Carl Jung: A Personal Brief

“God is the name by which I designate all things which cross

my path violently and recklessly, all things which alter

my plans and intentions, and change the course of my life,

for better or for worse.”

The maṇḍala is a symbol for the wholeness of Self, which, loosely defined by me, includes the ego (the center of consciousness), the conscious mind (assumed to exist in the brain somewhere, although that has yet to be proven – the intelligence of our intellect, and the wisdom of the heart), the personal unconscious (previous thoughts, instincts, feelings, and experiences forgotten, but held in memory), and all that timely remains unconscious (self-knowledge that has yet to emerge) in our psyches up to Now.

The Self, according to Peter Shepherd: It is a “God-image” within the psyche. Although Jung was criticized for allegedly implying that the Self is God, he stressed that the Self is not God itself but rather only an image of God, a representation of God as it would be depicted within the psyche (although he did call the Self the “God within us” in Psychology and Religion on page 334). An encounter with the Self feels like a “religious experience” with God; Jung said that the occurrence leaves us vitalized” and “enriched.” In addition to being a symbol of God in the psyche, the Self could also be considered a symbol of what the religions call the “soul.”

With “Aion”, Jung presents the Christ within us as another symbol for the Self in its entirety. These archetypes are also portrayed as constellations, or congregations, of ideas in our psyche that he claimed to exist a priori to the birth of consciousness within ourselves. Therefore, we come into the world with a map, of sorts, that is lacking in instructions, but chock-full of instinctual natures (drives that steer our will/wheel) that are somehow imprinted on the electrical structures of the brain. Libido is a term described as the energy that turns the wheel. The wheel runs a route that is consciously directed whilst we are awake, but when we are asleep, the wheel’s direction is subject to the will of the unconscious; i.e., God, daemon, our sympathetic nervous system, etc.



Carl thought astrology was worth pursuing, but he  got caught up in the ideas and thoughts of The Gnostics and the alchemists. He searched for a train of thought, like a silver thread or a fine lifeline, that connected these historical figures, right on up through the annals of time, to himself and his theories. In his great mind, he was the one who received the baton from his ancestors, and in honor of those who had run the race before him, he was to raise the torch and blaze a trail until the time came when he thought he had accomplished all he could in one lifetime, and he laid his pen to rest with the hope that after his passing, another would heed the call and continue the race.


The Age Of Blind Faith is slowly coming to an end, or so it seems to me. Church-goers are dwindling in number, whilst atheists groups continue to add members. Jung wished to save Christianity by proving its contemporary poignancy; by proving it is for real; that it is a living myth with a living Savior who makes History today. It is not only an age-old story, it’s a Truth that He walks amongst us today. Jesus Christ is pertinent today! He stands for The Truth, whether it comes from scientists, or artists, or any other vocation, it matters not.

Getting over it with Carl Jung has been, and continues to be a blessing. I highly recommend a healthy dose of his writings and teachings. “Memories, Dreams, Reflections”, a semi-autobiography (1963), is the perfect book for beginning your journey to the depths of his brilliant and insightful mind, where you’ll find many a psychological truth. May The Truth always astound you. God bless! Uncle Tree



Below is a link to an article about C.G. Jung, written by a Jewish Professor of Psychology, concerning the Book Of Job. It’s simply the best commentary on Carl’s views that I have ever seen. This explains his ideas ten times better than I could do. The Bible story, how to read it, what it means, and why God had to change His own nature due to His ongoing relationship with His chosen people – is given here. Jung made many prophetic statements during and after W.W.II. This article tells which ones were ‘on the money’ based on how things are today.


43 thoughts on “Carl Jung: A Personal Brief

  1. Uncle Tree, I have to admit that much of the argument that have you put forward in your post, is beyond my comprehension. Nevertheless, I find the post very interesting and I will certainly follow the link you have suggested.

    In addition, I would like to comment on a very important point that you’ve made: “The Age Of Blind Faith is slowly coming to an end, or so it seems to me. Church-goers are dwindling in number, whilst atheists groups continue to add members. Jung wished to save Christianity by proving its contemporary poignancy; by proving it is for real; that it is a living myth with a living Savior who makes History today.”

    I believe the statement is true. Religious leaders have for years, used the impending wrath of God to scare people into surrendering; and many of these people became part of the Church without any real conviction. As you and I know, the Christian journey is not an easy one. It takes courage, dedication, and conviction of heart to endure. There is an old thought that goes like this: “When the going gets tough, only the tough gets going”

    Thanks for sharing. I really appreciate the opportunity I have to read your thought provoking posts. God bless.

