Knock On Good


No good comes to man

when he is in love with an idea.

Good ideas come

when love is in man.


No good comes to man

when he thinks he is God, and then acts.

Good comes when God thinks,

and man reacts.


No good comes to man

when God isย held responsible for the problem.

Good comes when the response

is God’s solution.


No good comes to man

when his works are gifts to God.

Good gifts come when man plays,

and God works.


No good comes to a man

who treats life as a game with a score.

Good simply happens. Score is not kept.

Love is the only winner.




16 thoughts on “Knock On Good

  1. treating life as a game with a score–
    –gee I think you’ve kindly nailed just what’s wrong with our ‘society’–Ha! the power of ‘art’–useless? I think not!

  2. It must be very hard to kindly nail down anything, Eva.
    So I thank you for that puzzling, but creative compliment!

    The art of power is to acknowledge that you have it.
    It does not have you. Pray it not lead you into temptation.
    In other words…don’t let the tail wag the dog. Doggonit!

  3. Excelent, excelent and lovely poem, so much wisdom in it, congrats my uncle tree, you left me thinking that at least in your belief, some things are better left to god, some to man, some are better kept from one or the other one. It has a logic an a way how this type of universe works and is made, and the best in the end is to leave, as you said the possibility for god to love you and for man not to belive that anything related to counting will lead them to a good place.


  4. Thank you, Mariana!
    I know how you feel about beliefs in general. Or I can say,
    I believe I know how you feel, but I know I can never really know.

    Do you know, or rather, have you heard of Joseph Campbell?
    Quote: “I don’t have to have faith, I have experience.”

    Knowledge is action. Knowledge is experience. Can I therefore say,
    I know because I’ve had that very experience? Yes, I can.
    But personally, I know better than to say, I know The Truth.
    It is my truth, my experience, and it’s mine alone to deal with.

    While I’m spouting my beliefs, I might as well add, “God is love.”
    That’s in The Bible. Therefore, love is God. Love is action. I believe
    those two concepts, Love and God, are interchangeable. Most
    Christians today see God as a person, a being. Anthropomorphism
    is a term to describe that attitude, and that way of thinking. I,
    myself, have used, and will continue use the concept of God
    in both ways. I disagree somewhat with the thought that we are
    either ‘in’ or ‘out’ of love. We are always both at the same time.
    That’s what the symbol of the cross means to me.

    Yes, when I was 14 I thought I had been ‘called’, and would someday
    go into the ministry. At that age I wrote a short sermon and gave
    the delivery behind the pulpit in our church on a Sunday night. My
    topic was love. Needless to say, I ended up losing my soul to
    rock~n~roll and the rest is history. ๐Ÿ™‚ I think I got it back now.
    Look at me go! Here I am. Does anyone need to be saved? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Luvz AND hugz for you, my darling niece!

  5. Thanks for reading along, Ed!
    I have the feeling that you’re going to know me
    pretty darn well by the time I’ve finished doing
    whatever it is I am doing. Something like…

    Dropping leaf-like hints before the fall comes again.
    Revealing broken dreams and low hanging limbs.
    Sharing my hopes and the fruit of an arbor’s labor.
    And laying open my roots to a past that I call mine.

  6. Hey, Uncle Tree, roamed over to try to figure out your ‘green’ comment–and am still without a clue–but that’s okay. Hey that bit about the sermon on love and losing yourself to rock and roll for a time–that’s a poem in the making…yep,me thinks so.
    thanks for your haiku ‘fish’!

  7. Hello, Eva!

    Can I take it you mean my reply o’er at the fire show?

    “About the soyman and a losin’ mahsef”…I ain’t sure
    that’s the kind of image I wish to convey. Too late?

    Your quite welcome for the fish.
    Wish I could catch one worth keeping, though.
    The bait will be changed to something other than
    worms or liver tonight. May hafta go back to the stinky stuff.

    Any tips?

  8. You found a really old one of mine, Jamie.
    Back when I was making philosophical ultimatums to myself.
    Glad to see you agree. Thanks!
    ๐Ÿ™‚ UT

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