Who Viewed The First Lunar Eclipse?


It was a slow death, undergoing the madness of a mental observation far below. We, the mediators, caught in the web between darkness and darker still, stood stony-faced and grim in the midst of the end. All eyes stared in horror as the milky life-light drained from the orb in a top-down effect. This earthly landscape, in a hesitant manner, crept into nightshade, and dimly reflected the morphed face, the pallor. Our sacred grounds, now devoid of every humble and loyal shadow, gave way. With a tremble, the earth echoed the low murmurs and raging rumblings of frenzied natives as they watched the scene through naked eyes. The souls of the dead lying in wait on the morbid disc stared back in turn. With a wicked longing for rebirth, their spirits moved, mirroring our dismay. The gloom of impending doom deepened the chasm between observer and observed. The pin-pricked holes emboldened themselves to shine on through the veil evermore brightly, and with a higher glory than ever before!

Primitives unleashed, all anew in virgin fright, gazed at the last remaining sliver of light as it shivered and quaked, and disappeared from sight.

The ruddy corpse of Mother Moon ~ frozen in Time ~ covered in ash as dust turned to rust from the inside-out, bid a final farewell to all who dwell below. Down on one knee, we returned the solemn vow; met halfway; mingled amongst lost thoughts, and absorbed the cold brand of magic in the last sparkling note. 

Lunar Eclipse 2014

© Keith Alan Watson

Lunar Eclipse ~ April 15, 2014 ~ North America

In Lincoln, Nebraska ~ 2:08 a.m. to 3:23 a.m.


Uncle Tree's House


30 thoughts on “Who Viewed The First Lunar Eclipse?

  1. Thanks for reading this, Kate! 🙂 Glad to hear you liked my wyrd.
    I’ve only witnessed one, and it did turn to a strange rusty
    red/orange color. It feels like Time pauses for a few minutes
    – long enough to get goosebumps. Hope you get your chance someday.

  2. Another great post, Keith!

    I will be out with my camera (hopefully I don’t sleep!) to get some shots. I’m really looking forward to this. I read somewhere this one portends: ‘necessary devastation followed by rebuilding’… the jury’s out on what that could point to. I’m just itchy to see it!

  3. Thank you much, K ‘lee! Good luck with that itch.
    I hope the weather cooperates for you all Tuesday morning. 🙂
    The forecast here is lookin’ pretty good right now.

    Creation, Transformation, Destruction ~
    Mother Nature’s Eternal Recreation.

  4. Ha ha, an early nap ought to keep me awake. This is starting to feel MAJOR to me… really looking forward to it!

  5. May your skies clear so you can see it. I think we will get clearing. But, it will be cold. It will be viewable out the living room windows. Good break for me. 🙂

  6. Your tale was so dramatically tense, I had to read it aloud to Shawn. With Bravodo!!! Wow! Imagine the first time. No one had any idea what they were seeing. The lights gone forever? Possible? Who would know. There wasn’t a Wizard. Very Cool Uncle Tree. You should get credit too Keith. Loved this. ❤ Jk ps. Shawn sends you a High & Lots of Love from us both. 😎

  7. It feels so good to be understood! 🙂 Exactly, J.K.
    A flashback to when the flash broke! And then,
    yes, it a righted Itself back into the balance,
    and all was cool from here to there and
    everywhere in between. THE END
    P.S. Guess I forgot that part.
    The Wizardly Tree thanks
    Thee for participating
    this Passover Day
    Dark Shadows

  8. Thank you truly, Margaret! This was definitely
    out of my comfort zone, but I like how it came out.

    Bummer – how unfortunate – what with the clouds and all.
    The next of the four eclipses comes this October.
    May you and your neighbors have better luck
    in the Fall, when it feels even spookier to
    witness the event – for good reason.
    Or knot. Cheerz, Uncle Tree 🙂

  9. I am attempting to remember if I saw it, I figured I must have, I cannot image missing it….
    life in this year 2014 has been a crazier than normal ride for me…
    I do believe I could step off the edge one day LOLs…
    as for who saw the first eclipse…
    perhaps us before time was time
    and we were just beginning to be sun-kissed
    with the first lifetime before us,not one behind
    yes maybe it was us to be witness to the beginning of history
    well personally I think it was probably “Her-story”
    it doesn’t matter …it became our quest to wander through life’s greatest mysteries

    I like your thoughts here UncleTree aka Kieth
    do you think the trees came before the eclispe?
    Take Care….You Matter…

  10. Thank you, maryrose! 🙂 I’m guessing Earth’s
    atmosphere was inhospitable when we first
    captured this moon — millions of years ago.

    Our ancestors were still on Planet Eden
    way back then, and they had two moons. 😉
    Take care, be good, and stay cool! UT

  11. The imagery you invoke in your work is life-changing. Where these words tumble out of ………. I can see agelessness in you. I must read all of them……..
    Do you set these to music? Where can I hear that if you do? You write with duende – Rachael

  12. Duende! 🙂 Uncle Tree writes with duende! LoL I had to Google it.
    But I like it! Rachael, thank you for turning me onto a new word today!

    I’m glad you found this and enjoyed it — one of my weirder ones.
    Sorry to say, but, no. I don’t write music. “Putting music to words”
    By that I mean my gumption; the urge; an idea; the rhythm;
    the creative pulse and inspiration that comes to me willy-nilly.

    “Duende!” Damn right! 🙂 I find it very agreeable. UT

  13. I find it very agreeable too – okay I get the to music bit – but I’m thinking Leonard Cohen type poetry here so …….. one idea led me to another! Duende is where it’s at absolutely!

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