A Dream On The Battlefront

My silent, but salient dream was very short. Like a minute, or so, it seemed. Date: 1200’s (?). Two lines of soldiers on each side – facing (mirroring) each other. No one had a shield. The front line men were all on one knee, holding their spears with the butt-end on the ground, shaft angling up to their head height. The men directly behind them (of which I was one on my side) were standing with one foot forward, holding their spears in both hands, parallel to the ground. The whole of the armor on both sides was of the same color – a darkish dull gold. I can’t say they were just like us because I could only see the backs of my brethren. They didn’t necessarily look like enemies, but they were the opposition. The men across the way (7-8 meters of barren land between us) wore chest plates and had  mesh coverings over their arms and legs. The helmets were like metal skull caps. Bearded faces and mean-looking eyes were clearly visible. I was stationed at the end of the line – right side. I could only see 10 men, or so, across the way because the fellows on my left blocked my view. So I didn’t get (need?) a clue about how many there were in total. Suddenly, their front line stood, and they all charged at us. We stood our ground, and waited for them. I remember thinking to myself: “Am I supposed to throw my spear, or jab with it?” I didn’t know, but I raised my arm, ready to throw it. I looked to find a weak spot on the body of a man coming at me. I couldn’t see one. A second later, I freaked – dropped the spear, and turned in fear to run away. That’s when I awakened.
 “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” John 14:27 ~ In the realm of instincts, where self-preservation is foremost, shall we rely on luck and our survival traits to carry our bodily selves through life-threatening situations, or do we have the option of resting in God when everything surrounding us says, “DANGER! ACT NOW!”, and points to the immediate need to either fight or flee? Jesus rested in God when He turned the other cheek. One more slap in the face did not disturb His peace. Quite disturbing then, however, that he had a very human moment on the cross when He cried out, “My God, my God, for this I was kept.” Matthew 27:46 (orig. Aramaic text)
Who among us could rest in peace and surrender all when it would mean certain death? If given the option to flee, I’m afraid I would certainly turn and run in the hope of living for another day. There are times when peace is not the answer. I can’t rest in God when my adrenalin is running full-throttle. Can you? My instinct for self-preservation is obviously stronger and more important to me than the safety of my brethren.  The last sentence, or last action taken, usually holds the answer to the problem the dream suggests. My answer seems to be: Peace comes when ye know ye can outrun the enemy. And/or Choose your fights carefully.
After researching armor, I see that the Norman helmets (minus the nose piece, 1160 – 1200 A.C.) come closest to what I envisioned. My dad’s side of our family goes back to Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henry II (great-grandson of William The Conqueror – who initiated the Norman Conquest). Was this dream a past-life regression? A friend of mine brought that question to my attention. Any thoughts, dear readers?

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  1. Hello UT
    I think you said it all when you wrote: “Peace comes when ye know
    ye can outrun the enemy.” Resting in God’s love and His Word –
    we can always outrun the enemy and find strength.
    God Bless

    Thank you for the royal encouragement, Susie! Bless you! UT 🙂

  2. Logical, well thought out, and I can relate 100 percent, Tree. If I can’t flee, look out. When cornered, I bite ;), hard.

    Oh, I’ll be sure to remember that. 🙂 Since that piece of advice
    comes from a warrioress, I’ll thoughtfully give you plenty of space.
    I’m also glad you understood where I’m coming from – and going, too.

    Bless you! UT

  3. Uncle Tree, there is so much formalism and symbolism in dreams that seem to mimic responses which would be valid in our waking days, that it’s tempting to believe both the dreaming and waking state are one. For some time now I have come to think there is nothing personal in dreams, maybe even in waking life, that edifices and scenarios that are constructed for us to look at or participate in are at best transitory.
    The formalism in the two rows of men waiting to commence the battle is often repeated in daily life, in games particularly, where a starting point is agreed upon by both sides. The symbolism that is applied to dress, colours, emblems etc., is also present, and is needed as the contest goes on and the area of engagement is greatly expanded. Your running away at the beginning struck me differently, for as in any game with two opposing sides, the minute the action starts, everyone moves to an active position, rather than stay in the passive, non-engaged state. Battles of old ranged over miles sometimes, combatants took their stance where they thought they could do the best good.
    A Cree Indian woman who used to listen to my dreams would always say at the end, “How did you feel?” If I said I felt good or bad, she’d just say, “let those feelings flow free, give them their place.” Years later I took her words to mean I’d been given another chance to pare away at what I didn’t know and was concerned about. Great blog, good thoughts. Kristin

