Mother’s Piano Bench


She’d call me into the parlor

to come and sit by her side

I always knew what she wanted

the joy that came from her pride


Mother alone possessed the keys

caught off-guard by her fingers

The chopsticks, I’d play from her knees

Still the memory lingers…


We sang a song by The Beatles

those insects with many hands

She said The Band had just arrived

they’d come to invade our lands


Music would roll from whence we played

I feigned to sing harmony

We rocked the clock; in time we stayed

The Stones were too old for me



13 thoughts on “Mother’s Piano Bench

  1. Some beatles came to invade, but some to stay, those are
    the ones belonging to john lennon’s progenie, including himself (the ones that inherited
    his wisdom, but not his self destructive habits).

    I always prefered beatles to stones, cause they are less predictable, you never know where they are going to go next, stones just stay there and change their shape slowly.

  2. I have to put The Beatles first, too, Mariana.

    About The Stones and my last line…

    Since Marty was 3 years older then me, I heard this a lot:
    “You’re too young for that.” Mick and gang had a message,
    theme, and look that was antithetical to John, Paul, George and Ringo.
    The Rolling Stones took the rebellious stand first. Therefore, Mother
    considered them and their songs as meant for a more mature audience.

    Nowadays, of course, all I hear from her is,
    “You’re too old to be doing that.”

    Marty was the Lennon fan, even though he played the drums.
    McCartney was the cutesy of the bunch.
    Easy choice for this heartthrob. πŸ™‚

  3. It is funny what your mom says and said, it seems it is/was never a goodtime for you listening to them. Maybe she did not like their music, and so she had to justify it somehow.
    I know a lot about beatles and lennon, I used to haveall their records and read several of their biographies, i started listening to them when I was 11.
    By the way if you have time check this out:
    It is a short animated film based on a real interview a kid did to john lennon when he was doing the bed thing in the hotel. The kid was only 14, and did not go to school (do you have a name for this action) without telling their parents. Some of the things lennon says are great, he had wisdom.

  4. Uncle Tree – what a whimsical piece! I think the thing that I love the most is that it can be interpreted as coming from a child’s perspective, with lines such as “Mother alone possessed the keys” and “Those insects with many hands” – and of course, that brilliant last line.


    You’re welcome for the coffee break. Thank YOU for the smile you brought to my face with this one.

  5. Thank you kindly, Bryan!

    For those not familiar with, “I Want To Hold Your Hand”, here’s the deal.
    From this kid’s point of view, that would be
    6 x 4 = 24 buggy hands to hold.
    You caught my drift with the keys,
    and/or the keys to my heart. Doubler.

    You, poeticgrin, have taken your work to another level with the masses.
    What a step! Bravo!!! You are the brave soul ’round here. Cheerz! UT

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