Prey Of Fate

I look for a sign faithfully,

and wonder about my destiny.

Refusing to let fate choose for me,

I make each choice individually.


Questioning my purpose, I ask Thee,

is it your will or mine? Respectfully,

can we compromise then? Openly?

I pray for answers with humility.


Talents bestowed within me,

abilities fashioned for me,

though gifts were laid upon me,

my task seems hidden from me.


Should I walk a straight line for safety?

Veer off the main trail dangerously?

Flip a coin? Draw straws carelessly?

Stop to smell roses occasionally?


Rush into the fire foolishly?

Play “follow the leader” blindly?

Wait for the perfect time patiently?

Or trust my instincts? (always risky)


Time will cooperate…hopefully.

Hardships appear very likely.

I’ll test the true strength of my integrity,

and disregard false friends intelligently.


I’ll let passion drive constantly,

and reason brake, if need be.

Sum unknown capability —

Imagine the possibility!


I’ll pick myself up if I trip.

I shall persevere when I slip.

Determined with stiff upper lip,

no anchors on board my ship.


Where the sun never sets,

where you call off all bets,

where my true love awaits,

angels open the gates.


There — peace and understanding I’ll find.

There — joy and contentment are mine.

There is such a place. Lord, you’re too kind.

Thank you for treasures that hide in my mind!



57 thoughts on “Prey Of Fate

  1. What a wonderful reflective piece to end my weekend upon before I close my eyes and go to sleep. You capture the twists and turns of life so magically.

    Currently veering off the main trail dangerously,


  2. Don’t know quite how to reflect on these, your words, UT.

    May I echo biologists and physicists and say ‘symbiosis.’

    The Lord surely is kind.

  3. The echo makes me wonder about my contribution, Ed.
    An ethereal osmosis via yoking is more the way I look at it.

    One can only ask so many questions,
    before they have to take the wheel.

    Otherwise, there would be no such thing as answers.

  4. Yea, the Lord is in superposition but only from where I stand. I get up on my tippy-toes, only to find He has winged it πŸ˜‰ Is it really a game of hide and seek as many propose? Is there a prize that unsticks me from the poop in the nest?
    Do poets not take flight in a flurry of words…….hey, weight for me, Uncle the Tree πŸ˜‰

  5. If the prize is holy toilet paper
    by which we are cleansed in the end
    and made whole once again,
    then I will take my sacred seat
    on the throne of great relief,
    and do-do what is destined
    to be done, before carrying on
    with that final fatal flushing.

  6. Glad you got a kick out of that, Eva.
    You might want to wash your shoes now.

    Anything can be treasured, transient or not.
    Btw, this was from 2001, and I know it’s dorky,
    but hey! This one was for my kids, just so they know
    the kind of crap that dear, old Dad thinks about
    now and then. I wish I could take my own advice.

    Truly! Yours, T. Peed Tree

  7. “I’ll pick myself up if I trip

    I shall persevere when I slip

    Determined with stiff upper lip,

    no anchors on board my ship”

    Words to live by, Uncle Tree.

  8. We can flap our wings all we want, Ed,
    but we needn’t leaver anything behind.
    Someday we may have to backtrack.
    Mutually in the dark, yes. Over and out.

  9. Eight years ago, Bryan, and the eighth ‘poem’
    of my collection. Excuses, excuses…
    I was wrestling with my angel at the time and,
    losing for the most part, so I wrote myself this pep talk.

    Now I feel the need read something appropriate. “The Idiot”,
    by Fyodor Dostoevsky, is what I picked up at the library yesterday.
    There are a lot of books I’ve yet to read. The fear factor certainly
    played a part in that. Highly suggestible and easily influenced am I.
    Thanks for stopping by! Your support is much appreciated.

  10. Sorry you had to see that, Cindy. Ed started it.
    I now see that there might be scatastrophic consequences
    hereafter. I’m glad you got around it well enough to leave
    me a clean compliment. Thanks!

  11. So now you’ve left me deep in it πŸ˜‰

    Well, never mind, it was only what a little bird told me!

    Sorry to mess up your eight year recap.


  12. Personally I found this from front to finish to be a stylized rendition of the road on which all the children of faith travel.

    Doubt, fear, falls, picking your self up continuing to move towards that end verse where not only do you find what you seek but also the peace that accompanies the answers.

    I found this to be endearing.

  13. don’t let me fool you, as I tell my co workers, you can tell me anything, I just reserve the right to say ‘gross’ and THEN giggle. I am a girl… but tougher than I act! You can sling any dirty products of the body you care to here. πŸ˜‰ I’ll keep reading.

