Enough Aplenty


Leave well enough alone.

Always despise not good enough.

Enjoy enough? Well…yes, of course.

Loathe not enough.

Love enough.


Be thankful for those times

when you do have enough.

Tell you what…I’ve had enough of this.

Enough already. Enough! Enough!

There’s enough for everyone.

Take some, have some, it’s good for you!


Now, are you enough?

Or should you be more than enough?

How can you be more than enough?

That I am is simply enough.

Thus, what I am now is enough.

I am enough!

Love enough.


You don’t need to be more than enough.

The Universe will forever be that.

Enough is enough.

Please have enough.

Nuff said.



18 thoughts on “Enough Aplenty

  1. I never found that being more than enough was tiring. Simply because it always meant there was a portion left over to help someone else be enough or hopefully more than enough. So they too could spill some over for someone else to be enoough or hopefully more than enough so they too…

  2. Hello, Mark! It could be that I didn’t make my idea
    come out as clear as I thought. I wasn’t meaning to
    talk about what’s normal, or average, or up-to-par.
    Those can be portioned off, and then measured.

    I’m not sure if you’re familiar with, “I am that I am,
    and what will be will be.” Or John 8:58 where Jesus
    says, “Most assuredly, I say to you, before Abraham
    was I am.” Don’t worry, I am not gonna get
    all preachy on you, that’s just a tough verse to crack.

    I am is Enough, and I am enough.
    This goes along with the way I view,
    “I am that I am, and besides me there is no other.”
    Now, that either makes me non-existent, or it makes Me(i am)2.
    I can’t say that I know what I am talkng about.
    That’s why I let Nuff say this one.

  3. Well, it used to be, Barbara.
    Now I’ve gone and messed it all up again.
    Do you understand what I said to Mark?
    I think I may need an interpreter for myself.

  4. Very interesting poem, you left me thinking with that.
    I guess it is fundamental for things to be enough, the art is learning do recognized when they reached that, most of us can t, and either do not get there or pass the limit for it to be correct.
    I was just studing language today, and it reminded me of negation, because you can say this poem is excelent, but if you negate it you say this poem is not excelent, it is not exactely the oposite, it does not mean is terrible, it mean is not that good, that is all. So with language negation does not put things exactely on the opposite point of the spectrum, which middle place would be the “enough” one. Sorry if I rambled too much.

    Lots of love

  5. Personally I think it is a bit more than John allows understanding for if you do not go back to the Torah where the original language is found. To be full enough is good but to be overflowing with good is better. *shrug* The poetry is for both the poet and the reader to understand as they will each apart from the other.

    The great majority of those who have translated Exodus 3:14 have agreed on at least one point, which is that the Hebrew word ehyeh as it occurs in this verse derives from the verb-root hayah, meaning ‘to be’. This single point of agreement is also where the consensus all but ends. It is often said that every translation is an interpretation, and in the case of a cryptic combination of words which all have more than one meaning and possible translation this is all the more true, as the following will demonstrate.

    Amongst the more important early translations of the Hebrew Bible, the earliest was undertaken in the 3rd century BCE with the writing of the Greek Septuagint. This was followed in the 1st-2nd century CE by the Greek versions of Aquila and Theodotion, and early in the 5th century by the Latin Vulgate of Jerome. The Septuagint translates the ehyeh asher ehyeh of 3:14a into the Greek ego eimi ho on, which translates into English as “I am the one who is”, and translates the absolute ehyeh of 3:14b as ho on, “the one who is”…


  6. You can not ramble enough for me, Mariana.
    Now you’ve made me think of Goldilocks.
    Can we ever get it all ‘just right’?

    About examining the word enough from all angles:

    Think unconditional love
    Think about the worth of a human life
    The value of a single being in the scheme of things

    To answer the great, and only true philosophical question
    that begs contemplation: To be or not to be?

    The question is not: To act or not to take action?

    Sitting quietly, doing nothing
    but attempting to feel in love
    with everything as is, has it’s
    redeeming quality all the same.

  7. That was a bit synchronistic, Mark.
    2 minutes apart, but writing about ‘to be’
    at the same time. But I’m outta time and have to go.

    I read your reply. Very interesting. I’ll think about it.

  8. I actually figured you wrote all of that, Mark,
    and I thought, “Whoa!”, this man knows way more
    than he lets on. It wasn’t until just now that I had time to check
    out the link. Nevermind how you knew about, or found out about
    it. You said you weren’t into organized “r” anymore, so I assumed
    you used to be. But your still here, so I know you’ve chosen to be
    over the other choice. The rest of your choices I’ll learn in good time.

    I really didn’t know I was picking on an old-fashioned argument.
    Shrugging it off as an East vs. West confrontation is best at most.
    I’d rather interlace them myself, for then my eyes can’t see the
    difference. As in: United

    I be this and that at once.
    I am enough, but not for long.
    I do, and then take it in the shorts.
    When the shorts come off, I stand alone.

  9. Always when questioning text one has to go back as far as possible to the original language and question the interpretation.

    See what you can find out about Church GK: Ecclesias

    and Religion HB: Religion (ארח orahh, Strong’s #734): One word that is probably most assiciated with the Bible is religion. In reality there is no Biblical Hebrew word for religion and you will never find the word religion in any translation of the Hebrew Bible (Tenach/Old Testament). To the Ancient Hebrews, their religion was their lifestyle and covered all aspects of life from worship to using the latrine (see Deuteronomy 23:13,14). The Hebrew word orahh can mean a path used by travelers as well as the path of life, a lifestyle.


    No I do not any longer identify or brand myself with any label but that doesn’t mean I have stepped away from my orahh.

  10. I understand what you mean, Mark.
    It’s no wonder then, that I left but a building
    and took my word to the streets that called me out.

    I wish you well as you continue your journey.
    Thanks for the education. I’m obviously not well-versed
    enough to seize hold of the true meaning of religion. It is a habit.

    I knew what a Sunday Christian was long before it was taught to me
    in the church. Hypocrites are seen for what they really are, all week long,
    through the eyes of a questioning, curious child. And so now I ask myself.

    Have a great weekend, Walking Man!

  11. Enough
    is my cup cake
    with glacier cherry
    balanced on top.

    It tells me life
    is sweet enough
    for the moment
    in little bites.

    And doesn’t have to
    be anything fancy.

  12. The Time Being

    I am a being
    You are a being
    We are all beings

    Oh, but who is the time being?
    Or is time being something other than itself?
    Is this enough? With time being what it is and all, I’m not sure.

    I’ll definitely leave a cupcake under the tree tonight, Mark.
    Thanks for stopping by! You have left me a pretty sweet comment.

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