Consequently Alike



mellows over misty marsh fires


flakes having creamy ice desires


flowers up until the grapes sour


glow like a-waaay the hour


touch and go as time expires


connect to form a kiss in space wires


bursts forth on radiant light beams


come to grow alike, or so it seems



6 thoughts on “Consequently Alike

  1. As if, as if, as if, Maj One, as if we were altogether in this.

    Yes, Ed. The seams on my jeans have busted out a flowery array.

    Hey Bryan! I’m very, Very much happier knowing you feel that way. Thanks!

  2. I love the poem structure, it gives it a great rhythm when you read it. And it also makes it special.
    Have you tried reading only the single word line. It is also interesting.
    This is my favorite part
    touch and go as time expires”. It makes a lot of sense to me.
    Hugh uncle

  3. Thank you, Mariana!

    The reason I structured it thus, is because I was using ‘flakes’
    as an action word. I wish I could write in the rhythm that’s
    playing in my head as I read it. Some words need to be held. me2

    Butterflies are finicky eaters, from what I’ve seen. Hugz, me niece!

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