Born To Dust

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Body is tree of enlightenment, mind like a clear mirror stand;

time & gain wipe it diligently, don’t let it gather dust! Shenxiu


Enlightenment’s basically no tree, clear mirror no stand.

Fundamentally there’s no single thing! Where can dust collect? Huineng


Retort to Shenxiu and Huineng


densely packed
allows tree to stand upright

Covered with mud
in the depths of my soul
remnants of the sun’s radiance

Fundamentally, it is
clear to the heavens


Uncle Tree



15 thoughts on “Born To Dust

  1. Retort to Shenxiu and Huineng and Uncle Tree

    part in dust
    and partin the heavens
    both parts together
    both parts apart
    a tree has two parts
    clear as sunshine
    and clear as mud 🙂

  2. You got the idea, Ms. Mist!

    Clear enough to read my mind,
    your words reflect the sweet sunshine.

    Thanks for doing that! It’s raining here. UT

  3. No body is home. What you see is stand-in.

    “Uncle Tree’s Out-Of-Body Experience”


    Two-way mirror clear
    Wipe away dusty notions
    Sprites * way, bubble up

  4. Wiping away dusty notions it is what is desperately needed.
    This is not as simple as moping the floor in order to get rid of the dust.
    You need to develop strategies, attack the deeper attached notions first, attack them repeatedly and consistently alternating with the parts that are easier to clean.
    Get the proper tools for the task, philosophy books, art books, history books, … and combine them according to the requirements of the situation.

    Wise man say that once you consider the task finished you should plant an Uncle Tree in front of where the dusty notions were originated, this will prevent them from returning.

  5. I did. I might just work. Whether or not it does is up to those who take action. It matters mostly (depends upon) what they believe. If their thoughts are hear or dare

  6. I dare you to skip the depends.
    It’s the Rock/Scissors/Paper game
    with a twist that starts here,
    only to end up nowhere.

    The laws of space
    know no direction.
    Why should dust?

  7. Are you ready? First know which sign you’re going to show

    one two three…… *I play paper*

    I did. I might just work. Whether or not it does is up to those who take action. It matters mostly (up on) what they believe. If their thoughts are mostly hearing or daring. =)

    so what sign did you play?

  8. ok Uncle Tree.
    But that to me is a strange kind of forfeiting. Playing the game but not for sport and not to win? Well, whatever the reason for choosing rock (which paper covers) I respect your decision.
    Thank you for playing a quick round though.

  9. You’re welcome, Dusty.
    (Yes, I know how the game is played. I was a kid once, too.)

    I mentioned a twist up above. I was thinking of rock/scissors/paper
    as a game played by the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.
    The trifecta paradox, so to speak. I threw rocks as a kid, too.

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