Far Too Early

sunset too early

Some days the sun sets way too early,
and some days it levitates for far too long,
but some days the sun doesn’t show its face at all,
and all we are left with is faith and hope in the heart,
and the eternal knowledge that it keeps in store,
for love may be blind, but it forever sees the light.

sundown stops

Words and photographs by Uncle Tree


8 thoughts on “Far Too Early

  1. Sometimes there can be an NDE set to bring back a modicum of eternal lustre.

    Of a flavoursome is the urging arising as you shine hereby, Uncle.

  2. Thank you, dear Ed! 🙂
    Near death are we all every day and all night long.
    Shocked by Life into remembrance of the past, we presently scoff those
    fearsome thoughts back to their state of obliviousness,
    as the next moment burrows ahead full-force, never once looking back;
    never precisely waiting for the right time to act newly-born.

  3. Thank you, George! 🙂 I was hoping my point-and-shoot camera shots could stand on their own. This way, I don’t need to borrow (or lift) another’s artwork.

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