  2. Thank you, Noel, for your visit, and the comment! 🙂

    I’ll admit that I often have a difficult time with these concepts,
    the contents of which are psychic, and therefore imaginary.
    But everything that is was first imagined in the Mind of God.

    Psychic events are just as real as events which transpire
    in the physical world – the reality outside ourselves.
    The coolest experience is when these two worlds collide.
    Jung coined the term – synchronicity. If I may quote myself:

    “Once in a very great while, out of the devil-ridden chaos that dominates our mundane world, order presents itself in the form of seemingly meaningful coincidences. Through the ripped veil of the universal fabric, singularly particular events occur that may cause a person to question the ironclad laws of causality.”

  3. Firstly, thanks for dropping by and commenting on my blog. It seems we have some similar things on our minds!
    Secondly you have expressed some very interesting thoughts and ideas here which I will have to think about more.
    Your’s will be an interesting and welcome addition to my blogroll. 🙂

  4. I too fail to understand all of what you have said in this post but I can’t miss the point you are trying to make, nor Carl Jung, and I agree with you, sadly to some of it. I am saddened by the rise of atheism, the fanatic like I watched a show on yesterday who picket the funerals of soldiers, and the “agnostics” who just don’t want to take a stand (which is actually about the same as atheism to me). I am saddened at the thought of Jesus watching us all and thinking “I died for you?” Kinda deep, I know, but that’s what came to my mind when reading this. Great post! Blessings, Terri

  5. Carl Jung, to my mind, was an ‘albatross’ of a man.

    His friend and associate, Laurens van der Post, reported that he was journeying by sea when a cable was brought to his cabin concerning the passing of Jung. He read it and looked up to the one porthole window in his cabin. At that same moment an albatross swept low across his somewhat limited field of vision. He never saw the same again. For Laurens it evoked a great moment of awe and he was certain that Jung had entered into the great Oneness that speaks with ‘synchronicity.’ His great friend had dropped by to reassure him that Life goes on.

    (I paraphrase from my own recall of van der Post.)

    When I first read Memories, Dreams and Reflections, from the stark early background of a Plymouth Brethren family steeping, it was like entering Aladdin’s cave! Heavenly bells still chime for me.

    Over to you, Uncle Tree 😉

  6. Hello, Cassie! 🙂 Nice to meet you!

    I’m glad to hear I piqued your interests. We have much to think about, and it never ends. So sometimes, I try not to think.

    Thank you for the visit, and for the notice. How kind of you!
    Hope you have a fine day! Peace & Luvz, UT

  7. Thank you, Terri!

    I understand your feeling. Without the whole world witnessing the same miracle at the same time, barring that, I don’t know how else some folks will ever change their minds. It will take a miracle.

    Is one in the works? Stay tuned! This is 2012 after all. 😉

  8. That’s a cool story, Ed. Super! 🙂 Fine and fitting.
    That Jung came from the old world – there can be no doubt.

    Btw, Yesterday I ordered a used paperback from Amazon:
    “The Grail Legend”, co-written by Emma Jung.
    I couldn’t help myself. He-he…

    Peace, dude 😉

  9. Wonderful post and very interesting UT! I have never had any problem, as a Christian, with Jung’s ideas and.or posits. The fact that he referred – loosely – to the Self being God within, to me implies (at least I infer from it) the scriptural statement that we as humans are created in the image of God. Does that not equate with Jung’s idea? That is not to say that our Self does not exist separately from our Creator. We are autonomous beings, capable of our own ideas (obviously), but we are all made from the same God Stuff, as is, indeed all of Creation!

  10. 🙂 Hello, Paula!

    I’m glad to know that you find Jung’s ideas interesting. I first started reading some of the volumes from his Collected Edition 10 years ago. Volume 5: Symbols Of Transformation (1956) is one I’ve recommended in the past. If you’re into comparing religions (which I felt guided to do for several years) from the whole world over, from a historical and aesthetic perspective, this book practically has them all. Jung did tons of research before going public with his ideas. Volume 9: The Archetypes and The Collective Unconscious (1959) is another book I spent several weeks mulling over.

    The links below are recent posts of mine which deal exclusively with the topic of God’s Image, or God’s Body, or God’s members, or God’s Creation, or God’s Mind. It just depends on how you look at it
    personally, and how you attempt to view it objectively, which is difficult, seeing we are sorta on the inside looking out.