    Thank you for adding your thoughts to the mix, Kristin!
    How did I feel? Scared, at first. Then I was disgruntled over my
    lack of courage. Although, I realized long ago that it is a fine
    line between bravery and ignorance. I also find there is a fine
    line that exists between coward and pacifist. I’ve never owned a
    gun; never been in the armed services; never protested on the
    streets in a place where a good-guy and/or bad-guy might shoot at
    me; I’ve never really had to defend my life or my home. So, what
    do I know about REAL battle lines anyway? I don’t. So, I should
    see the dream as representative, and not REAL. Peace ~ UT

  4. I have found that your oppositional stance, with the word, at least, though not seeming to take any prisoners at times, is really one of a fiercely combative ”sporting’ nature. Is your dream telling you that people do inadvertently get hurt at the thin dividing line between sport and all out war?
    This sporting, of course, could lead to much deeper questions of Nature’s mammalian ritual behaviours, in deer at rut, for example, where the strongest gets to be King!
    It seems to me, even from this blog, that the Crown of Thorns reveals the Kingship and that the ‘supernatural’ shift for our survival, now, is from competition to co-operation with that Kingly impulse. Time has come to get that up and running! Inevitably there is still an interweave as the dawning extricates from the dark forest background. Enter the shift in Uncle Tree and me join you 😉

    “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.”
    Luvz 🙂

  5. OMG! My horoscope is certainly on the spot. (Feb 29 to Apr 15)

    “Touchy And Irritable” A bad mood for 6 weeks? Oh, please! 😦

    Valid during several weeks: This influence can be quite difficult. You are inclined to feel touchy and irritable and to regard almost any communication from another person as a challenge. And you will make this attitude so clear to people that they may even tread lightly around you for fear of setting you off. Anyone who crosses you will be told off in no uncertain terms. The worst way to handle this influence, but what you are most likely to do, is to identify your own ego with what you believe or think. This will make you act as if your very life were threatened, which of course it is not. If you have to fight for your beliefs, this influence can be a help, but don’t look for a battle or create an issue where none exists.

  6. Hi, Ed. Quite right. But, do you mean crease as in fold, or
    is that short for increase? (I can be difficult. This I know.)

    My opposing stance might come from growing up as a short, but
    phenomenal jock of all trades who had an older brother against
    which to compete. Now that I’ve given up all my sporting activities,
    I might be projecting my opponents on unsuspecting others. I see.
    Fiercely competitive, I was, and maybe I still am – where all are
    game. As you’ve said, my intensity comes all too naturally. Shift –
    to being a team player. Well, just tell me what the game is, and
    show me the incentives. I will do what I can to win the BIG ONE! 🙂

    A Kingly impulse – can you tell me what that feels like? Or is it
    simply being rich, and never having to give away all thou hast?

    Bzzzzzzzzz….ouch! Think I need a manager. Are you game?

  7. Christ is my inferred ‘Kingly’ impulse with which we may co-operate….requires empathy or stepping into the sandals thereof 😉
    Incentives are disallowed with unconditionality, but trusty blessings run to resurrection! Antlers become a crown of thorns for some strange deciphering. Perverse are they who would crown you with such moc-king jewsy tones. But if Christ is not risen, we are incentiveless.
    Wanted He is:- Dead and Alive. Let me say feels like even the perverse are right, such is the interweaving of the King’s wings.

    “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.”

  8. Bring swords he said and then restored the severed ear…..let him that have an ear, hear…..and a good pair of legs…….skedaddle!

  9. Dreams of significance are so hard to interpret. But what lights up
    in your perception as significant or meaningful is what counts.