  14. Dear, dear Ed…deep in it or not,
    you play the part of the front man well.
    My counter-punches seem to come easily
    whenever you’re in the mood to jab a tad bit.

    What mess? Invisible, ethereal poo is as good as it gets.

  15. Hey there, Mark!

    Really, really nice to hear that you found this
    to be endearing, no less. Peace at the end of the day
    makes waking up a lot easier to deal with. The mirror don’t lie.

  16. Good grief, Cindy!

    You make it sound as though I have plenty of spare
    dirty, gross products (ha!) to fling around. I can’t be sure
    about the produce hanging on or off of my limbs, but I can say
    you better come equipped with a large sling like David had for Goliath.

  17. You want to drive your own destiny, that is interesting because it does not seem completely coherent (or maybe I do nbot understand it) with religion, or is it?

    Genious the paragraph that you say your task is hidden,
    amazing words to put that thought in.

    I think you should stop to smell roses eventually, it can be a good thing, and there is no harm that I can see in it.

    Probably is not one or the other when you ask rush into ….
    it is probably a mix of several and with different degrees of each, depending on your own personality.

    Time will help, surelly, but you have to listen to life , see things, see inside yourself, and it is fundamental to learn from all of it.

    You are a genious uncle, the poem is amazing beautifull and bright, probably I should delete my stupid comment up there, but I wont so you have an idea of what you made me think of.


  18. Hi and ha, Mariana, Uncle probably sees the connection between roses and poop!
    Roses get high on it πŸ™‚

  19. Looks like I’ll reach that first mountain’s peak today.
    Yeah! I wish I could thank everyone…well, I guess I can.
    “Thank you all!” There. Done said. Now what, folks?

  20. Genius is as Genius Jr. does.
    You are so funny, Mariana. πŸ™‚ I know you mean well.
    I owe you one huge, hilarious hug, girl!
    Flattered and falling your way…

    Once I was recognized as being known by the no-longer-hidden divine,
    and after coming to, and back toward my senses, I only had
    one question, “What do you want me to do?”
    There was no silent answer, so I
    figured I was free to do
    whatever it was
    I loved to do
    right now.

    Is destiny compatible with religion and fate?
    It all depends on how you look at it.

    Fate is what happened in past times. It’s history. It’s over.
    Destiny is what has yet to be. Can we control any of our own?
    Perhaps, it just seems that way sometimes. Will we ever, ever know?

    Gotta go. Luvz and hugz!

  21. Wonderful reflection on life’s journey–plagued at times with doubt, defeat and disappointment, but also filled with rewards, beauty, and redemption. Very inspirational prose! Glad to have found your blog.

  22. That was a wonderful comment, Elva.
    I’m glad that you liked this old one, too.

    Thank you for the fine compliment, and
    thank you for rewarding me with
    your beautiful presence today!

    Nice to meet you! UT

  23. shocking, uncle tree! how much this meant to me. tis beautiful and yet, it clutches in the get-(go) i found i had to let (go) and so it spoke eloquently, and did it elegantly
    bringing forth a kindredness from the forest wilderness. very nice, thank you Uncle Tree, wish all the best to thee.

  24. Good grief, Tipota.
    This one is nine years old now. Geez…
    Lofty thoughts and dreams will only take one so far, huh?

    I still have a lot of questions, as Mariana could testify.
    This was from a day when I gave myself ‘a good talking to’, so to speak.
    I’m glad you could connect to these common roots of mine.

    Thanks for saying as much! Best wishes and bless you, too! πŸ™‚ UT

  25. Dear Keith & Ed,

    You’re as wonderful as the day I first found you on IntentBlog. Perhaps my sheltered life is showing. Again I ask, due to this poem, Who are you? You must be few and far between and I, a little higher in these mountains because of this. Happy summer K. I smell fall in the air.

  26. Hang in there, Maj One! I have a few things to say to you,
    and so I hope you can wait until the mornin’ for a damn good reply.
    It’s great to see you again! A very nice surprise, indeed. I do thank you
    for bringing this one and all the comments back to refreshen my memory.

    Happy Summer to you too, Sherlock! πŸ˜‰ Hugz, Keith

  27. “…a damn good reply.” Looks like I set myself up there. πŸ™‚

    Dear Sher,

    Have you come to check on my progress? Oh, do-do-do please
    check out my home page and see what my soggy roots
    have wrought since the last time you visited. I’m dying (wilting)
    to know what you think.

    And, if you are on Facebook, come see the gang,
    and we can all be friends! My badge is on the homepage.

    Okay? Great! The support you gave me awhile back is appreciated.
    Hope you know — I thank you for feeding me back! Peace, Keith

  28. Thanks for your response. I don’t get on the computer much. So I know nothing about Facebook. See you later, my syncopath! πŸ™‚

    I guess since you went black from green (your first website) I was dismayed. Purely subjective. Your humour still is great and so too your mystic poetry – hugz, me.

