Close To The Tree

Uncle-tree-_colour_flat-TEXT_sml (1)

Some of us don’t have to chase some inner child.

Some of us are that child-at-heart, and with that child

we will never part, because we define harmony. 

Uncle Tree & Son, Spencer

▲  Uncle Tree  ▲

Uncle Tree

Keith Alan Watson with Kirstie & Spencer

Uncle Tree and daughter, Kirstie


61 thoughts on “Close To The Tree

  1. “Party with Uncle Tree, and what you see is what you get.”
    Thank you truly, DiAnne! 🙂 I’ll take that compliment straight
    to my hardy-har-heart, so it can tell my roots where to stick it.

  2. beating my way back through the jungle of un-truths to re-elevate my child with… thanks both for the reminder that the voyage is necessary and worth it, and for the awesome pics, especially the pineapple moustache! Why did I never think of that?

  3. Talk about impromptu ~ my sweet “How do you do?”
    Everything on the table – give proper props their due.

    Glad you liked this fun one! 🙂 Me memento to the times.
    Thank you so much, my friend! Have yourself a happy weekend!

    Peace and luvz, Uncle Tree ▲

  4. I have ALWAYS loved trees . . . I sense a kindred spirit here . . . bless you! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I look forward to sharing more time here as well.

  5. So far so good! It finally feels like Spring ~
    it’s 78 degrees, and the ornamental trees
    are blooming up and down the block, so
    I took a walk, and said “Hello!” to 100 of
    my old bard-barker friends ’round the hood.

    Happy Easter backatcha, young man! 🙂

  6. You’re sure welcome, Eddie. Thanks for the visit, and for commenting!
    I’m glad you like what you see. 🙂 Nice to meet you! Peace, Keith

  7. Hello just to say Thank you for liking a post. I like your pictures you guys look like you are having fun:)

  8. Love this tree photo. I actually have constructed life sized trees like this–always have a door or window for the inhabitants! Thanks for peeking at my blog.

  9. I’m supposedly a full grown adult male at 5’5. I figure I have the height of a big kid, I might as well have the fun-loving mindset of one too!

    When God grants me my growth spurt I’ll look into growing up 😀

  10. At 5′ 6, I’m right with you there. Same weight I was at 16 yrs. – 145 lbs.
    As a single parent, after a hard day at Kawasaki Mtrs. Mnf. Corp.,
    I want to come home and play. But, no! 😉 I must be Dad and cook dinner.

    My next growth spurt will be in retirement, I hope.
    Thanks for visiting! Take care, be good, and stay cool! Keith

  11. The roots of Uncle Tree’s mystery now exposed —
    Where do I go from here? A degree: Master Eraser
    Chainsaw not included; hockey mask – optional. 😉

  12. I have to tell you how much I enjoy your gravatar. My little cabin in the woods is home to dozens of elves, fairies, munchkins, and leprechauns, just enough to keep my grandchildren (and me) amused.

  13. Thank you, K. Q.! 🙂 Nice to meet you!
    I was quite fortunate a few years back.
    Aaron Pocock is somewhat famous now.
    And he drew my idea up and colored it in,
    all for free — which helped put me on the map.

    To have a cabin in the woods someday wood be ideal.

  14. Reading your blog brings my inner child out. Not that it was hidden but then sometimes I have to be a grown up… sigh! But reading about trees and all the magical stuff gives me pure joy 🙂

  15. Glad to hear it, young lady! 🙂 Thank you so much for visiting,
    liking, and responding with kind and lovely words! Peace to you, Keith

  16. Uncle Tree, the most joyful adults are the ones that remember how to play and how to see with childlike wonder. Your poem tells me that you are one of those.

    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀

  17. Very nice to meet you, Wendy! 🙂 You and I are certainly on the same page.
    I first wrote these lines on YouTube while watching Kenny Loggins
    sing a live version of “House At Pooh Corner”. This one:

  18. This was beautiful. I really enjoyed reading the original versions of the Pooh books to our children (not Disney). There was so much in the stories for me to take to heart too. Wonderful classics. ❀

  19. I’m really glad you like this, and these pics, Caro. 🙂 Thank you very much!
    You belong up there now. I wish we’d of taken a pic of us together. Luvz, UT M

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