    What I noticed about your dream was that it was so ordered, structured, and detailed. When life is structured to the utmost,
    it can become static and lose meaning. Perhaps you are resisting
    too much rigid structure. Or maybe you are temporarily just off
    balance. Life flows and changes and one must adapt quickly, which it seems you did. 🙂

    Hi, Bonnie! It is true – I am romantically attracted to
    The Middle Ages, The King Arthur legend, and chivalry, perhaps.
    That’s why The Lord Of The Rings series drew me in so close.

    Context wise, I’ve been off work cuz of my back since Jan. 12.
    Factory life, punching the clock, obeying rules, wearing uniforms –
    talk about a rigid structure…but still, it’s one of the best
    paying jobs ’round these parts for those of us with no degree.
    The Oedipus Complex? Seeing that the place Mothers me so, and
    I’d be lost and fearful of the future if I decided not to return,
    well, in that regard, yes. Because of Mammon. Dirty s.o.b! Rrr..
    I am on the run. Ha! Maybe those soldiers across the way were
    driving me back! Away from the building? Oh, my. Don’t go there. 😦

  10. So many facets with a dream, eh?

    What I have always thought, given Bonnie’s point of Life flowing, is that they are a progress report to the dreamer and never a judgement on him/her. We have asked or been asked questions of ourselves from our complexity of relationship and we have answered accordingly in the dream. That we have to search for meaning merely calls for the next dream in the series of enlightenment…..even that begs a question……’do we need to know, for the dream to feed in and do its work?

    Our interpreting will still come up against our ‘no nos’ even as does our daily waking progress. Yet we may quicken beyond our fears?

  11. Good question, Ed. “Do we need to know (the meaning) for the dream to feed in and do its work?” Its work being: to bring a sense of balance to us by shooting us in the foot, from behind our back!
    There’s that word again. Dagnabbit! Where is my return button?

    🙂 My nose knows no no nos. He-he…

  12. You could be right Ed. Interpretation is subjective at best.
    Still, I think that those dramatic dreams are tasking us to
    bring something from our dreaming life forward to our
    waking life.

  13. I was thinking about the anger displayed by the inner warrior…

    We cannot liberate ourselves from something we don’t possess.
    It’s when that something possesses us that we get in trouble.
    We all have preferences, and hitherto, we do expect things.
    None of us want to “leave it all behind, and follow Christ”.

    Best then to put Christ betwixt you and your anger.
    He will shield you from your inner barbarian.

    Hanging with the Prince of Peace, I am.
    Uncle Tree 🙂

  14. I think that is the challenge: to rest in God when everything around us is chaos. Truly a hard and long journey. After all, we are being sanctified day by day. We may fail, but God is bigger than what we think is impossible. 🙂

    God bless! 🙂

  15. Thank you for your input, Joshua! Sanctified day by day…hmmm.
    I found this to help me clarify the definition of sanctity. From
    http://www.gotquestions.org : To summarize, sanctification is the same Greek word as holiness, “hagios,” meaning a separation. First, a once-for-all positional separation unto Christ at our salvation. Second, a practical progressive holiness in a believer’s life while awaiting the return of Christ. Third, we will be changed into His perfect likeness—holy, sanctified, and completely separated from the presence of evil.

    Now, that third one has me wondering. A perfect likeness of Jesus –
    I suppose he means character-wise, not appearance-wise. Yes?

  16. ‘How our hearts burned within us as he walked with us along the way’
    I think an energy body, outward template to a continued material presence on Earth would be quite a different appearance to the one no longer imprisoning such a body as a somewhat cramped and crimped inner template. Evil? too strong a word for me. Eggshell perhaps 😉

  17. Hi, Ed. I’m not sure where you’re coming from with that reference.
    This? “A perfect likeness of Jesus” and “…completely separated
    from the presence of evil.” How replace evil with eggshell? Hmm..
    This is what I found, and so I went on to read the whole story:

    http://www.jesuswalk.com/lessons/24_13-35.htm Luke 24:13-35

    “Were not our hearts burning within us while he talked with us on the road and opened the Scriptures to us?’ ” (24:32)

    Heart burn – hearts on fire – to love (another man) passionately –
    I don’t know. Apparently, they did not ‘feel’ this during their walk
    with another man who did NOT resemble Jesus whatsoever. Did
    He look like a gardener here again? That’s not enough. His face
    must have been different. Whose face did He put on? Weird…
    He was not a ghost here either, but His wounds were not showing.
    His voice must have been different, too. How else could they NOT
    know? All these two disciples knew was: this man knew scriptures.

