A Virgin Fairy Tale

* * * * *

Once upon a time

in a land close to home,

when I was young and free

to wish — to dream and roam,

I came upon a girl

who took me by the hand,

and led me to a love

I’d yet to understand.


She swept my heart away

with one swipe of her broom,

then bade me follow her

to a cherished inner room.

Her innocence was wild,

my soul was not yet tame,

our hopes were altogether,

her wants and mine — the same.

We mingled nervously,

unsure of where to start,

the space between us closed

to the beat of her heart.

She looked me in the eyes,

and brought us to a kiss.

As one, we learned to know

the feel of utter bliss.

The ensuing moments flew,

though for us, Time stood still.

The magic in the room

played a tune to fit the bill.

We danced the dance of love,

we gave ourselves away.

The gain — well worth the pain

of what we lost that day. 

*  *  *  *  *

Uncle Tree

Uncle Tree's House