The Unsustainable Brouhaha


Hysterical masses in a frenzy

eventually unnerve themselves in a fit of exhaustion.

What starts as a slightly audible hum,

gradually builds until it reaches a boisterous climax.

The orgasmic nature of a crowd

synchronizes itself to whatever is showing at the time.

No one comes late,

and no one wishes for an early withdrawal of forces.

A harbinger of fame and fortune lies in this ability

to continuously bring forth manic symptoms.

The fashionable fanfare for a King far excels that

of a pauper in proper attire.

An average plea would be ‘no contest’,

due to the certain lack of any competitive edge.

The edges being sought out of desperation

are not necessarily in the forefront.

Some folks run roughshod over the terrain,

longing to attain lovable attachments that hinder progress.

In a moment or two you will decide to please yourself,

and that will inevitably coincide with the moment

in which I start another ruckus.