    “When he was at the table with them, he took bread, gave thanks, broke it and began to give it to them. Then their eyes were opened and they recognized him, and he disappeared from their sight.” (24:30-31)”

    It seems as if the very act of recognition caused Jesus to vanish.
    Otherwise, why wouldn’t He have stayed to finish the meal? Here
    we have that quantum fact of observation changing the scene.
    I wonder if they thought, “Crap! Too bad we recognized Him. He
    could have taught us so much more if He’d of stayed awhile.”
    Can we say – Jesus was busy. He was on a tight schedule. He
    only had three days to do what He needed to do. Because, if we
    say that, then the Son of God had to honor old Father Time. He
    could not therefore make Time stand still. And why not?

    One more thing: why does Jesus have to disguise Himself? It’s
    close to a practical joke. What a trickster He can be. Eh, Ed?
    The breaking of the bread was the revelation, so it’s not like
    they recognized Him and then Jesus changed His appearance
    back to what He normally looked like. No, He just ‘poof’ – gone.
    No “Ah-ha! You finally get it. I have to go now. Goodbye.” No,
    this is like Star Trek, and He was then transported elsewhere to
    save time. You know, my doubt would be completely shaken, if
    that were to happen to me – a physical presence disappeared.
    One miracle like that and my faith would no longer be necessary.
    One miracle like that and I would…what? What would I do?
    Drop my spear and run away fast as I can? O, dear Lord…for shame!

  18. I think we do the ‘disguising’ of Jesus……I hoped my images….and I do like to cut a long story short ;-)….would bring us a little closer, notwithstanding the Science of this day, but withstanding the perceptions of dozy disciples of that strange day, to ‘seeing’ a little further up the scale of our being. Earthly body perception eggs hell for the cramped creative template. I wanna turn what’s inside out and then see the ‘butterfly a- winging! Course it’s scary if you think death still has a sting. It’s awful dark and fumbling we be with these Piscean eyes 😉 Come Lord…..we’re edging your way 😉

  19. I don’t know, Ed. Perhaps, I’m taking The Bible and everything
    else too literally. Or, I’m too much into the nuts and bolts: near
    sighted – and you’re trying to show me the whole spaceship. Is
    there a bad moon rising around here somewhere? Got funk. 😦
    Sorry, bud. It’s not your fault. Might be those Great Expectations
    setting me up and knocking me down into the Great Depression.
    I do appreciate your helpful nature. Take care, and sleep well.

  20. I don’t know either, Keith…..somewhere between us and around is the living truth.
    I’m pushing hard how it seems for myself and to certain extent knowingly risking adding to the pain you already suffer and that would be risking my own pain, too. It’s very much your blog and you are very gracious to allow my jostlings. (want of a word) I have twice recently been clobbered for similar with facebookers and I do always call myself to question. You are indeed the gracious one and that means such a lot to me. i take solace that, like St Francis, we be fools for Christ’s sake!
    Thank you, brother 🙂

  21. Funny, Ed. My horoscope for today fits yesterday rather well.
    For goodness sake! My shadow (my negative side) sorta
    hijacked my ego. The conflict is in me. I’m not who I want to be.

    If I see a little further up the scale, then I might as well admit that
    God is not being who I want Him to be. Jesus is not doing what
    I wish He would do. And lastly, the Holy Spirit has not healed me!

    Going through physical therapy now. My hip is cock-eyed, so I
    have exercises to do to strengthen my left hamstring and inner
    thigh. This morning, the pain is balanced. (Sore on both sides)
    If this doesn’t work, doc wants a new MRI. (It’s been a year since)
    Still taking 3 Serra per day, first thing in the morn’. (no miracle)

    Your jostling frustrates me at times. Like a Zen koan – “What?!!”
    My literalness vs. your Brit-English figures of speech & metaphors.
    The title of fool has never bothered me. I’m fairly sure I’m cut out
    of the same cloth as St. Thomas. I have more doubt than faith. I
    didn’t realize till yesterday that he ended up in India. (“Ding!”)
    But only because Jesus LITERALLY showed him the wounds. Yes?

