From The Executive Branch


leaf and leaves now leave me speechless
left and right twist meaningless
centered in the symmetry
nature turns quietly
grown perfectly
you and me
so simple
so free
giant oak trees-around-the-world
The Angel Oak
From Uncle Tree

Uncle Tree’s Temptress

Illustrated by Aaron Pocock


She came to me one morning
without a leaf to bear.
I needed no fair warning
from the lass with twiggy hair.

She tickled my fancy twice,
and then brushed against me thrice.
The warm-up was very nice, but
her next move came with a price.

I paid for it dearly, and tipped her properly.
Then I asked,
“See you again next Friday?”


About My Father’s Business

Keith and Dad


The biggest man I know

is not really big at all

He’s always near to lend an ear

or to catch me when I fall


The wisest man I know

doesn’t claim to know it all

Though it’s plainly clear my father dear

is willing to heed the call


The greatest man I know

didn’t know he’d grown a tree

Although he knew just what to do

to bring out the best in me


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Way Beyond Terms


Excess time limits

Zeroes claim sufficiency

Always more to gain


Speed loses it’s thrill

Passing belies danger

Too slow to fly right


Leftovers with bite

Words left out two nights to spoil

Lines become homeless


Meanings foster mold

Language to languish over

Properly kiss mine


To the bitter end

Middle ages fly faster

Hellish days drag on


Spread the crap around

Bottom foundations in growth

Tree’s sanctuary


Terms slip on sweet fruit

Wear them in then wear them out

Face a toothless grin