11 thoughts on “Hanging On:) Intermission

  1. Jeez, you’ll shoot yourself in the foot, next 😉

    That’d be great Ed. Then I could rightfully say,
    “I’ve got a perfectly lame excuse.”

  2. i’ll take some popcorn, with real butter please, a medium rootbeer and some MM’s. peanut MM’s of coarse.

    uncle tree, you do need to take a break so you can go see the new ‘A Christmas Carol’ that just came out. I saw it in 3D, breathtaking imagery. the most amazing 3D effect I have ever seen and I’m very, uhm..uhm………discerning………when it come to visusal effects. i think Mr Dickens would approve and i bet he would keep the 3D glasses after the movie. yo

    That’ll be fifty three dollars and thirty nine cents.
    There then. Thank you! I can now afford the movie.

  3. Uncle

    I am thoroughly enjoying this story. The thing I like about westerns is ” the
    good, the bad and the ugly” seem to get magnified and become bigger than life.

    You are doing a fantastic job. Taking my ten gallon hat off to you.

    “…bigger than life”??? Dammit! I was gonna use that line.
    Put your hat back on! What are you trying to do here? Kill me?

    Oh, excuse me, Bonnie. Just now I was working on
    coloring in ‘Sam the man’. I think he’s rubbing off.
    Do I look well hung from there? He-he-he…
    Tweezers and a magnifying glass. Yes, I know.

  4. I must be, Bonnie.
    Maybe that’s why it’s taking me so long, dagnabbit!
    Sorry to make you, and everyone else wait.
    I’ve had other family matters to take care of lately.
    I hope y’awl understand. Again, please bear with me.

    Thanks! UT

  5. The greasy stuff is free, Dusty. If you want real butter, well…
    that’s another story altogether. It’s free, yeah, but you’ll have to wait
    a long, long time to get it. The farm is quite a ways away on down the road
    from here. You city people, I swear. Have you ever seen a real cow up close?
    Have you ever squeezed a dairy cow’s teats and shot milk into a metal bucket?
    Where am I going with this? Nowhere, man. I’m just tickled to know your still
    watching. Thanks for speaking up! I don’t want you to fall out with Tree.

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