    Are we capable, alone, as individuals, to come up with ideas for which there are no outside comparisons? Something totally new? That’s another topic we’ve been discussing in the comment section of these two posts.

    Have a great day, Paula! And thank you for chiming in! 🙂 UT

  11. I frequently write or talk about the “hermeneutic perspective.” It is one of those unavoidable things about being human – and Jung was subject to it as we all are. But because of that perspective, I can read the scriptures and others works and find something new and different every time – that I would have been willing to swear had not been there the first time I read it. That is what I call “the Mystery of the Gospels.” God is always revealing Godself to us whenever we seek God. But we are all going to find Something and/or Someone different – we can’t help it – but it will be our own, and it will be what we need.

  12. Yes, Paula, I agree with you on the multiplicity of interpretations
    complicating the value of gaining a general consensus. Why can’t we all get along? Because, on the whole, we see that we very rarely agree on anything at all. The only recent exception to that rule (for Americans, at least) was when politics and religion were obliged to co-mingle after the tragedy of 9/11/01. For once, Congress was unanimous in making a decisive decision – to retaliate. None of this “turn the other cheek” malarkey, nor did we hear, “Vengeance is mine, sayeth The Lord”. We heard, “It’s all about oil.” We heard, “It’s a religious war.” ‘Twas a war on terror, and even then we can’t agree on the definition of a terrorist.

    What is one to do when one doesn’t know Hebrew?
    What shall we think when “It sounds like Greek to me?”
    But first, how do we get our hands on The Dead Sea Scrolls?
    Or who can we trust to interpret The Truth for us?

    Tell an unbeliever that they need to seek God, and if they decide to do so, they will be expecting something to happen; they will expect to see a sign from God of some sort. What then are the chances that they will find Something and/or Someone in the material world that will astonish and stupefy them so greatly that they have to say, “There is a God!” ? For some, reading words in The Bible will never amount to an experience that can be had, seen, and felt firsthand.
    I would say that I was one of the lucky ones who sought, but I’d rather believe it was grace rather than luck that granted me a finding – once upon a time.

    I’m just saying…I went off on a tangent there. Didn’t I? 🙂
    “Tis all part of the mystery surrounding Uncle Tree.

  13. As I said, I have pondered this subject a great deal over the years, and written about it more than once. Here’s the link to a repost I did on it:

    God created us uniquely. Therefore, I feel that differences are part and parcel of God’s plan for us. World peace will be a long time coming if as a species we cannot come to the concensus that says each person is entitled to their own understanding. (Behavior is another thing altogether! – But that’s another subject!) 😆

  14. Kudos! I agree, and understand, I believe. 😉

    But, couldn’t it have to do with short-term loss of memory?
    I watch my old favorite, “The Sound Of Music” every year
    just so I don’t forget it. And then it reminds me of the first time
    I heard it as a 6 year old. At least now, I can sympathize with
    the Father, whereas before I sympathized with the kids.
    I now get a kick out of going back and reading my own written
    words. Sometimes, I even astonish myself.

    My wish is to write poetry that is of The Ages – with lasting power.
    But I also wish to say what I mean and mean what I say. We humans
    need mysteries, yes. But with a book as important as The Bible
    why couldn’t they use a language that was so simple that anyone
    in this whole wide world would be able to put it in their own language,
    and understand exactly what was required of them in order to escape
    the threat of hell-fire and damnation, and therefore gain eternal life,
    thanks to Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

    Besides confessing and proclaiming to be a sinner from the get-go,
    they have to make themselves believe that Jesus was truly the one
    and only Son Of God this world has ever seen or experienced, and
    then ask Him and His Father to forgive them of every sin they ever
    committed in the past. Or are we asking more of them? Isn’t there
    only one unforgivable sin? To not believe this one simple story?
    Or are their 10,000 rules by which they must abide? Ahem! Uh..sorta.

    Jesus wasn’t a Christian, so is there any reason to wish to become one?
    We’re not asking the simple-minded to become Christians. Are we?
    How ’bout just believers and followers who go about The Lord’s business?
    The business being – keeping a clean conscience as we serve others
    without keeping track of all our good deeds, and without wishing a kind
    return of thanks, or rather, a payback? Unconditional…
    Yes, which Gospel do we share? Or can we keep it relative, and as
    witnesses, proclaim what He has done for us in this life – this world?

