A Virgin Fairy Tale

* * * * *

Once upon a time

in a land close to home,

when I was young and free

to wish — to dream and roam,

I came upon a girl

who took me by the hand,

and led me to a love

I’d yet to understand.


She swept my heart away

with one swipe of her broom,

then bade me follow her

to a cherished inner room.

Her innocence was wild,

my soul was not yet tame,

our hopes were altogether,

her wants and mine — the same.

We mingled nervously,

unsure of where to start,

the space between us closed

to the beat of her heart.

She looked me in the eyes,

and brought us to a kiss.

As one, we learned to know

the feel of utter bliss.

The ensuing moments flew,

though for us, Time stood still.

The magic in the room

played a tune to fit the bill.

We danced the dance of love,

we gave ourselves away.

The gain — well worth the pain

of what we lost that day. 

*  *  *  *  *

Uncle Tree

Uncle Tree's House


21 thoughts on “A Virgin Fairy Tale

  1. … and, that right there, my dearest Uncle, that she is now also you … is proof … of how the two became O/One! 😉


    My dear Penny, too damn funny! 🙂
    How right you are ~ we’ve come so far.
    Thank you for understanding. Hugz, UT

  2. I’d give it five stars, Uncle, but I see you already have!

    Universe is all a-tremble, and so it should be 😉

    God bless.


    At first I was like…what? !lol! 🙂
    Made me look up, did you? He, he…
    We shall continue to do so, and do so very well.
    Thank you for your blessing, my main travelling man!

  3. “Her innocence was wild”

    they are the best..

    such a beauty uncle.
    and your little dialogue here show it better and simpler than anything else.

    may you continue to burn together.


    Burn…ya buddy! 🙂
    Very glad you liked it, Dhyan!
    “And it’s burn, burn, burn…the ring of fire, the ring of fire.”
    J.C. (No, not Him. Johnny Cash!)

  4. Beautiful..!!

    Your lady is a lucky one for such words to be written for her!!
    The gain — well worth the pain- not too often you strike such balanced deals.. 😀

    Hugs xx

  5. I love this poem, it captures the kind of innocence that is not diminished by experience. A beauty untainted by concepts of sin or judgement. This is how love and sex should be expressed in words.

  6. Dear Cassie, your words and your review touched my heart.
    Thank you so very much! I’ll never forget the morning I sat down
    in a motel lobby and wrote this with the (36 years later) morning-after bliss hangover of repeating said experience 🙂 ‘Twas grander than grand!

  7. That was truly captivating, sweet and meaningful.
    Thanks for sharing your magic, Uncle Tree…

    Best wishes and happy weekend ahead, Aquileana 🙂

  8. I’ve just figured it out! 😉 What do women want?

    ……………………………………………………………….. the last word. ~

  9. I’m very glad you like this innocent one, Caro. 🙂 Thank you for everything!
    Especially for the tale the two of us are weaving as we speak. Luvz, Keith

  10. I have taken the liberty of saving this, as I will forever hold this close to my heart. Regardless of where our roads have ended up, you will be in my heart forever my first love.
    Thank you, for everything.
    Cheryl Ann

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