Who Minds Who


Rummaging through billions of brain cells in a million cluttered closets just now,

feeling the pressure of a pressing situation that needed to be quickly resolved,

I, the one with the question, found myself being attracted to a cluster of certainty.

Luckily for me, my answer was all in a bunch. Therefore, I picked it out.

I made a decision. I made a choice. I made up my mind.

Or did I?

“Hold on, hold on, hold on just a minute!”, says me.

Whilst I was attempting to grasp the moment, it occurred to me alone.

Did I just make up my mind, or was the correct choice presented to me?

If I just made up my mind, who is the one who gave me a choice?

If I said, “I am the one,” then who in the hell is this I that makes up my mind?

Stupefied, I let go of the moment in order to carry on.

Am I my mind? Is it mine? Did one of my minds just make up the other?

Or did I choose amongst a set of minds that were already made?

I thinks this is what they mean when they say, “You are falling to pieces.”

Another piece of me replied, “I want us all to be of the same mind.”

“What are you thinking? You have to be out of your mind!”, I exclaimed.

I must be me with no mind.

I conjure one up when necessary, and never before it is due.

I have a mind to do just that, so I will do that now.

Who cares if it’s not what I had in mind. Who?



20 thoughts on “Who Minds Who

  1. Care to answer one?

    You shoot great pics, Mr. Heart.
    Can I pinch those cheeks?
    Great smile!

  2. Who thanks you, too, dear soul!

    Good luck with the book.
    The questions now lie
    in your hands. UT

  3. I like it, I like the things you are exploring.
    I was thinking about a clustering of certainty, i think it might be a fuzzy cluster of certainty. Cause there is no certainty,neither probability, it is fuzzy, imposible to be define fure sure.
    Did I just make up my mind, or was the correct choice presented to me?: Both at the samea time.
    This is a great question “Am I my mind? Is it mine? Did one of my minds just make up the other?”.
    going back to what I mentioned, where does the sense of self come from, therefore what is the self, where is hte self in the brain scans?
    How does the brain choose what you are conscious about, does it choose? does the mind chose what you are aware of?
    I am delighted you are thinking this things.
    Taeke care

  4. You and I, and all the rest of us are exploring, aren’t we?

    Yes, Mariana, I suppose that by the time all those fuzzy cells jump in line,
    it will all come down to the same old, same old. Most of the decisions that
    we make are either-or, yes-no, and to-hell-with-you-all-I’m-not-moving!

    Of course, my brains know what I’m going to say before I do.
    That is, unless I let my fingers do the talking.

  5. I like “I conjures one up when necessary, and never before it is due.”

    I read in Geshe Gyatso’s book that the mind resides in the heart. I believe him because of our honoring the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the fact that the Buddha is called The Compassionate One.

    The brain must be just doing its own thing until the heart gains mastery.

  6. I believe the heart comes first, Maj One.

    It is the cake, and the mind is the premix of icing.
    My instincts were born from a gut feeling.
    It is all a matter of taste and digestion.

  7. LOL. My head hurts now…
    Yet I weirdly and completely understand. It’s how I think except for those beautiful times when I am in that great place of synchronicity and flow; able to act on choice that does not hold conflict or endless shapes of gray, without confusion as to where the answer came from. No seperation of mind/heart/”intuition”/God–the only time I fully understand that there is no seperation at all. ::sigh:: It’s not an everyday thing…
    More often, my choice must be simply The Best Choice I Can Make, with trust that I will be given the Next Choice if it’s not meant to be.
    I see this is an older post; thanks in advance for letting me add my rambling thoughts to these.

  8. This is a fairly weird poem from the mystery tour, Pearl.
    It’s all Freud’s fault, because now, one of them has to be my ego.
    My ego goes in for that ‘no separation’ stuff also. More often than not,
    he’s able to shut the other two out and pretend he(we) is the only
    one that ever was, and that’s the “I am” guy. He goes for cheap thrills.

    Thanks for taking me back in time, and for adding your two cents, too!
    The state of choice-less awareness awaits me, maybe, but I’d still have
    to choose to go there, I see. Faith Hill says, “Just breathe.” Yeah.

  9. Thank you so much, dear Caro! 🙂 I don’t think I’ve ever asked so many questions in one place before. This was another old poem from my journal that I threw in the blender, and then pieced back together. I think it came out even more complicated than it was to begin with.

    I’m really glad you liked this, and UT, in general. Huggerz backatcha!

  10. Rolling in the deep – now on record @ Uncle Tree’s Treehouse

    I meant your gravatar pic, babe. Wood paneling behind you, and some trim 🙂
    Red hair, beautiful face, and the prettiest smile. 🙂 Me want.

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