A Gift To Open Hearts And Minds


◄ Open up for Christmas, and Christ will stand up for you ►

Hanging with The Prince Of Peace, I am

 Uncle Tree


 Christmas trees belong to a tradition older than Christianity.

Pagan or knot, what wood people do without them?

Trees provide the “breath of God” humans desperately need.

No need to worship them, but…

to be ever-green is to be good for goodness’ sake! 

Merry Christmas!



20 thoughts on “A Gift To Open Hearts And Minds

  1. Beautiful, what Christmas is really suppose to be all about, not stupid reindeer and a fat boy trying to break into your home through your chimney.

  2. Glad you saw the beauty in my choice of art, Christina. 🙂
    Festive – my gal and I shall be tonight! Best wishes for you, too.

    Peace, luvz, and joy! Keith

  3. Christmas Trees are defiantly not Pagan Keith, the same as all the Christmas symbols aren’t (see link below ) but yes Pagans have distorted most of them and some sadly now even believe Christmas Day, the 25th o fDecember is Pagan but it’s not and the Scriptures confirm this to be True.

    Christmas Symbols – https://christmasblessings.wordpress.com/2013/12/04/share-with-the-children/

    Many blessings to you and those you Love Keith, may the Beauty of Christmas past and the Joy of Christmas present, fill your heart with Love that overflows all year.

    Christmas Love from both of us – Anne

  4. Keith ,to me it was very very sad time ,i see You have some really deep thoughts inside Yourself ,last past Year was important to You ,i saw in my dreams that You were broken ,but You have been through this barrier ,everything behind you for good ,Eden Apple ? i think the same ,the same,Bless

  5. Soul bro, EM, I lost my dad to Him,
    The Man, our Father, last June. But,
    I also found a love, thank God! 😉 And,
    left the forest, only to find the trees
    give way to a wide-open western horizon,
    which begs for pictures o’er the golf course
    upon which I used to play golf. Nowadays,
    the birdies and eagles come my way
    with much more regularity,
    and chasing my balls
    with a club, but a
    distant memory.
    However, 😉
    far-flung shots
    remain a vital part
    of my cosmic repertoire.
    Peace and luvz to you, friend!
    Sorry to hear you had a troubled year.
    Best wishes to you and yours in all ways, UT

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