    You’ll always be welcome here, bro. I trust your nature. Peace >–

  22. Wow! That is a great dream! And as in great dreams, which are messages from the soul, it has many layers of paradoxical meaning. I do not think it means you abandoned your brethren. It is a dream about vulnerability, accepting one’s limitations, and the need to protect yourself in the face of a pressing situation. I suggest it relates to an un-winnable conflict in your life. Time to go! Retreat from the battle scene. Your brethren are aspects of you. Perhaps thoughts, habits, compulsions that need to be abandoned! Good fortune. (Dr. Niamh Clune!)

  23. Thank you for that, Dr. Niamh Clune! 🙂 Do you also believe the soldiers across the way also represented aspects of myself? Or might they symbolize the world as it is opposed to me – in that…my calling: my poetry, my sermonizing, my novel (which, except for an ending which hasn’t come to me yet, is long enough to be finished), all that I wish I could do, is stymied by the fact that I need my factory job. My 35th anniversary at Kawasaki Mtrs. is this Wednesday. ‘Tis a shame, isn’t it? that I stuck it out, and did not let my dreams get the best of me. Anywhoo, enough of that. I think I could use a shrink.

  24. This intriguing conversation with Niamh’s interpretation
    of my dream was continued and finalized at her place –

    Niamh: “Lol!!! I am a shrink!!! But retired. Of course I will post this on your blog. I should have done so in the first place. I do apologise. Aha! So now we have the meaning. The opposition is your factory job. You need to retreat from it and protect what is vulnerable and precious and fulfil your calling. You cannot do battle with yourself or the world any more. The spear represents the future.”

    Keith: Ouch! That’s pretty much what my psychic girlfriend told me – way before the dream, about a year ago. But…but…but, I’m pragmatic, and a single parent to boot! Two teenagers, 17 and 14, remain my responsibility. What with the costs of health insurance, etc., well, I’m not about to sink them or me into poverty to chase some wild dream where the years AND the odds are stacked against me. I really don’t even know, positively, if my works and my gifts are up to snuff, or barely par for the course. I seem to do well-enough in my fairy tale forest in Blogland, but that’s not a stint that will pay the bills. My spear then was a pen, and I threw down the gauntlet for naught.

    Retirement with a pension is waiting for me some 12 years down the road. I have to hope my back-burner has enough gas to get me through till them. All in all, aren’t those some fairly reasonable excuses? :/

    Niamh:“They are entirely reasonable and absolutely can’t-be-helped excuses. All very well that Psyche gives us instructions…just keep doing what you are doing. You have to. But make a deal with Psyche without guilt. Render unto Caesar’s what is Caesar’s and God’s what is God’s! Don’t add guilt to the mix (that you are not dooing what you should be doing). It is also our soul’s work to take care of our kids. Peace! Write slowly…Writing needs to be developed slowly if it is to be beautiful…one exquisite paragraph at a time. There is so much to learn about writing. None of us make a living at it! And who knows what you will have achieved at the end of 12 years. (Reminds me of the Twelve Labours of Heracles). Writing matures, like good wine. The conflict is with yourself. Be patient.”

    Keith:Thank you so much for your help and guidance today, Dr. Niamh! I’m sure you’re a very busy lady, retired or not, so that doubles my appreciation for the time you so kindly gave to me, my dream, and my rational way of dealing with reality as if I am living the fairy tale I imagine Uncle Tree to be. He’s the one that wishes to leave a legacy behind for Keith’s children’s children’s children. ‘Tis motive enough for me and UT, we do believe. If I please Psyche along The Way, all the better.

    It’s been a pleasure to meet you. The reassurances I will certainly take to heart.

    You be patient, too, now. Ya hear?
    Hanging with The Prince Of Peace, I am.
    Uncle Tree

    Niamh:“‘Tis only now in mellow years that I understand the value and virtue of patience. And all things come to pass in their own, sweet time.”

