All The Lonely People…is available now…free!

Thanks to Niamh Clune for including my latest poem! My confession,
 “A Solitary Clue” can be found on Page 14.
This Anthology is FREE! Please support us, and come see.
I’d very much appreciate it.

Truly, Uncle Tree (Keith Alan Watson)

Niamh Clune

Introduction: All The Lonely People


More than one in ten people suffer from chronic loneliness…cover all the lonely

 Our cultures do little to recognise this alarmingly growing trend. In fact, chronic loneliness can become a disease that eats into the soul causing depression and deep psychological change. The chronically lonely person asks, “What’s wrong with me?” Why don’t I fit in? Why am I the odd one out?”

 We don’t talk about feeling lonely, as responses might vary from…”Join a club,” “change your attitude,” “you’re imagining things,” “it’s your fault,” “think positive.”

 Comments and attitudes such as these accentuate feelings of loneliness and isolation. The busy, socially successful person cannot possibly understand the feeling of being insanely lonely…why should they?

 There are many different kinds of loneliness: the loneliness of the elderly whose friends have passed, whose families now find them surplus to requirement, a burden, inconvenient, useless.

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7 thoughts on “All The Lonely People…is available now…free!

  1. A comment from Steve Corn, who enjoys poetic critiques:
    ” I’m not afraid. I learned more from scathing – and I mean scathing reviews than anything else. Your work is damn good or I would have said so! Others have told me I’m arrogant, don’t understand and only regurgitate book learning. What’s funny is I’m not a trained poet but a world History majior with 3 grad classes in lit. LOL!”

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