    It’s a sin to rail. Well, there I go again. It’s forgivable. No biggie.
    Thank you for directing me to this old favorite post of yours, Paula!

    Peace & Luvz, Uncle Tree

  15. My response to your interesting reflections above is manifold! Rather than take up all your space with commenting here, I will send you an e-mail. It is not that it is private, just space-consuming! Should you wish to publish it here, (or want me to), after reading it – let me know and you may or I will!

    I wish you enough. . .

  16. Thank you, Paula! 🙂 I will abide with your wishes. Although,
    I think I have an infinite amount of empty space in my forest.

    Why stop at enough? Isn’t abundance a better deal? 😉

  17. We are alien to our Self!

    I thunk the boundary twixt imagination and reality is wearing awful thin. Come back Carl, all is fore given 😉

    Thems are getting excited, eh, Uncle Tree?

  18. Should the pen, move forward?
    I think, its in need of refill. The ball of time rolls on, scratching at every stoke. In need of the image of trust, that this picture lives on. Its no guess work, just the final word. Just fill in the blanks…

  19. Uncle Tree,
    God never changes. Perfection can not be improved upon or diminished.
    Christ does not merely stand for truth, He is The Truth.
    And Christians live by Faith that is not blind , but rather we have received sight by the indwelling Spirit of God. He seals us and reveals Himself to us
    by coming into our innermost being. He promises to never leave.He changes our course for Eternity.
    I pray you will find this Way, this Truth, and this Life. My Jesus.

  20. Dear sir,
    Your concern for my soul is striking in comparison to your
    assumption that I am a sinner born for Hell, unless, perchance,
    I happen to find the One and only Son Of God, i.e., YOUR Jesus.
    Not that you should feel shame, but I need to forgive you, never-
    the-less, for my own sake. There! Good as done. No worries.

    Since fair is fair (if you have a minute), I’d like to tell you a little
    story which will introduce you to My Jesus, My Truth, and His Ways.
    My testimony of faith – it was truly a Godsend:

    In the first place, I don’t believe we’re ever alone. I’m a believer, yes, but I haven’t always been this way. At the age of 14, I made a conscious decision to leave the church, and to put all that fairy tale stuff behind me. Some folks might say I was lost. 26 years later, I gained through an unforgettable experience when my grandmother passed over in the year of our Lord, 1998. I dearly loved my grandmother, and I was feeling the pangs of regret and remorse as I made my way alone in the car to my parent’s house. It was the day following the end of her life on this earth. Still in the stage of denial, I had yet to allow myself to breakdown and mourn, but I surely knew the time would come when I would fall apart and shed many a tear.

    I’d been thinking about her unfailing faith and her deep love of God. For me, she seemed to be the ideal model of a Christian. She lived it. And so it was then, at that point, that I turned my thoughts towards the heavens. I asked the Lord a question, and I hadn’t done that for years. I thought, “If anyone deserves to make it to Heaven, it should be Grandma!” So I asked a simple question. “Did she make it?” What happened immediately after that is hard to explain, but it was a very physical feeling of, “Yes! She’s okay!” Swear to God, after I felt that answer, I could have been levitating. The burden of disbelief was lifted from me and I felt 500 pounds lighter. No kidding! I was stunned, crying, and smiling bigger than ever driving along in my car in Sedalia. I had to pull over for awhile and gather my wits. I was so relieved. What need was there to mourn? I had no more doubt! When I finally pulled myself back together, I headed out and turned the radio on. “Jesus is just alright with me. Jesus is just alright…” was playing (by The Doobie Brothers) I practically broke out in laughter! Hearing that song at that particular moment extinguished any final doubt about who it was that just visited me. That experience was what got me started. I read a hundred books, and now I’m writing. No need to wonder why. I have kept this story to myself for the most part. Maybe someday, I’ll have to be a little more explicit and put it all down in dramatic fashion. Just because that’s what I do. I don’t do it to make a living, I do it to live a life worth telling.

    Have a good Sunday, C.C.T. Blessings backatcha! UT

  21. I’m such a fibber. Aren’t I? Forgive me, bro.
    Time has a way of healing all stopped watches.

    “Every individual needs revolution, inner division, overthrow of the existing order, and renewal, but not by forcing them upon his neighbors under the hypocritical cloak of Christian love or the sense of social responsibility or any of the other beautiful euphemisms for unconscious urges to personal power.”
    ― C.G. Jung

  22. Its as well to keep one’s finger on the pulse, bro, Arrhythmias do arise but we can still count on Jesus steady footstep and the seed he planted in the so-called Collective Unconscious. The timbre has to come from somewhere. Did I hear the rustling of leaves?