  29. Blessed be thy name indeed
    calling for your blessings…I plead
    reaching up and above the blue sky
    I can hear you if I try

    Your words are abundantly clear
    as I wait for your spirit my dear
    I love you though I can’t see nor feel
    although I question nothing, I know its true

    Your comfort surrounds me every moment of the day
    and not only when I sit and pray
    I believe you’re there for me now and always
    no matter which road I travel or exit I take to new highways…

  30. Ahh wonderful, I love this Keith!! Thank you for such a beautiful write. What I saw was a painting of the different mindsets, rather the different questions that present themselves in the life of a believer. It’s amazing the different trails of life and where they may lead. I got to say, Thank you Lord, for always being there and for guiding us.

  31. Thank you so much for reaching into the vault, Alisha! πŸ™‚
    That actually came from my hand-written journal. I just looked.
    April of 2001 — the Age before computers. LoL Twice-divorced by then.
    The answers really didn’t come to me. It’s all guessing and risk-taking.
    Or lack of risk-taking. Shut or slammed doors guide me still. πŸ˜‰

    Bless you and yours, soul sister. The trail brought me
    to the forest, and here I set up my house, and began to meet
    generous people like you. It’s been a pleasure. Peace, Keith

  32. Oh, Wow, From Your Journal. Well, Awesome…I See You’ve Got Great Work Everywhere. I had a hand book of poems one time. Back in school. I lost it, and wanted to cry. Lol. Also, Thank You For Your Kind Words. You are so welcome Keith!! It’s a Blessing Meeting You. So much personality and such a big heart. You are so right…In this life, sometimes we are all still searching for answers. I Hope Much Happiness And Many Blessings To You And Your Family Too!! If You Trail Led a You To The Forest. Well, That’s Were Things Grow And Are Nurtured. Thank you For Nurturing Us Keith!! Blessings!! πŸ˜„

  33. Hi Keith…there’s something about this one. I know you made comments that it’s old…but I have been really touched by this one. I’ve read it twice…I’ve copied it because I need to read it again tomorrow. I don’t know if it is my mood affecting your poem or if your poem is affecting me this greatly!! Do not discredit the emotional impact of this one because it is old work of yours…I think it will stand the test of time…and it deserves to stand amongst the greats!! Hope your weekend is wonderful! ❀

  34. I will take your word for it, Lorrie. It does have a few good rhymes.
    All the right questions were asked in the right frame of mind.
    4 months later, I had a life-changing experience on the river.
    “A Solitary Clue” was my answer from the heavens.
    Was it fate? Or synchronicity? Perfect timing on my part?

    I’ll let passion drive constantly, and reason brake, if need be.
    Sum unknown capability — Imagine the possibility.

    I hope the mantra works for you as well. πŸ™‚ Thank you, sweet heart!

  35. Oh UT…timing is EVERYTHING! I read it again …and it is your poem. It’s more than the rhyme…it’s the story…it’s the flow…it’s the “placement” of words…and maybe, just maybe I love it so much because I can really see “You”…I think I can feel your energy so clearly as you wrote this!! Thanks for the pleasure…have a Super Sunday!!! ❀ πŸ™‚

  36. What a neat idea — that I might be able to store energy
    in my words, thoughts, and reflections that others can
    feel at some distant point in Time and Space and Age.

    Ed once said, I was intense; like I’m on the attack when I write,
    and I put my readers in a defensive mode at times.
    Surely, one can be on the offensive, without offending?

    Happy Sunday to you, dear Lorrie! πŸ™‚ Hugz, Keith

  37. You really make me laugh!! πŸ™‚ Yes…I suppose your statement is true. You are a bit of a challenge to figure out for me. I think more than being offensive you always have a little piece of you tucked away that you don’t let anyone see. I know…the same could be said for most people. You are like a fine riddle….the kind that really make you think and ponder…for days…possibly years!!!
    I am a huge believer in energy Uncle Tree….is that not all that everything is??? And it lives on and can be read at any time…
    I am beginning to understand the impact of energy…old…new…it doesn’t matter. So I think…this poem of yours is the one that I “felt” who you are. You can’t run and hide! hehe

  38. Thank you, Caro! πŸ™‚ Glad you liked this!
    Eating one’s own words is seldom fulfilling,
    and this morning my own taste awfully bitter.

    “I’ll let Passion drive constantly, and Reason brake, if need be.”

    I am a wreck. A wretched wreck. Happy Sunday to you! ❀ Hugz, UT

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