I, Singling


I, Soul Existence

Single Vision with a Single Mission:

To enlighten every living species

on the blue watery planet called Earth;

a tiny globe fantastically hidden

near the outskirts of The Milky Way.

I, Sole Creator



18 thoughts on “I, Singling

  1. Those photos from NASA – I , Sole creator. Speechless. We seem so insignificant, but we can reach out and see them for the first time since the beginning of time. Thanks man.

  2. You’re welcome, my friend! 🙂 Not even “EYE” could
    find enough cosmic words to do these photos justice.
    But perhaps, that is proper. One Word to bridge the gap
    between Faith and Science may be all that is needed.


  3. Uncle, Tree, every weekend I savor one of your poems. You have such a positive poetic soul, even when peeking into the dark.

  4. I grew up without knowing God. Some experiences changed my vision, and my research work which involved microscopic studies sealed the statement: I know that God lives. I look forward to meeting Him. I know He will lead me further.

  5. I think He’s leading me on. 😉 But not by pulling my leg.
    Thanks for sharing that sweet anecdote with me, Inese.

    Science is the study of God’s creation and His/Her Laws.
    And yet, science appears to be at odds with religious folk.

    I believe Christianity will one day find a bridge that leads
    them to an understanding of scientific facts; their value,
    and their place. The limits they put on God and The Bible
    are contradictory to their long-term goals.

    Atheists. as a group, tend to be very off-putting, which
    harms their educational intentions.

    In my own way, I am trying to be that bridge. In another
    way, I am attempting to take sides; both of them.
    We do have to embrace the paradoxes inherit to curious
    and conscious beings. That means us; all of us.

    Peace, luvz, and hugz to you fair lady! Uncle Tree

  6. Thank you for your kind words.
    I cannot comprehend why most of scientists deny existence of God. They should know better than that.
    My best wishes to you too.

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