Nebraska: A Wintry Day For Play


The Plains lie still in the wintertime,

gathering drifts of a chance design.

The north wind shapes the curvaceous lines

that flatter the figures of the pines.


Whilst Beethoven played in the background,

snowflakes chaotically fluttered around;

scattering about to the glorious sounds,

as whirlwinds of violins touched and rebound.


Looking like gnats made of ice and snow,

landing with ease as the music slows,

then rising again with their hearts aglow

on turbulent gusts the trumpets blow!


Spinning around like a twister there,

charming their mates with crystal ware.

Sparkling now, they flit through the air,

awake,  aloft, attuned and aware.


Oh, that we might be like snowflakes – each one rare,

light be thy burden, no weight to bear.

Dancing and twirling on through the air,

true lovers in flight without a care!


*  *  *  *  *

*  *  *




12 thoughts on “Nebraska: A Wintry Day For Play

  1. They say, when do snow in Nebraska
    ’tis a few days adrift from UK.
    and I must say ‘thas turned a lot colder
    since Beethoven had his say
    So I wait for his snowflake flutter
    to brew up a twister above
    in which each soul will have utter
    then melt in the arms of Love

  2. 🙂
    Set in motion by Uncle Tree and in honour of the snowman!

    Hadn’t a clue where it was going til we got there!

    Quite enjoyed the subtle weave 😉

  3. Beautiful! I admire the prayer at the end for each one of us to be unique….it’s what mankind was made to be, but it is so easy for us to forget…this is a great reminder.

  4. Dearest Caroline,

    Thy thoughts are divine
    The thought that ye are mine
    sets ablaze my sweet sunshine
    and I melt as quickly as I am formed
    from the clay and the snow thou hast warmed

    I so love you! ❤ Thank you, honey chile! Huggerz, UT

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