Fisher Of Mentality

This is my honest confession

of a down-to-earth possession

that lasted only a minute

yet there be magic within it


No way do the odds favor chance

when The Fates oblige you to dance

My eyes beheld no illusion

These ears did hear this intrusion


No physical laws were broken

The lyrics were thought, not spoken

With intent, a line had been crossed

as the chaotic cards were tossed


Since I alone was the witness

you’ll question my mental fitness

There is no faith without a doubt

a leap is what this was about


I was on this sacred mission

to reel in the truth from fiction

Hook me a book, my wish, my creed

bobbing for answers filled a need


How I love the freedom to choose

fishing through novels, win or lose

I let my interest be my guide

a seeker’s quest dives deep inside


I can but hope the choice is mine

and not determined by some divine

thought that’s been implanted in me

from someone who I’ll never see


The book was caught, netted with care

No real surprise, nor lack of air

Checked it out, no hassle, made haste

Friday traffic, no time to waste


Strolled to my car, got in, sat down

Started the engine, cranked the sound

The station was playing a song

A classic tune to move along


I’d never heard this one before

was not acquainted with the score

It was peculiar for the tone

that’s not what struck me to the bone


It ended in a normal way

announcing “all requests” today

and this last song that he did play

was meant for Patti, in Crete. Eh?


No real big deal, I don’t know her

Was she the seed or The Sower?

A stranger played a part in this

who I will never meet, nor miss


The Deejay then caught me off-guard

He flung the title, jerked me hard

The name of the book and the song were the same!

‘Twas music for “The Glass Bead Game”


The hair on my arms stood on end

Clued into what’s around the bend

my voice took over there and then

giggling with the biggest grin


I comprehended Diddley Squat

Banished from the realm of thought

So stupefied, I let it slide

Slippery fish, I seek. They hide!


Uncle Tree



19 thoughts on “Fisher Of Mentality


    Sorry, I can’t find it on youtube. This is the disc from which I heard.

    Date of synchronistic event: April 11, 2003

    Dedicated to the memory of Hermann Hesse
    Winner of Nobel Prize for Literature, 1946
    “The Glass Bead Game”, 1943

    If you like math and music, all wrapped into a great work of fiction,
    you’d love this book. Beware! It is a difficult read, but a fantastic idea.

    I’m game. Uncle Tree

  2. Thank you very much, Bindo!

    Whimsical I will take as a complementary description.
    A badge of honor, yes.
    Eccentric and capricious,
    whim is the shortened version of whim-wham. (1686)

    My guestbook/blogroll is under Tree Crossing.
    Please, feel free to sign on in. UT

  3. Hey there, Pablo!

    Not too bad with that one. Thanks for the addition!
    I kept looking for the strings I heard, and finally found one of the songs
    that were on the disc I mentioned above. Different artists, though.
    It’s a violin-violincello duo arranged by Zoltan Kodoly.

  4. There is no faith without a doubt: I love this, it is like the fact that there is no bravery without fear.

    A seeker’s quest dives deep inside: This is one of the several characteristics that make you a valuable person.

    So hard the think about faith, you can not stop believing, I can not believe, oftentimes I do not think we choose this. Maybe we can twist our belief system, I am not sure, So many times I wanted to believe in God, but I can’t. It’s probably the same with you but upside down.

    Certainties and beliefs are like slippery fish, they always escape but make you think
    you can catch them next time if you hold them firm enough.

    Excellent poem, and thinking material.

    Your truly niece

  5. Very nice! Well i’ve learned something new today. Did you enjoy the novel?
    Cheers, amca, and don’t worry, I’ll get over him soon.

  6. great work to read, flowingso nicely,
    and the glass bead game, i think one of the hardest book i read, so beautiful, the day i met Hesse was one of the importent days of mylife

  7. I’m glad you liked it, Mariana. What are the odds?

    There is no blog without a computer. Mine broke down Saturday night, thanks to my boy messing around where he shouldn’t have been. Still waiting to get it fixed, too. Right now, I’m at the local library. I’ve been writing my next post the old-fashioned way…on paper. Thank you for that valuable comment!


    Yes, birdenbeer, I enjoyed the novel. I own the paperback, and was reading the
    beginning pages again this last weekend. Utopian lady is right, it’s a slow go.
    Cheers backatcha, girl, and thanks for coming over to see your amca!


    Hey there, dear soul! Good to see you here. You are a sower, I can tell.


    Utopia would be in meeting Hesse. Perhaps, you are older than I might have thought. How did you manage that arrangement? Lucky you. That’s cool!
    Very glad, am I to hear that you thought this one great. It is very nice of you to say that. Like I said above to Mariana, I may not be able to get out and browse for awhile, and I miss reading everyone’s new stuff tremendously. Take care, now!

  8. My god, when things are missing is when we realize they are indispensable, I am so sorry uncle tree. But look at the good side of it, maybe it is fun to get out and stay for a while at the library (write a poem only with phrases extracted from book names) instead of staying locked at home.
    By the way check the blog of a new on-line friend I have:

  9. for Adam the Idol
    so beautiful, so wonderful, so perfect,
    who are you? said we
    I don’t know him, said Pete
    so stupefied —-
    we let him slide

  10. Hey, Mariana! I’m back to barkin’ live again!

    I checked out artsandminds. I’d say, he’s right down your alley.
    I’m glad you’ve met another bird of the same feather.
    I’ll come visit soon. Hope to get another post up here shortly.
    Be forewarned, it’s not going to be a poem. Not in the mood….yet.

    See yuz soon! Uncle Tree

  11. Yeah, Sherry, I figured Adam would take it.

    But I never assumed any such thing. I rather was drawn,
    or maybe…fond, of the last girl standing. She rocks at 17. Whoa!!!
    KISS on American Idol was a killer throwback. I saw ’em live in ’77
    and made it up front and center stage. Unforgettable,
    as you may well know. Adam has found his garden.

    The fish demanded ‘catch and release’,
    and said, “We 3 will see you after a short break.”

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