrous pieces of work!! Sending you many blessings, and praying for the Archangel Gabriel to work with you to impart you more wisdom and inspiration. Not to forget, thank you so much for this! You’ve truly brightened up my day. 🙂 x

  9. Gracious be! Thank you truly, young lady!
    This world knows no bounds, so free yourself
    from limits and fences. We’re all a dot on the map.

    Hug a tree close by. I will feel it. 😉 Believe me. Peace ✟

  10. I just had a comment for you…and computer plucked it right off the screen. But I wanted you to know that I loved this one…and even though “we weave and cross lines,” we have that love….don’t we…?

  11. Thanks be to grace 🙂 I do believe we do. Yes!
    Woven into our souls, the sweetest threads
    on the vine, whose fruit is ripe for plucking. 😉 Hugz!

  12. Well Keith, this is even more moving and stirring than the last poem I read … those are beautiful words, words that no one ever wrote for me. I hope you shared this poem with Lu as well. Especially moving is the last line of this paragraph:
    ♥ The greatest gift He holds in store ♥
    pure love ↔ the tie that binds.
    “Lord, grace us with a love
    that will outlast the end of times!”

  13. I did like it Keith – you’re quite the romantic. Yes, you were good at this rhythm and rhyme stuff – you will not lose your touch. You also used to have that heart-shaped bush that got cut down unfortunately and great shots of it looking as if it was on fire. Peace and luvz back at ya Keith!

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