Uncle Tree Faces Draft In “The War Beyond Belief”

According to the highest intelligence resources in the land,

(The Underground Secret Service Agency)

Citizen Tree will soon be headed to the front lines to help

secure and defend the world against the return of dusty notions.

The sharpened hedges are no longer able to hold back the

advancing lame ideas, as they are armed with the memes

and ways of suicidal tendencies. These renegade impostors,

covered and concealed as they are under camouflaged truths,

have rendered non-stop havoc as they infiltrate one college

campus after another. All across the country this battle unfolds,

exposing us to dumbfounded wrinkles that defy ironing out.

In its entirety, the hope of our nation now relies on the

strengths and abilities of Trooper Tree’s knowledge. Will he be up

to the test? Can he, Private Tree, loaded down as he is with

branched off armies and square roots that stretch for miles,

can he, indeed, save us all from wallowing in the deposited filth

produced by our own evil ways, bad habits, and fictitious fancies?

Let us pray.


(Written in response to Mariana’s comment #7 in, “Born To Dust”)



31 thoughts on “Uncle Tree Faces Draft In “The War Beyond Belief”

  1. Old books
    New looks
    I love to cook!

    Dusty pans
    Rusty notions
    I’ll make a potion!

    An artist I
    sans Sat, but That
    not lies

    Borrowed ways
    the cake was flat
    and blue was I

    (I heard say
    Mother Chef
    had her Way!)

  2. Are you kidding me, Sher?

    Happy Birthday! 🙂
    just in case…

    Maybe, that explains the goofiness I found in reply #1.
    It did make me smile, don’tcha know. Silly chef!

    That which muffles…have ya got that fixed yet, ma dear one?

  3. Alright, Mr. English Teacher,
    What goofiness? How can the mystic’s spiritual marriage be goofy?
    Something old, something new, something borrowed , something blue….

    Honestly! If you had a green pea on your head, I’d……..Duh!

  4. Marriage is also beyond belief, and often turns into a war.

    Other than that, er…uh, did you, uh…mean to be, uh…here?
    Uncle Tree is up for the draft and that’s all you have to say? “Dough!”

    I thought you might wish me luck or sumthun. Green peas? Yuck!

    Birthday or not, O’ Maj one?

  5. Uhh….. regarding post number 2:
    It wishes you good luck.
    You do have brothers that can read, don’t you?

  6. Wish you luck?

    Go trooper, go husker.
    Why I’m a cheerleader for you to save us from wallowing.

  7. My brothers can read, of course, Samsworth.

    None of them are celebrating their birthday, and neither am I.

    The ‘go’ part I get. Thank you. If all I need is luck, I’m in trouble.

    The James Gang once put out an album, and the name of it was “BANG”.

    I’ll see you by the train tracks later on. Maybe then, I’ll share, too.

    The Tree Bandit

  8. OK.
    It is my birthday coming up.
    However, the song originally was sung by mini- me in the Geico commercial after Geico fixed min-me’s car in a timely fashion. So mini-me sang It’s ma birthday, fized ma muffler because he was so happy to have a check for the damage from the insurance company named Geico. OK?

  9. Gotcha!

    Like it, or not. (?)

    Beware, or be weary. Either way, be leery. Tune back in, Tim.

    The Agents Of Satan may be coming soon to a
    multi-complex store near you. Are you ready for this?

  10. What do ‘eye’ know. 😉

    The Living Stream—Evolution And Man (1967)
    The Biology Of God (1975)
    The Spiritual Nature Of Man (1979)

    Sir Alister Hardy

    The Naked Ape (1967), Gregory Morris
    Supernature (1973) Lyall Watson
    Evolution: From Creation To New Creation (2003)

    Ted Peters & Martinez Hewlett
    Meister Eckhart’s Creation Spirituality (1980) Michael Fox


    Self-educating oneself means: You have a fool for a teacher.

    Well, better than no teacher at all, eh?

  11. All the writers above
    —- I hope they come to know yours.

    I wouldn’t hesitate to make a fool of myself for Wisdom’s sake. 🙂

  12. The art of foolishness I know well, Sher.

    That doesn’t mean I’ve learned anything through the art of
    purposeful practice. It’s always after the fact.
    “Upon reflection…” as we say.

    “How could I have been soooo stupid?” I say that a lot. And still…
    the only one wiser ’round here be bud. We weren’t born to drink Light.

  13. Regarding #10:

    When you meet up with the Agents of Satan, just remember that, in Hebrew pronounced Sat-An, (emphasis on both symbols) means the Deceiver. I think of this as the mind united to the five senses of the body, the rational mind. It more than likely is without Sat, or sans-Sat, in French.

    Love those romance languages that came out of sanskrit.

    signed: your bud light, Agent Spot

  14. The dusty notion of original sin, perhaps. Sin meaning something to overcome.
    And go no more out. Wanna go out? 🙂

  15. Sin can also mean

    anything that hinders progress. That is, according to William Blake.
    Sure covers a lot of territory when you say it that way. Behind, I know.
    Not bee-hind, now, that’s not what I meant. Lagging and sagging, both.

    Since when is it a sin to leave your own house? Well,
    I’ll betcha a hundred bucks that you do, too, go out!
    I just don’t know how far you go………………out.
    Besides, I just came in. Why would I want to leave?

    Are you taking me somewhere? Geez! I better shower aplenty. 😮

  16. LOL on “..I just came in. Why would I want to leave?”

    Like a red salmon swimming up stream
    you might just get hooked by the fisherman.

  17. The troops are gathering, (not quite sure what,) Private Tree! You best watch out for entanglement.

    Sergeant Icke is re-conkering America, single handed. The playground is littered with broken nuts!


    Private Parts is keeping his head down 🙂

  18. That’s two hours long, Ed.

    Have you watched the whole program?
    I made it through half an hour’s worth so far,
    and it’s interesting, alright. Sounds like woo to me, too.

  19. Yes, Keith, I’ve given him a fair hearing and mostly agree with his appraisal of what is emerging, though I never really go for conspiracy and certainly not Reptilian aliens controlling an Illuminati.
    It’s all a raw human nature to me and we are, slowly but surely, consciously awakening to a surrendered dependence on reptile/mammalian brain in all of us. It is that which has more or less equipped us to survive on Earth terms. Now the turmoil of volte-face is releasing us to the ‘fearful’ core of our being and a new alignment with each other and with beyond. Conspiracy? Well, if there is, it is doomed to failure if we can keep our nerve.

    Oh woo is me ;))

  20. Good to see that honey fungus has been eradicated from your neck of the woods 😉

    Wood knot is we.

  21. My private spam detector must have taken a coffee break, Ed.
    Google ‘tree faces’ and you’ll see your famous line, brother.
    That’s why this post is second in my all-time views.
    Happy accident, if you ask me. Fair is fair.
    Have a good-good day, sir!

  22. This is GoogleBrittle, kind sir…..didna sit at the top of a Redwood, but did find this; old-beech-tree-faces-the-axe-despite-local-trio-s-campaign-


  23. Did you have to go and blurt it out like that? Geez,
    I tell ya. The brights are out roaming around again.
    No, I’m not a tree, and you’re probably not dusty, either.
    If I happen to be a man of letters, so be it! Uncle Alphabet

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