An Awfully Lawful Miracle


“Once in a very great while, out of the devil-ridden chaos that dominates our mundane world, order presents itself in the form of seemingly meaningful coincidences. Through the ripped veil of the universal fabric, singularly particular events occur that may cause a person to question the ironclad laws of causality.” Uncle Tree

Everything that is was first imagined in the mind of God. Everyone imagines themselves to have a mind of their own. Somewhere in this mind we find our mind’s most valuable tool – our creative imagination. It just so happens that sometimes we are witness to mindful experiences that we ourselves did not intend, and over which we have no control. In my mind, psychic events such as these are just as real as events which transpire  in the physical world – the reality outside ourselves. The coolest experience is when these two worlds collide. Carl Jung coined this term for such an event – synchronicity.

In regards to this type of miracle, I have experienced two extremely unusual events in my life that I consider miraculous. These were isolated occurrences, and I was alone both times. Neither of these events broke the known laws of physics, and in my opinion, it was the timing of these happenings which made the coincidences inexplicable.

As an independent entity who appears to have free will, I have every right to establish my beliefs, and my faith in a higher power, on my own personal experiences, no matter how far-out they may seem to my rational mind. These God-given magical gifts of love must be acknowledged. I can share my truth with you, but I cannot give you the self-same experience. I wish I could for that is my one wish for all of humanity. This old world desperately needs an undeniable miracle! I imagine it could happen. It would only take a moment – the right one.

God bless each and every one of you! Uncle Tree


(This is one of my very true stories – put to rhyme)



19 thoughts on “An Awfully Lawful Miracle

  1. I love my gift, in Christ. This allow’s me to touch lives and help people gain clarity. Yes, I break the law…….the laws of mankind’s, so called understanding. The gift of being a psychic, allows me to prove, that there is a God, who works through me. Bringing peace and closer to unbearable pain, lost souls and clarity, only brings out the light that paves the way….for new beginnings. In this moment, with eyes wide open…you can see again….


  2. Uncle Tree, you left me hanging. I was hoping you would have divulge one or both of those two miraculous occurrences, but you did not. Nevertheless, I enjoyed reading your post, which was another teaching moment for me.

    Thanks for sharing my brother. I am looking forward to reading your next post. God bless.

  3. 🙂 Hello, Cheryl Ann!
    Thou art far from forgotten, Mi’Lady.

    To thee, I sing great phrases
    full of Heaven’s highest praises!
    Thou art blessed beyond good measure.
    Precious gifts, you’ll guard like treasure.

    May God bless you and your work. Peace, UT

  4. My bad, Noel. One of my stories (secondary miracles)
    I wrote out as a long rhyming poem. “Fisher Of Mentality”
    is the link I left at the bottom of the article up above.

    One of my primary stories was written as the fifth comment
    under this title: “An Instance Of Grace”

    Thank you kindly for visiting me again, Noel! 🙂 Peace, UT
    (There is a third story, but I have yet to write it.)

  5. A recent poem – response to the one-word prompt: “Synchronicity.”

    Yesterday, while doing dishes at the kitchen sink –
    Which is not as rare a chore for me as some of you may think.
    While most of me was scouring pans and washing up the dishware,
    My mind took off to do its thing in a realm located elsewhere.

    Pondering my next blog post is what occupied my mind.
    I had to do some writing soon – I was way too far behind.
    Friday’s Fabulous Facts had taken on a somber tone,
    I needed a cheerful subject, far from the “bummer” zone.

    The perfect idea occurred to me of what I’d write about –
    I hurriedly finished the dishes so that I could write it out.
    It’s happened to me many times, just as I start to punch in
    The number of a friend I thought I’d call and ask to luncheon,

    I’ll get a call from her, and hear that she’s inviting me
    To join her for a mid-day meal at her favorite eatery!
    “But I called to ask you,” I laugh, “What wavelength are you on?”
    She says, “Must be the same one that we both rely upon!”

    I marvel that I thought of her just as she thought of me,
    That we both had the same idea, and simultaneously!
    I remembered then how often someone’s name has come to mind,
    And I’ll feel the prompt to say a prayer, and only later find

    That the one for whom I’d prayed and lifted to the light
    Was at the same time searching for their way out of the night.
    And I thought how so many times God’s peace has come to me
    As I’ve known my burden lifted through another’s prayerful ministry.

    It can seem accidental or a peculiar happenstance, as
    Events converge together under unusual circumstances
    But such things are evidence of the universe’s complicity
    In the Creator’s plan for uniting us in a holy synchronicity.

    Have a great weekend UT!

  6. It is no coincidence, Paula. We done hooked up.
    There’s no stopping us now.
    Blessed be! Your poetry –
    looks fine beside mine.

    I pray your weekends remain
    quite gloriously magical. 🙂

  7. Praises, singing and thank GOD, I measure up to that high. ~j~
    Treasure? One that was hidden forever, it seems. I am the one, blessed, because you had the key, that opened the treasure …indeed.

  8. Thank you so much, Caro! 🙂 I’m glad you like this taste
    of the miraculous. I used this para at the beginning of one of my chapters in that unfinished novel I spoke of.

    Thank you for the reblog, too! It is a cool work of art. Huggerz, UT

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