Uncle Tree Houses Homeless Meanderer

Headlines: Dogma Chases Catastrophic Consequences


Uncle Tree’s dastardly dilemma for the day consisted of an unwanted guest and a broken down communication device. Deciding not to dwell on the current demands made by the hard-of-hearing, he spent most of the afternoon hours contemplating, or mulling over, several conspicuous and altogether concocted trivial pursuits originating in, and entirely coordinated by the meandering mind of man.

Seeing, and then realizing, that the dogmatic, catalytic conversion process took place in the gray matter that occupied the position most high (if, and when it is found to be in good standing)  he calculated and condensed his thoughts towards a certainly familiar trinity of intellectual characteristics.  Uncle Tree (knowing full well of his high reputation and stately stature in the finely structured Forest Society) was not about to assume total responsibility for the wide variety of possibly catastrophic consequences that would inevitably reveal his own sense of short-sightedness when it comes to making conclusions. He does not claim to be using a scholastic methodology, but merely wishes to post his deep-rooted opinions. Uncle Tree does understand that what he is about to convey here says as much about the author as it says about the designated subjects at hand. He knows he is just another tree barking up the wrong dog.


The following views were telepathically branched down from UT to me2


Petty generalizations notwithstanding, let us consider three identifiable categories of mindfulness:

(1) Simple-minded (2) Small-minded, and (3) Single-minded

Simple-minded people seem to be most efficient as they carefully attend to their daily goings-on. They saturate themselves in all things elementary. Making their lives uncomplicated, their mannerisms become at ease with the complicated world which they inhabit. They concern themselves with the obvious necessities of normal life, and prioritize an order based upon well-defined wants and needs thoroughly established.

Small-minded people, strikingly enough, have been dealt a hand that is, comparatively, a few cards short of the maximum. They suffer from a poverty of intellect, leaving them with but a few choices. A stingy amount of selections take up occupancy in their white-washed cupboards. Their decisions are self-serving and common, for they pride themselves on choosing the easiest possible solution. Little consideration is given to others in the vicinity who may be affected by the outcome.

Single-minded folks (not being last in the least way whatsoever) may, or may not, be inclined towards social coupling. They appear to have singular objectives, and are likely to assume only one purpose at a time in their tightly focused lives. Being a bit self-absorbed, they often work alone, and accomplish their goals single-handedly. Their compulsive behavior is regularly overlooked due to their extravagances in the arts and sciences. They are compelled to get to the bottom of every conceivable situation.


The mastermind behind the conception and design of man’s reasoning facilities has yet to be specifically located. It is not at this time apparent whether this god-type feature resides on, below, above, to the left, or to the right of either hemisphere of the brain that can be found within man’s noggin. Having said thus, I dare make this proclamation:

Man’s god is absent-minded.


19 thoughts on “Uncle Tree Houses Homeless Meanderer

  1. Maybe God’s man is merely mindfully absent;

    not to mention
    sound minded
    short sighted
    and soft hearted.

    Are the lime green leaves blossoming in Uncle’s tree? 🙂

  2. Spring is here, Sher, and it’s been grand!

    Faith (my cat) rarely let’s me forget how Nature colors the serenity
    of the early morning’s coolness by dragging home a squealing, dirty rat.
    “…red in tooth, nail and claw” is the sound, but sad reality. How are you?

  3. I do seem to remember that, Ed, and Karl Pribram, too.

    Michael Talbot’s “Holographic Universe” quickly came back to mind, also.

    Not only do we have a hard time at the hearing, but even when we can
    make the connection from our ears to our hearts, there is failure.
    The fact is, we still do not know how to listen correctly.

    Thank you, my friend, for taking me into consideration.
    When it is heartfelt, I’ve already lost my mind.

  4. Well, Jo thinks poetry comes from the heart/Universe potential,
    so you seem to have a pretty good front-ear for it 🙂

    Write one for Jo, if you please.


  5. Hey, Ed! If a front-ear is like a third eye, then mine is non-local.

    It is so far out, I can hear corn growing,
    or maybe that’s a cow’s beating heart.
    Moooovin’ on up as the bell tolls,
    I’m at home with deranged.

  6. Bear in mind, when it comes to the senses, everything is relative. The world that
    we perceive every day comes to us through the filter of our sensory organs, neural pathways, and other physiological mechanisms for distinguishing between different sound frequencies, wavelengths of light, and other stimuli. Thus, the world that we live in appears to be a different place than, say, the world of beetle, your sun, or my German shepherd.

