Fiery Sands Of Time

Distant messengers sent from afar

messaging the memories of antiquity

streaking hints across the darkened field of play

laying down their final truths


Fiery sands of Time

short circuit eclectic webs

touching off the next arrival

igniting the wisdom of the stars


Galactic dimensions close in

cutting The Universe down to size

Nuggets of knowledge overhead

reveling as they skirt the horizon


Asking nothing in return

giving their all for the good of man

Turning back the never ending clock

running me out of wishes



35 thoughts on “Fiery Sands Of Time

  1. Beautifull beautifull poem. Sci fi kind of.

    At the beggining we heard some messangers from a distant place were comming. They had the knowledge that time provided them, and the intention of using it for their actions performed in this planet.

    So the web suffers a problem, and then the wisdoms of the stars are invoked, which makes it seem a promising future for the universe and the beings that exist inside it.

    I loved these 2 sentences:
    nuggets of knowledge overhead
    reveling as they skirt the horizon,
    ut appears as if knowledge where the skirt of the planet,
    it is an excelent image and analogy.

    And it is a really happy ending, which I like in stories.

    send you love uncle

  2. That wasn’t my wish, walking man.
    I better speed up my retirement plans.
    Who will be the servers, and who will be
    the observers come that day? Not me, too.

  3. A flaming pie in the sky is very sci-fi, Mariana.

    Yes, we knew they were coming as annuals, and going bananas later.
    (revel: to take intense pleasure or satisfaction) That’s revealing.

    Knowledge may be hidden under the skirt. You’re right there, girl.
    Does that change the image, or what? Did for me.

    I thought you’d like this one, and I’m glad the ending pleased you.
    Thanks for flying in and brightening up my day, sweet niece!

    Three of my wishes have now come true. Bless you all.

  4. UT, definitely a Sc-fi element going on here. i come away thinking about aliens as guardians or maybe planetary gardeners and we’re species #. I guess pot plants in a galactic greenhouse have little need for wishes, just a benevolent hand. There’s actually a lot of comfort in that in a non-religious way.

  5. Treewolf, I can’t say I like all your poems. I can’t say I like all of mine. But I sense, like in this poem, a seed I too struggle to express. Sometimes the message is too powerful for words. In the end we are apprentices to wonder and mystery, and language is still a too-inadequate tool to formulate existence.

  6. My benevolent hand was grown in a pot, Matt.
    I’m not telling you where my left hands been, though.
    That’s the one with a green thumb. I know the giant.

    The way you think about this is comforting.
    If aliens brought something here in the past…well,
    I think we could probably add to your short list
    a couple of other crazy items, too. Blow me away.

    Tree’s Seventh Heaven

  7. The aliens don’t speak my language,
    and that’s all I know, Pablo. When I’m having an
    awe-full-filled experience, I can’t speak my own language either.

    Treewolf? I’m stupified again! Thank you for that.
    Really good to see you, Spaceman. We cool.

  8. We should get drunk with language, let it exude on paper without being excessive. Drop by drop, till we are empty but complete… “Asking nothing in return” — with the experience complete and cast aside, turning again into beggars of existence, with naked souls ready for the next adventure in poetry and ambiguity.

    Just more thoughts beyond the “perimeter”– havoc with words!

  9. I’ll be heavens-gazing this evening, UT. Pushing back the clouds is mine to do, and yours, too, it seems. 😉

    Wish me luck !


  10. Thank you for those well-thought-out words and phrases, Pablo!
    Makes me think of something I’d read lately concerning topics.
    Hesse said poets don’t choose their subjects, only their settings.
    When you say “beggars” and “naked souls ready” that seems
    like the same kind of idea he was talking about. I wonder, because
    I do purposely choose sometimes, and sometimes I don’t.

    This one I didn’t. A line or two came to me and I rushed into the
    house to write them down, and then the rest came easily and quickly.
    Maybe that’s why you didn’t like it. This is one I do like. Oh, well.

    It was ‘for real’ the Perseid meteor showers I was witnessing.
    I saw 11 last night and 2 were long-lasting and plain frickin’ awesome!

  11. Yes, Ed. Good luck!

    The first goody I saw was a horizon skirter right after sunset.
    It had a definite orange-ish tinge to it. 3 seconds in duration.

    The second and best one I caught was straight overhead. I thought
    it a plane at first, but it was not blinking, and looked slow-moving.
    3 seconds later it burst into a fiery burning blaze for about a second,
    before returning to a smaller glow for another 2 seconds. That’s what
    I went out to see. The rest of the 11 were quick flashers. My son
    got to see his first shooting star, and “boy howdy” he was excited.

