The Bliss Of The Marvelous



Manifested  Magic

in the flesh of experience

indelibly impressive to the soul.

“All Hail! The bliss of the marvelous reigns!” 

for those who have the nose for it.

Look again! suggests The Eyes.

“Who beholds Who?”


Uncle-tree-_colour_flat-TEXT_sml (1)


4 thoughts on “The Bliss Of The Marvelous

  1. Hey Noel! Thanks for stopping by! Happy to intrigue you
    with my most ordinary jar of almond butter; a butter I’ve
    eaten for years, and never ever have I opened it in the morn’,
    only to find it staring back at me! After an easy snapshot,
    I quickly stirred it away with a dull but shiny knife,
    and put it on my daily 12-grain bread as per usual.

    Blessings backatcha, my friend! 🙂 No harm done. Peace, UT

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