    Crisis are for helping us realizing towards which way should we follow. They force us to stop going automatically and make us review our steps.

    and remember:
    1.The goal of life is living in agreement with nature
    Big hug

  7. I encountered a bear once whilst having a virtual dream.

    My eyes (or the camera) were up a tree, looking down on Mr. Grizzley.
    He nonchalantly came towards me on a path, and seemed to look
    at something on the ground directly below me. Then he looked up
    and we met eye-to-eye. Casually turning around, he strolled away
    back along the path. I woke up suddenly when the camera moved to
    show just what it was that the bear had seen. I will only say that the
    awakening object was very familiar.

    We do see the world as it is projected onto the big screen in our heads.
    That part is not ‘out there’ at all. The blind impress me immensely.
    Living in agreement with Nature means, handing everything over to
    blind chance, which we don’t particularly care for. We would much
    rather believe that we have some kind of control over at least a few
    of the outcomes that face us directly and regularly.

    I don’t think I’ll ever be mindless. My sympathetic nervous system takes
    good care of me, and doesn’t need to be watched over. I figure my mind
    acts accordingly, and it will learn, remember, and categorize whatever
    it is that my whole and total self requires. It also peaks my interest,
    and then I become inclined to act and react as Nature wishes. To
    suppress or not to suppress certain emotions…alas, we do as we must.

    Bear hug for you, sweet niece!

  8. The bear obviously wasn’t that hungry.

    Was it your wallet you dropped?

    I wish you guys would give Jo a chance 😉


  9. I listened to the whole half-hour podcast, my friend.

    There was nothing dropped, excepting for the fact that
    the dream-maker dropped a hint, or possibly a clue
    that reveals a part of my privatized existence.

    Who knows what you’ll find in my tree house?
    Probably that bear who represents…what?
    Someone who is prone to hibernation
    for days on end. Or maybe, years.

    Of course, the bear might also have represented my unconscious,
    that part of me who is supposed to compensate for the rest I need.

    What else about Jo do you wish to discuss, Ed?

  10. You mean you don’t trust ‘culture’ (WordPressers) enough to reveal what ‘symbol’ the bear brought your attention to, in the relative safety of your tree-house?

    I feel now it might have been a mobile phone! 😉

    There were also 1 and 2 episodes of Jo. I only’encouraged’ your readers and you with the third.
    Basically, in this YOUR log….bows in respect…..I was disturbed that ‘heart brain’ was being left out of the equation and that’s a set-back to my own bear 😉 Reptile is pretty much transcended these days.


  11. Human beings are very delicate creatures,

    with exquisite, but sensitive soft tissues.
    The heart, the brain, and the guts…or,
    the good, the bad, and the ugly. Yes?

    Do you mean my extra-terrestrial, transparent,
    teed-off telepathic device? I can’t see that.

    No, I do not trust culture, blind as it may be.
    Yogi The Bear, or Smokey The Bear, truth is,
    they both shit in the woods. Tree knows.

    Every little thing ‘becomes’ the smallest equation.
    The lowest common denominator is well-grounded.
    And no, it doesn’t taste like chicken.

  12. Dear Marianna,

    A philosopher niece!

    I have read that things are not “out there”, but inside, of mind, as it were.

    Having read this , I ponder, a different story. Our organs of perception are like crystal balls. It is a fine glass ball, but when looking in– you see everything.

    Dear UT: watch where you walk in the woods!

  13. Excelent! It reminded me of a quote I read where baudillard said something like maybe the eyes are recording machines thatt save all we go trough and in the end they review them in order to decide whether they send us to heaven or to hell.

  14. Dear Sher, I believe that you cannot really ‘know’ someone
    until you look into their eyes. I’m not so sure if the soul resides in there.
    Crystal Ball makes me think of that song by Styx. A good oldie.
    “Won’t you tell me, please, before I go?” Hope you don’t mind.


    Mariana, that is a fairly spooky thought, now that you mention it.
    The ‘machine’ type parts, well…I know better than to stick
    my foot into those moving parts. Mine are running backwards.

  15. The interval between “after you ask” and “before you go” changes the possibilities. (I saw that on Star Trek- The Next Generation.)

    Feeling like a Clingon during its mating season. How are you, me2? 🙂

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