The Pulse Of Twenty Sixteen


Yesterday, an old thought returned; a thought birthed from the far-sighted thoughts of Hermann Hesse.
Oh, yes, we do long for permanence. Who doesn’t wish to be remembered 2000 years from now, in 4016?

Looks weird, doesn’t it? Add 10,000: 12,016 — more like a number used to count inventory, not years; not human years anyway, nor an ape’s.

So, I ask myself: What is the goal of humanity, if we cannot make a permanent dent on the reality of a physical universe? Or, perhaps, does our existence reflect the fact that we are currently the living result of a permanent dent; an impregnated bulge, which pulses time away into the God-thought of Infinity?

Asks Uncle Tree…

Well Advice

well advice

Pray for well being
Spinning pennies splash for luck
Smile when floating

Now, heads up face me
Hoped not to land on my tail
One side to many

Struggling to tug
Fortune lassos the prized calf
New Year’s stranglehold

Resolve end to end
The snake devours its tail
Gulping inside out

Hard to swallow Acts
Four Gospels trump testaments
By-laws changing not

The best pages glued
Rip and decipher The Word
Peel away The Truth

Puzzled under minds
10,000 pieces left out
The cornerstone trips

No detours allowed
Focus on the best angle
Where you’re coming from

Go ahead, look back
Steps heard from behind spell what?
What tells me to turn

Who speaks righteously?
Authority proclaims you
Peacefully resigned

Allotted from straws
Drawn in to hold the short one
As fate allows whatnots

Come what may! Come now!
Guessing becomes tiresome
Hoping for more hope

New hope’s there are not
Same old hope we know so, Well
Drink my pennies down

Uncle Tree

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Lonely Enough For Two

unsplash coffee

It was one of those days where everywhere one looks, one sees twos. Everyone but me had someone else, or so it seemed. Embarrassment is tiring, and I didn’t feel like feeling it on that particular afternoon, when busy-ness was running rampant along the sidewalk, as per usual. So, I did what I’ve done before: bought two coffees and paced the floor. Anxiously disgruntled, it must have been obvious to any and all onlookers — here was a man awaiting his date. Impatience ain’t so hard to feign. You know? I sat back down and stared at my phone. Finishing off the last dregs of the first cup, I slid it away and grabbed the second, shaking my head in a miserable fashion. Two cups after lunch is the norm for me anyway. Ha! I knew I had them fooled. But little did I know what was to happen next. She came through the door alone, looking tired and worn-out. I pretended not to see her, and continued to fidget with my cell in a nonchalant manner. Slowly, she walked up to the counter and placed her order. A short conversation ensued, then she turned and glanced at me, as she made her way to a table at the other end of the shop. Shortly thereafter, the waitress brought her two cups of coffee…

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