    Let me know how your night goes. I stayed up till 12:30 a.m. Amazing!

  12. Alack and aday
    Veiled teasers eyed around twelve
    Dark and light floaters

    Barely lost breakthroughs
    Neck jerking queries of there
    Comes seamless dreaming

    Kinda weird when cloud is just thin enough and dreaminess beckons?
    Pushed off to bed!

  13. Your haiku is over my head, Ed. Way to go!

    Chariots on fire
    Floaters on lenses smear light
    Teasers beckon focus

    Treasured memories
    Observer overlooks jerk
    Seams of a sandman

    Details missing here
    Counting became the new chore
    Pushed bed out to see


    Saw you here waiting
    Fish were not buying my bait
    Whiskered cats amiss

    One more try tonight
    Bugs bite back before breakfast
    Tree’s bitter banter

  14. I wanted to see them last night, but it was cloudy and rainy. So I popped open a bottle of sparkling wine and by midnight I was sightseeing twinkles inside my head. Hope to see some tonight!

  15. That’s too bad, you poor soul.
    They’re still showing up.

    Went camping again last night at the lake.
    I saw 3 good ones around midnight and 3 more
    early this morning. Can’t catch any fish, though.

    I’m going back out for one more night. I’m not working
    because my employer is having another 1 week layoff,
    forcing me to stay home or go goof off. I choose to goof.

    Let me know if you finally see a couple. I’ll be bach.

  16. Saw some fiery turmoil in the sky
    around some lightening planets

    Must have been some stars falling
    and heard their calling
    We make our wish for humanity
    to live forever in peace and harmony

    Love from Mieke

  17. Fire in the skyline…

    I admire your passion for hearts on fire,
    as I sat next to you…watching your desire…

    In amazement I caught a part of your light
    in the moon we shared last night

    When we saw the burning star together, I knew
    your passion was true…forever!

    To have a moment to feel what you felt,
    made my heart flutter and melt ❤

    When you turned to me with utter bliss
    I felt your excitement in your kiss

    That was a moment when my connection with you, was Extraordinary, 😉
    Not ordinary!

    The night ended with the moon,
    everything ended way to soon

    Waking in the dawn and seeing your love for me, burning brighter then before….oh, yes indeed! I did see!

    This memory. I will always, always adore. This is my story line. Our hearts on fire in the skyline.

    Cheryl Ann

  18. Took off to watch the Perseid meteor shower last night at a place I’d never been, about an hour and a half from city lights. Nearby the tiny town of Table Rock. 😉
    Only saw 7 streaming flashers in 4 hours time. Was hoping for better with clear skies and all. Although, ’tis always nice to see The Milky Way in full dress. Happy watching!

  19. My UFO sighting August 11, 2001 must have been space junk
    falling like a big boulder of fire, according to this guy.

    “Since Perseids are ice with a little dust mixed in, they never make it to the ground,” said Bill Cooke, a meteoroid expert for NASA in Huntsville, Alabama.

    The stupefied me just happened to see this spectacular object
    come straight down across the Missouri River like a wrecking ball
    in blueish-hot fiery flames alongside, and synchronized with the
    annual show of ice cubes falling from the heavens? What the hell
    did I see fall? If not a…hmmm. A mystery unto this day. My investigation continues near Golden Avenue and Apple Street.
    My potential Avalon, perhaps? 🙂 My story ~ Yours truly, UT

  20. Thank you kindly, Dr. Clune! 🙂 Whaddoo I think?
    From what I’ve read and now believe, it all depends on the shape
    of things to come, and the shape we’re in when they get here.
    But knot only That, nay! Not only This ether, neither!
    Infinity must be solved. Until then, we’ll wait and hope.

    Well, we’ll might be shortsighted, so let’s say “I” robot… 😉
    If we are on our own, as you say, then I will say,

    “All you need is Love.”

    We certainly have the tools
    to do the Dance Divine.
    Accidental fools…who
    will someday rise and shine?

    And by chance, strike the right chord?

  21. It would be a blast to see a shooting star. I enjoyed reading your beautiful work.
    A Heaven Body Filled With Stars. It truly makes me want to sit out at night to watch the stars. If I get extremely lucky, I just might see a shooting star like you say!!! Thank you for your link. 😄

  22. Thank you, Alisha! 🙂 Every year, the Perseid meteor showers return for around 2 weeks. August 11th, 12th, and 13th are at the peak of the show. Best viewed away from city lights, then give your eyes an hour to adjust to the dark. From 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. are the finest hours to look. The Full Moon this year hampered the search. Hopefully, next year will be better. Hugz, Keith

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