Who Minds Who


Rummaging through billions of brain cells in a million cluttered closets just now,

feeling the pressure of a pressing situation that needed to be quickly resolved,

I, the one with the question, found myself being attracted to a cluster of certainty.

Luckily for me, my answer was all in a bunch. Therefore, I picked it out.

I made a decision. I made a choice. I made up my mind.

Or did I?

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The Amusement Park


The butterfly soars way over our heads

It has no intention of ever reaching the stars

Or of becoming one


The earthworm digs deep under our feet

It knows better than to think, that someday

it might just reach the center

and find itself


Man amuses himself with challenges

due to circumstances

then he experiments


God experiments with Man

and challenges His amusements

regardless of the circumstances


Uncle Tree Faces Draft In “The War Beyond Belief”

According to the highest intelligence resources in the land,

(The Underground Secret Service Agency)

Citizen Tree will soon be headed to the front lines to help

secure and defend the world against the return of dusty notions.

The sharpened hedges are no longer able to hold back the

advancing lame ideas, as they are armed with the memes

and ways of suicidal tendencies. These renegade impostors,

covered and concealed as they are under camouflaged truths,

have rendered non-stop havoc as they infiltrate one college

campus after another. All across the country this battle unfolds,

exposing us to dumbfounded wrinkles that defy ironing out.

In its entirety, the hope of our nation now relies on the

strengths and abilities of Trooper Tree’s knowledge. Will he be up

to the test? Can he, Private Tree, loaded down as he is with

branched off armies and square roots that stretch for miles,

can he, indeed, save us all from wallowing in the deposited filth

produced by our own evil ways, bad habits, and fictitious fancies?

Let us pray.


(Written in response to Mariana’s comment #7 in, “Born To Dust”)


Born To Dust

UncleTree's picture

Body is tree of enlightenment, mind like a clear mirror stand;

time & gain wipe it diligently, don’t let it gather dust! Shenxiu


Enlightenment’s basically no tree, clear mirror no stand.

Fundamentally there’s no single thing! Where can dust collect? Huineng


Retort to Shenxiu and Huineng


densely packed
allows tree to stand upright

Covered with mud
in the depths of my soul
remnants of the sun’s radiance

Fundamentally, it is
clear to the heavens


Uncle Tree



Master This


“Which came first, Father?

This or That?”

My son, This was in The Beginning.

“Then where was That?”

Following This.

“Where is That now?”

It grew and transformed into This.

“So then That became This and no longer exists?”

Hmmm…please, get me the looking glass.

There now, yes. Here you are.

Now see this. In a mirror, That is you.

Without the mirror, you are This.

“How can That be at all?”

I only know This – this moment.

“Why did That happen?”

I never really knew That that well.

“This is all there is?”

We cannot wish for This to become That.

I wish for you to take This with you when you go.

Then and only then,

That would be better than This.


The Unsustainable Brouhaha


Hysterical masses in a frenzy

eventually unnerve themselves in a fit of exhaustion.

What starts as a slightly audible hum,

gradually builds until it reaches a boisterous climax.

The orgasmic nature of a crowd

synchronizes itself to whatever is showing at the time.

No one comes late,

and no one wishes for an early withdrawal of forces.

A harbinger of fame and fortune lies in this ability

to continuously bring forth manic symptoms.

The fashionable fanfare for a King far excels that

of a pauper in proper attire.

An average plea would be ‘no contest’,

due to the certain lack of any competitive edge.

The edges being sought out of desperation

are not necessarily in the forefront.

Some folks run roughshod over the terrain,

longing to attain lovable attachments that hinder progress.

In a moment or two you will decide to please yourself,

and that will inevitably coincide with the moment

in which I start another ruckus.


Sacred Taboos

When you break one, you become one.

“Don’t touch that!” Whatever it may be. “Don’t even think about it!”

What about the healing touch of a Saint?

Are not they allowed to touch The Untouchables?

“You’ll get germs!” By the way my mother yelled about it,

one was to assume there was pretty much germs on

everything – everywhere – all the time!

Even in the bathtub lay the hidden taboos. “Don’t play with that!”

To do so was considered dirty, and therefore,

I figured, it must clean itself.


Inhibitions and restrictions vary from place to place.

What was so great about Rome?

Would you do as the Romans did, if you happened

to find yourself in a Grecian state of mind?

It sounds fairly dangerous to me, weighing the risks involved.

Then again…Mother owns the scales.