The Rap On Resentment


Anger is brief madness and,

unchecked, become protracted madness,

bringing shame and even death.



Hold it now,

right there!

Nurture it,

but beware.

Harbor it,

a slow ferment.

Pity though

the time spent.

It takes root.

Now it grows

from your head

to your toes.

Spreading fast

to the marrow,

sharper than

a poison arrow.

To the top,

through your brain,

it will drive you

two insane.

Can’t see straight?

Wonder why?

Take revenge,

blind your eye!


banged your gong.

They’ll stay where

devils belong!

So you say…

was it that bad?

And you’ll stay

very mad?

Oh, so what?

That’s too sad!

Tell you what,

you’ve been had.


of the cause,

for a moment

take a pause.

All along,

sing your song.

Guess what?

You’re wrong.

Others see,

they can tell.

You will both

go through hell.

Stay away

’till it’s done.

Who’s to blame?

You’re the one!

So what form

is your foe?

Shall we look

down below?

Just what then

will we see?

Yes we do,

it may be–

they’re the same

as everybody else.

Look in the mirror,

see for yourself.

Lose your focus?

Hocus Pocus!

Are you still there?

Vanish in the air?

Well, guess not.

Now you know.

Not that easy?

Let it go!

What it was?

Need a nudge?

Ain’t no doubt,

it’s a grudge.

Let it go!



26 thoughts on “The Rap On Resentment

  1. Great poem, made me think I was feeling what you felt.

    Let it go, that’s it, don’t hold on to anything because when you do is when you
    create suffering. Unnecessary suffering. Avoidable suffering.

    If you take revenge, as you said, you will both go trough hell, you should not play
    the same game your enemy plays, you should play a better one, a higher-level one,
    a meta-game.

    Besides When you are fighting with somebody you are also fighting with yourself, when harmony is lost in the outside it is also lost in the inside, it becomes madness all around.

    There is a nice oriental saying that I like that says:
    “Wait Long By the River and the Bodies of Your Enemies Will Float By”

    And a Buddhist thought:
    When things go wrong in our life and we encounter difficult situations, we tend to regard the situation itself as our problem, but in reality whatever problems we experience come from the side of the mind. If we responded to difficult situations with a positive or peaceful mind they would not be problems for us. Eventually, we might even regard them as challenges or opportunities for growth and development. Problems arise only if we respond to difficulties with a negative state of mind. Therefore if we want to be free from problems, we must transform our mind

    The important thing to do is win the fight with yourself
    Send you a strong hug

  2. The need to win, preferably with a hole in one?

    Don’t ask me to explain, but somehow I feel Love fuels anger. Maybe it’s the only way pent Love can burst out of my preconceptions or perceptions in any living cyclical moment.
    Waving back at you, Uncle πŸ˜‰


  3. That was very lovely, Kate.
    You seem to gather all of your strength from the beauty
    in starry nights and the peace that can be found in the quiet hours.
    Van Gogh has stood the test of time. Don Mclean may be on the way.
    That song had a calming effect on me this morning. The lyrical muse
    has almost left me speechless. Thank you kindly, Princess.

  4. I am my own worst enemy, Mariana. A simple admission.
    Harboring comes first, then it festers, and eventually it will burn.
    We all have it in us. In the heat of a moment, we can lose control.
    It is way better to forgive, if possible. Otherwise, we will be sorry later.

    My tendency is to be surprised when problems arrive. Automatically I have
    a negative response, and I’ll stay that way until I figure a way out of
    the mess. Problems make my whole environment untidy, and a
    resolution is not always immediate, which only adds to the
    misery. Sometimes we just need to sit back and let
    nature take it’s course. At first, we may feel like
    a loser, and things can get worse before
    they start to get better. Wait it out,
    there is no need to hurry nature
    along. All things fade with
    time. All things pass
    away. Nothing
    is exempt.
    Let it

  5. Maybe we love our uncertain peaceful feelings too much, Ed.
    We would rather be a glorious winner than a beautiful loser.
    A standoff rarely concludes in a draw, where both sides end
    up in agreement, having an outcome of equanimity.

    Love cannot be polarized. It does not beget hate.
    Evil is the lack thereof and, given enough time,
    it will destroy itself. Not my will, but — thine.

  6. Thanks for contributing with an article, Mariana. I can believe it.
    No amount of tooth-brushing can remove the stains of ill will acted out.

  7. worthy of the highest praise – and a time of reflection – indeed, for all of us.

  8. well said, amca, and yet it is funny that you write this now when i am feeling motivation and healing from anger. i so often turn it in on myself… it is a relief to turn it on someone else (i mean the bastard) and declare them useless. i want to let Kali take the wheel for a while.

  9. Love cannot be polarised, UT, so what is that yardstick folks use to dig their grave with?

    ed πŸ˜‰

  10. Kali appears to dominate Lord Shiva, Amanda. What a coupling!
    I can see why one could easily allow her to do the dirty work.
    And so the bastard says, “Look, Ma, no hands!” An awesome belt has She.

    “O Mother, even a dullard becomes a poet who meditates upon thee raimented with space, three-eyed, creatrix of the three worlds, whose waist is beautiful with a girdle made of numbers of dead men’s arms…” (From a Karpuradistotra hymn, translated from Sanskrit by Sir John Woodroffe)

    “Revenge is mine,” saith the Lord. Romans 12:19
    Most religions agree on this one. We could all use a little more patience,
    especially if we take the back seat and allow someone bigger to drive.

  11. “Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God.” Luke 4:12

    Ah, the yardstick test, given by one of our very own. So much so, Ed.
    This is a case of digging our own grave with the wood;
    a forked divining stick. A metal shovel makes quick the work.

    The devil cannot tell the difference between a man and his clothes.
    The body: that part of our soul revealed to us by the five senses

    Perhaps we do wish to turn into stone, allowing us a more permanent
    existence. Being a con-temporary force is the toughest admission.
    Because, after all, that is what becoming a historical legend means.
    So long…brother.

  12. So true. I deal with this a lot in my courses of depression. It’s a lot of work to handle it but so essential. Nice work Keith. And thanks for all the nice comments you’ve made on my blog lately. I like your sense of humor… πŸ™‚

  13. πŸ™‚ Thank you, Steven! Glad you liked this one with the “mad beat” style.
    And you’re welcome! I’ve never been to Yellowstone,
    and much enjoyed your pics! Making tons of comments,
    instead of posting lately, has been a ton of fun for me.

    Hope you had a good Father’s Day! Cheerz, Keith

  14. Speaking of wraps — πŸ™‚ — I hope I don’t cause anymore resentments.
    But I am single and free, and my leaves will fall where they will.

    I am glad you liked this, Caro. ❀ Thank you for the sweet compliment!

  15. Maybe as decades go by most of us learn that you said it all, anger like a brain fungus is a waste of happiness, at best. We only get one shot at happy. So does our imagined foe, as we stew in our narcissistic grumpy juice. But we must have been given “the gift of grudge” for a reason. Screw me once shame on you, screw me twice shame on me? Your cave family sneaks over and steals my bronto burgers, and your spawn shall pay for all eternity! Maybe a grinning doormat stays down outside the door? That’s too simple. Living well’s perhaps the best revenge. (Even if it’s behind an electric fence.)

  16. I love your takes on life, George. You most usually help me see things from several perspectives — things that might not have occurred to me, otherwise. I thank you for that! The sun has now come out. It may yet be a good day. Best wishes, Keith

  17. Says the uber-master of perspectives…wish I had the “complete works of UT” in a fancy leatherbound book with gold trim.

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