Toasted Daily


Mistakes are my daily bread
My love – like warmed butter
spread over my ignorance
with sharp device

Got bread? Now, spread!
Butter ’em up for the show
Your family and friends
would love to begin
to savor your flavor

Burnt Toast – In The Know

Melt them away
Spread yourself thin

When it’s time to exit
they will leave less crust
Leave behind no debit
Leaving bread is a must!


Uncle-tree-_colour_flat-TEXT_sml (1)


12 thoughts on “Toasted Daily

  1. Wheaten your throat with a toast
    Slip sliding with butter
    Threaten your moat with a ghost
    Crust lost to a stutter


  2. Dear uncle, think about the crust, especially the burned one you have to eat for breakfast, or difficult times you are passing through that burn the crust of your brain. Both are undesirable, but one is much worse, nonetheless if you need to live through it you’d better experience the suffering and explore that state at the most. Then you can discover that in life there are always unexpected wonders, but let me warn you, they happen only when you are not expecting them, only when you are accepting and living what you have to live.

  3. Hello, Mariana! I do completely agree with your last statement.
    “Surprise!” That element is elemental in the experience of
    something fundamentally out-of-place, out-of-touch,
    and out-of-Time when compared to our self-imposed reality.

    My family and my loved ones have lived through many difficulties
    these past 12 months, but those wonderful and oh-so needed
    silver linings keep showing up – often in the strangest of localities.

    Great to see you here again, sweet niece! 🙂 Peace to you, Keith

  4. Looking back in my journal, Caro, I see this was written October 18th, 2002
    A dozen or so toasts ago, and I still break my fast this way.

    I’m glad you enjoy my goofiness and my natural orneriness.
    Thank you, love! ❤ Huggerzzz, UT

  5. How very right you are, my friend. 🙂 We did cause a righteous commotion.
    We spread ourselves thin once again. You have us well covered.

    This is treasure one, Ed? Hmmm… I’d of never guessed.
    Thank you for sharing and confessing. Peace to you, bro. UT

  6. Too many words and it’s like too many people restricting my passage, UT! I can get overwhelmed by the Sun’s e-missions. This ‘ere one is sufficient for the day 😉 Your mistakes are forgiven yew. Live long and prop sir.

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