  25. “Infinite patience brings immediate results!”

    There was me allowing myself to be put down all of my life for not being able to make up my mind 😉

    Cured! :-)) Thanks for the gnaw on the know…..fine onion 😉

  26. And there was ME allowing my blood pressure to rise
    because of my irrational expectations –
    One cannot depend on Lady Luck.
    Healing doesn’t necessarily imply cure.
    “You talk about Strawberry Fields…” Yes, I do, Ed. Yes! 🙂

  27. As Lennon said to his Aunt Mimi, who was warning him to stay away from the ‘venue’ “They can’t hang you for it.’
    Dumb critics said of his ‘Strawberry Fields’ release that it would be his last recording!
    Keep movin’ on Uncle. A tree does what a tree must…*reach for the sky* 😉
    (‘sokay I ain’t even pointin’ a finger, bang, bang)

  28. Hi, Bonnie!

    Yah, kinda sorta, maybe. Something new that I didn’t know before –
    that’s what the unconscious is supposed to show us, I thought.
    A resolution to keep on grinding away with the same-old, same-old
    is not going give me that ah-ha moment. In life, the newest thing
    I have to do, and continue to do, are certain exercises that my
    physical therapist has taught me. I do believe I’m finally making
    progress in that regard. I returned to work the 16th, but not to my
    regular job. I have restrictions, and so I’m doing light easy work
    for now. Wish that would continue, but I will have to return to my
    normal dept. eventually. I should probably keep an eye out for
    a different line of work. I’m afraid my lifting days are over, unless
    the exercises really turn my hips back into an alignment that can
    take that kind of pressure day after day.

    Once again, my spare time is shot. That’s a bummer. But anyway,
    thank you for the well-wishes! Take care. 🙂

  29. Yo, Ed! 🙂 Thanks for the short story! I figured you’d catch my drift.
    Unless I’m in the kitchen, speaking of onions always brings that
    song to the forefront of my mind. They cain’t hang me, either!

    Funny, I dreamed about a big tree last night. I don’t think it was
    lying down, but it seemed to be sick, and I myself knew it wasn’t
    me, but I remember thinking it was my job to care for it, especially
    when there is darkness all around, and cobwebs. Okay, okay.
    I am, I am, I am. Aren’t I? Cheerz, bud!

  30. Well, ya’ all, this past year has been a tough one, but I’m still here,
    although sadly enough, I am now minus a younger brother.
    Richard Lee Watson passed over and beyond Sept. 17, 2012.

    God bless you, Rich! Miss you! 😦 Dream on remembering us!

  31. You’re welcome to it, Niamh. However you wish
    to place it wherever – is alright with me. 🙂
    If there’s anything I can do to help, let me know.

  32. “(7-8 meters of barren land between us)” Re-reading your dream account, Keith, that seemed to want my attention, especially as I had overlooked it afore. I’m not really thinking of you/I us but we all humans are included. The miracle of Life is Eternal and now we literally find that even granite incorporates it. Enough vital blood has been shed on what has seemed barren ground. The stoniness of our hearts, unaccounted, has made us vampires for that which habitually seems limited. The vicious circle ever ‘creatively’ propagates…..barren land! It must surely dawn on us we have a CHOICE.

    We actually have the gift, barren land inclusive, in whatever chosen creative form, to make that ‘desert’ bloom, between enemy and friend alike! I’m quite certain Rich is rooting for us.

  33. Ah! To love not only our enemies, but also
    to love everything that comes between us,
    including the heavens and the Earth,
    space and Time, ideas and dogma, you ✟ me.

    I imagine, Rich is the one amongst many leading the cheerz!. 😉

  34. Just to correct my spelling of ‘incorporates.’ Excalibur, eh?!!

    Strange, Niamh’s and your posts weren’t there when I posted and I wasn’t that long sorting my meanings…….supportive though 😉

  35. All fixed. 😉 Slashed the e and dotted your “O” my.

    “Isn’t Life Strange?” enough to rearrange our words,
    and thus our minds, when we go behind lines
    and our enemies, in kind, return the sign back to NORMAL?

