The Key To Unity



One bright morning in the middle of the night,
there came two horses, one black and one white.
Astride the black horse was a pure white knight.
The white horse, of course, held the darkest of knights.


When the opposites came together,
their worlds were torn asunder.
There was no more talk of the weather.
All was lightning! Ever thunder!

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When God Takes A Child

What does it

mean to be

a Christian

when the God you know and love

takes a child you know and love?

When He takes

your child

your baby

your most



✟    ✟    ✟

It means

your child

your baby

— made it to Heaven before you did —

It means – this moment – this second

your child

your baby

rests in the arms

of our Lord

~ Jesus Christ ~

For the instant

Time ceases

God begins



3      4      5 





The infant of infinity will forget that Time was,

but your child will always remember you!

“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son,

that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish,

but have everlasting life.”

John 3:16

May 15, 2011

© Keith Alan Watson