The Wednesday Corner with Uncle Tree

Many “Thanks!” to Niamh Clune for featuring me today
On The Plum Tree. D.H. Lawrence’s “Shadows”
is the poem I review. Come have a look-see?
Thank you! Uncle Tree

Niamh Clune

 It is my great pleasure to welcome Uncle Tree. He should feel quite at home here as he has great sympathy with roots and branches! The root of his post on the Wednesday Corner is his appreciation of the work of D.H. Lawrence – the branches of which, reach into Heaven itself. Many thanks, Uncle Tree aka Keith Alan Watson for being on the Plum Tree today. 


I’d like to thank Niamh for allowing me to share the spotlight with a man who taught me much, David Herbert Lawrence. I was 42 when D. H. and I first met up in the library. “Sons And Lovers” got us acquainted, and “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” kept us together for quite some time. I found it easy to admire his mastery oflanguage, his courage to face life, and his persistence in seeking peace whilst rocking the boat simultaneously! The Priest Of Love practiced a gospel that was foreign to…

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5 thoughts on “The Wednesday Corner with Uncle Tree

  1. Hi, Caro! 🙂 Yes, Lady Chatterley, banned for using the word “f**k” one time in the novel — just once. I learned a li’l about the publishing industry by reading D.H.’s bio.

    Huggerz to my pw!

  2. Rock on, Willow Queen. 🙂 No doubt, there are times
    when what I do say should have went unspoken, as
    well as there are times when I kept silent, when just a
    word, in the right place with the right tone, may have
    saved the day from falling into the darkness of night.

    Luvz and hugz to you, darlin’. ❤ Have a great Sunday! UT M

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