The Key To Unity



One bright morning in the middle of the night,
there came two horses, one black and one white.
Astride the black horse was a pure white knight.
The white horse, of course, held the darkest of knights.


When the opposites came together,
their worlds were torn asunder.
There was no more talk of the weather.
All was lightning! Ever thunder!


The white knight needed to question
the knight dressed all in black.
The dark knight held a suggestion,
for she never turned her back.

“Where lies the gates of Heaven?
May I ask you? Have you seen?
I’ve been back and forth times seven,
never landing in between.”

“And I possess The Key.”

The dark knight laughed, and loudly yelled,
Hallelujah! Where you been?
The gates up High, I have beheld!
But they are locked! Tied up by Sin.”

And I never had The Key.”

“Heaven forbid!” the white knight said.
“The Devil’s escaped his dues!
In haste, let’s go! I will be led
by you, Mi’Lady Black. Now choose!”

“Show me the way to go home.”

Uncle Tree

(Keith Alan Watson)

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37 thoughts on “The Key To Unity

  1. As an Aquarian in The Age of Aquarius,
    I know and have a better understanding of my task,
    thanks to you, your book, and your own sacred heart.

    When one tires of trying – to live “The Christian Life”,
    one would do well, instead, to live a life In Christ.

    I pray the Lord continues to bless you and your work, Niamh.
    Thank you for being a friend – in truth, and in deed.
    Peace, luvz, and hugz! Keith

  2. While we’re at it, we can also work on redefining
    Liberal, Conservative, Democrat, Republican, etc.
    I mean, it’s not like they are permanent tattoos.

  3. Beats me, Uncle Tree! We spend so much of our lives defining ourselves through belonging to various clubs only to realize that the path to self-realisation is in the discovery of the sublimity innate in our hearts. This does tend to transcend everything, but breeds its own particular brand of aloneness…living outside the box.

  4. ah, Uncle Tree …clever once again (it took a few reads to ‘get it’ ) – transformation…& methinks faith & love are ‘key’ ?

    grace, peace & Keys (to the Kingdom)
    Virginia : )

  5. Yas see what happens when someone gets It. Two-tone Jesus comes fulfilling, riding into town on a donkey 😉

  6. “And terror! Goddamn chicken-shit terrorists
    who’d bomb a group of innocent bystanders in Boston.
    It just strikes a sore and off-key chord in Uncle Tree. 😦
    ‘Love your enemies.’ Yep. How the fuck…? ”


    (Copied and pasted from Cassie’s post on
    Harmony, Balance, Unity – my comment)

  7. If you love your enemies enough, you’ll be more than glad
    to put them out of their misery, when the time is RIGHT.
    As if…there are times when even Time is wrong. Or maybe –
    is it because there is only so much Time LEFT?

    Dear Virginia, after yesterday, who knows what the key is?
    I don’t get it, but I do know one thing, and that is –
    We must learn to forgive God, as He forgives us. Amen

    Peace, luvz and hugz, Keith

  8. They stood among the myrtle trees – neither black nor white – ready to do His bidding.

    And the myrtle shall replace the brier, an everlasting sign, the pitted leaves aren’t kidding

    For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy and is not cut off or missing

  9. Hello Uncle Tree. Thanks for visiting and liking my Water Works Park Project post today. It’s a pleasure to have a place to post the beauty I see every day. I have another blog, Wiseacre Way, that gives me an opportunity to write that same song in words. I enjoy your poetry and am following.

  10. This one is excellent dear Keith… Did you have in mind Sun God Helios’s chariot?. Maybe Plato’s account regarding the tripartite structure of the soul (the charioteer, and the black and white horses). This is a perfect poem, my friend . Sending you all my best wishes for your week ahead!, Aquileana 😀

  11. Thank you very much, Amalia! Actually, I’d remembered an old Far Eastern story, but I couldn’t find the source to refresh my memory. I might of seen it in one of C. Jung’s Volumes. The part I recalled was that one had a key to Heaven, but didn’t know of its whereabouts, and the other knew how to find Heaven, but never had a key. I believe it involves the interplay between a human’s basic instincts and their soul’s intuitions, and the necessity of the two to work together to achieve the best outcome.

    You have a great week, too. 🙂 Cheerz, UT.

  12. Thank you, Caro! 🙂 Glad you liked this one from last year.
    The slight coincidence is thanks to a Chae H. Bae who re-blogged
    this one out of nowhere, basically. So I thought, “Hey! It’s hot”,
    and then used my “Stick” feature to put it on top of my home page.
    It’s a feature I’ve used in the past fairly often, especially around
    Holidays. That’s why this poem was fresh on my mind when “opposites”
    happened to stumble into our lovely conversation yesterday.
    I knew you liked horses. ❤ Luvz and hugz, UT

  13. This is beautiful, I love:
    ““The Devil’s escaped his dues!
    In haste, let’s go! I will be led
    by you, Mi’Lady Black. Now choose!”

    I loved the image also.

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