  23. “There’s a sound of hush – all over the world tonight…”
    Herman’s Hermits
    Like I’ve said, If you can’t find God – shut your mouth.
    No Hermes intended, Ed. 😉

  24. Ah, I was wondering if you missed the unspoken wink 😉 Irony is ever in your favour and may well have been before ‘dear sir.’ 😉

    Still figuring what Hermes has to do with it……there must be some connection.

  25. Hermes was a British aircraft carrier and my brother did a world tour on it, whilst I stayed home in the garden! I talked to the fairies. He prayed to God and remains a blessing to us all 🙂

  26. Most scholars derive “Hermes” from Greek herma (a stone, roadside shrine or boundary marker). Lord of orators and wit, literature and poets, athletics. Known as a trickster for outwitting other gods.

    Good on your brother, Ed! And good on you for the title
    of gardener, reader, and inquisitor! Keeping me honest
    with no harms intended, and for that, I thank you! 🙂

  27. I know a tree evoking the name, Stone Pine 🙂 It has a broad crown when matured and we will call the relatively large nuts, kernels 😉 The younguns may be found sitting obediently in a pot among the US Christmas fare… I am told. Here, the Norwegian Spruce gets dressed up with nowhere to go My job is to resuscitate it after the mayhem. I am the angel on high 😉

  28. Pinus Pinea – Yes, I see now, Ed. But I won’t get caught up
    in that, nor will I be cornered into becoming something other.
    No singularities here. No, no, no. Not for me. No, no. No way.

    Paradoxes of pines parallel times pines plural in complexity =

    Oh, you’re high alright! 😉 And though you’re not a broad,
    you are abroad. So there! Wish you were here. Alas, UT

  29. God is the blind, unconscious,
    but seemingly intelligent driving force,
    whom Darwin indirectly termed – The Boss of Evolution
    by renaming The One with two big words: Natural Selection

    The Gospel According to Uncle Tree
    Edited by The Trinity + Mary

  30. Quite right, bruver bright brue flower! 🙂
    For one is a genus, and the uver a genius.
    One over the hill, and one just under the peak.

    I’ll never forget the “jumpers”
    for in my dream they get Brand-Ed.

  31. Jung thought a psychological truth must embrace the paradox of living Life in both forward and backward modes.

    “Now you’re eternal, now you knot.”

    Humanity’s sense of humor needs
    to be addressed and acknowledged for the treemendous help
    it could be, if we wood only let it.

    Worship must needs be redefined, methinks. When one is overcome with a feeling of awe or stupefaction, it is not an experience that has been manufactured. It comes with no
    sense of master/slave division. Mutual respect and recognition
    of the divine in every individual –
    didn’t that use to be the goal of most religious teachings?

    “Drop your shit, and follow me! I know all you’ll ever need to know.”


    “Drop your ego, but if you have a light — let it shine!
    Shadows come with the territory.” UT

  32. Golly gee, Caroline! Those be super-dooper fine compliments. From the
    bottom of my hardy-har heart ❤ I thank thee for the kind blessings!

    I've heard said that blogging is not the correct way to be "discovered".
    But looked at another another fiery way, the fact that you discovered me
    here stands by itself as a beautiful reason, and in perfectly formed
    hindsight, Uncle Tree can now see exactly why he decided to go out
    on a limb and take a chance and make a site and in a word, put
    his soul on the line. I’ve learned a lot these past 5 years.

    Going back to the quote with which we first began this post,

    “God is the name by which I designate all things which cross my path violently and recklessly, all things which alter my plans and intentions,
    and change the course of my life, for better or for worse.”

    Exchange "violently and recklessly" with "gracefully
    and thoughtfully", and we notice that God's love for us
    covers more than the eyes can see. But, ah! When I laid my eyes
    on you, and read your sensually intelligent works of art, my
    whole world took a turn for the better, and my soul rejoices in
    knowing — we finally get a chance to follow the dreamy reality
    of love, wherever it wisely wishes and decides to take us.

    Hold my hand. 🙂 We're gonna take a leap of faith into the great beyond
    that only takes us higher, and then broadens our every experience.
    I thank you truly for altering my outlook, and refurbishing my inner life.

    Luvz and huggerzzz, Keith (UT McHottie)

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