Bald Eagle’s Delight

Immature Bald Eagle

In the quiet of the morning

long before the cock does crow

the early bird, she comes a singing

(hard telling what she knows)

Fishing Bald Eagle

Seems to me, her tweets are secret-

coded notes with birdy words

so concise and quite direct

the foreign language that I heard

♫ ♪ ♫

Immature Bald Eagle on the Platte

Sometimes, the world just seems to stop

I know not how or why

alone we stand — no stage — no props

but moments do pass by

Eagle Landing

In the stillness of the waning night

no single thought in mind

I watched the dark give way to light

and understood their kind

♫ ♪ ♫

Two Eagles Spying The Platte

♥  Akin to free  ♥

Uncle Tree

Bye, Bye, Birdie!

Photographs by Keith Alan Watson

Bald Eagles provided by Lady Fortuna



23 thoughts on “Bald Eagle’s Delight

  1. These are beautiful pictures Keith and I do remember seeing this post and these photos. I originally began reading your blog from the very beginning, then didn’t get too far on it, when I decided to go in reverse chronological order to see your own photos. You told me you had begun using your own images exclusively. So I went in reverse in “Reader” to February 2016 … I have to get back to the beginning of the blog again. I got busy at work last week and it put me behind on everything as I worked a few evenings. As to the eagles, the width of the wingspan is amazing to me and look how big that eagle is sitting in the tree! You were lucky to get so close up.

  2. I have to turn you on to Wayne’s Bald Eagle pictures, Linda.
    I met him by browsing the Reader around 3 months ago. Talons and talent! And friendly!
    Jaw-dropping photographs, really, and I see a lot. I’m sure you’ll agree.

  3. I will check it out Keith – thanks for the tip. I love looking at nature photography. I have watched those eagle cams they have set up to watch the eaglets hatch and that had been the closest I’d been to seeing a bald eagle. Our Detroit Zoo just adopted a bald eagle whose one wing was injured, then amputated after it flew into a power line. They had a little video on him that I watched. I will check out Wayne’s link.

  4. You know I almost referenced the Super Bowl in my post I just finished by saying Mother Nature fumbled as she predicted more snow than we got, but she’ll rally back like the Pats did in last year’s SB. I would like to see the Eagles win too – the Pats have won too many times already – let someone else get the big prize!

  5. I just went to Tofino Photography’s site and have subscribed. Those landscape photos are amazing, but I am in awe of all of those bald eagle photos. His up-close photos are angry looking eagle … one all you see was his beak and eyes and so angry and fierce looking.

  6. (Somehow I hit “enter” and did not finish my thought, so I have to supplement my previous reply.) Yesterday I was amazed that the eagle’s legs were so large when he was swooping down to get the fish. Those claws were huge. I would have to say that every picture of an eagle I have ever seen, it was perching somewhere, so I had no idea their legs were so large. They almost look human-like attached to a bird’s body. I left him some comments on some of his eagle photos and mentioned you had steered me in his direction after we were discussing eagles. Thank you for sending me this link Keith.

  7. I knew you’d be impressed. 🙂 Bald eagles are not cute.
    Adults do have a distinguished look, but I wood knot say they’re pretty birds.
    Granted, they’re more beautiful than vultures, but they are also scavengers.
    They eat road kill. They eat animals already dead, but they are an American symbol.

    Golden eagles, on the other hand, only eat what they themselves hunt down, kill and eat — fresh meat.

    The Philadelphia Eagles played a helluva game last night. Brave and impressive!

  8. I was very impressed Keith and I looked at many of the eagle photos as well as some of the scenery photos … just incredible. I commented on a few eagle photos and the photographer wrote me back and I learned some things about eagles that I never knew before.

    I didn’t know that bald eagles were scavengers .. maybe they do this if they are lacking good hunting skills? Or is this a natural instinct for them?

    I have to get out to more state parks – there are none close by where I live. I am lucky enough to have many small parks, most which are near bodies of water close by though. Now the State of Michigan requires you to get a recreational pass for all state parks – I may get one when I renew my driver’s license and explore a little in the nicer weather. Expand my horizons a little. I’ve never seen a golden eagle either. I think we saw vultures on a road trip out West many years ago. Not a pretty sight.

    I’m glad the Philadelphia Eagles won – they wanted that victory so badly that they played with all their might. I’m sure the Patriots were a little shocked they did not win the game. I didn’t watch the game, but I listened to the last portion of it.

  9. Our friend, Wayne, just became a bit mysterious. 😉
    Thanks to his last comment on Moony Blues.

    I’m pretty sure, there are way more bald eagles than golden ones.
    More competition usually means more means of obtaining food for substance.
    I’m no expert, by any means, but I do like to research the creatures I see.

    State Park stickers in Nebraska are around $30. I think you’ll be glad you bought one in Michigan. I’ve never been up your way, but I bet you have clearer waters and more shade and way more in the way of wildlife.

  10. I like his work and he seems very personable, and I don’t just think that is because he is Canadian like me. 🙂 I will have to read his comment on Moony Blues.

    A friend who follows my blog just retired to New Mexico with his wife after living in Michigan most of his life. He researched to find the state that had the most sunshine per year (I would have thought California, and San Diego I understood has the most-perfect weather in the U.S., but he says it is Las Cruces, New Mexico, so he moved there). He sent an e-mail to me to say he has seen a condor since moving there, and golden eagles as well.

    Growing up, my parents subscribed to “National Geographic” and I read those magazines, as well as watching their TV specials, and, also as a family we watched Mutual of Omaha’s “Wild Kingdom” and the Jacques Cousteau specials. So, I’m glad I grew up enjoying learning about nature – that fostered a desire to keep learning about wildlife as I grew older.

    I thought our stickers were only $11.00 but seeing yours are $30.00, perhaps I am mistaken. I always thought it was more for the boating and fishing enthusiasts (yes, you’re right, the Great Lakes have much to offer in that regard – you might find more fishing that you have in Nebraska as you said recently).

    I need to explore more … after this long Winter, I am ready to do so.

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