  36. Wow, That was some dream!!! I’m like you, wondering was it from a past life? Thank you so much for the reminder, that no matter what we face, we should rest in God.

  37. Taking an art class with an instructor who I learned later was an alcoholic, he told me of his dreams. Frightening encounters with a “bear” who chased him. Then I realized he was “trusting” in clairvoyants, dream readers, instead of asking God to protect him. One night, he said, “I had the dream of the bear chasing me, but I told the bear, “you are just a dream” and bear came toward him, but it ran right through him, and there was NOTHING TO FEAR.”

    God has given us the gift of trusting in Him, rather than the devil. The “unconscious” “id”, God created in everyone’s mind, has the “power” to “turn off” the suggestion of “lies” and we can “chose” to tell the “dreams” …..”this dream is not real.” The devil knows he can “implant” lies in our head….but when “truth” comes, you are allowing the Holy Spirit to put up a protective “truth”, that “dreams” are “not real.” Gods power, is in you choosing to bow down and serve Him.

    When “the enemy” comes, extended your arms, with “no weapons” and the “enemy” will fall into your arms…because these young men ….being taught they “must search” out the enemy” are the National Guard, and they are not “our enemy,” unless we wish to “fight” with them….they will leave us alone. They can see we are not “a destroyer.”….but one who loves the freedom we have!

  38. Hmmm…interesting opinion.
    Do you know of, or have you ever read, “The Red Book”, by Carl Jung?
    Your comment and the name of your blog begs me to ask.

  39. I’ve heard of him. I was taken out of “church school” and I felt as if I had missed out in religious training, so the High School Librarian took me under her wing, and looked for TRUE STORIES, and I am limited on “philosophy” except as needed to get my B.S. in Dental Hygiene.
    The Red Horse, is book of Prophecy, given by Jesus to warn us of the Artificial Intelligence He created and named in Revelation 9:11…THE DESTROYER. THE RED HORSE is book about BIBLE SYMBOLS. When I taught a handful of kids in church, the spiritual meaning of WATERS = SEA OF HUMANITY and “DESTROYING MOUNTAIN”….mountains are KINGDOMS, the devil destroys and is the liar behind those who destroy, and GODS KINGDOM…coming from ORION, from the direction of the EAST….from the “sun” is all about the confusion of PLANT X, and Nibiru…the SUN/GOD of ‘Egypt” and Assyria….and I am “conflicted” with the “Creation” of the weekly cycle…IN THE BEGINNING…GOD CREATED THE WEEK…….and the early Christians kept the 7th Day Holy, and today…SUNDAY…was the day, the Romans worshipped…their celestial idols….a bit of humor here…The Statue of Saint Peter in the Vatican…is “Jupiter” the “Sun” God. So many have kissed his foot…it is almost gone.

    I pray I do not misrepresent my friend and Saviour Jesus Christ…my attempt is to improve in character….to be like Him…and most distressing…is GOD, so superior to me, that I am humbled and have a hard time, expressing my thoughts….

    And that makes your comments, and your blog so “down to earth” I must get my head OUT OF THE CLOUDS….lol


    The artist I took painting from, I greatly admired, and we became good friends for years, and his desire to “teach”…put us together, and he began to teach larger classes…instead of one on one. I got to go with group to Italy and paint on location…with folks I knew…and love. The cocoo bird was singing in the valley overlooking a wine vineyard….but your pictures are closer to home and remind me of where I would like to be on the Platte River….at sunrise as the cranes rise from the nests…in the early light…

    Bless You and tu again…connie

  40. You’re welcome, Connie! 🙂
    I’ll mention one more book — one more pertinent:

    “Myth & Ritual In Christianity”, by Alan Watts

    Joseph Campbell is another author/master of symbolism.

    I learned a lot from those two guys.

    Uncle Tree is below and above the ground, but his branches dearly reach to the heavens.

    His mind is like his leaves. Once they’ve done their job,
    they leave the scene and ride the wind, whichever way it bloweth.

    Have a great weekend! I will be crane-watching again mid-April. Peace and luvz, Keith

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